Saturday, March 29, 2014

Why Fox News Channel's Love Affair With RINO's ?

Why Fox News Channel's Love Affair With RINO's ?

Perhaps like many of you who are my faithful readers, you are also regular viewers of the Fox News Channel. As well possibly like you, I am keenly aware that the most favorable appearance to Conservative values on all the television networks is indeed the FNC. That being said, that doesn't mean the Fox News Channel is at all giving mostly or a majority of it's news coverage-attention to what in fact we Conservative and Biblical Christians are looking for and or favor. Fox News is in my view, a mediocre at best-information news channel. Put up against other cable news networks such as MSNBC, CNN, Al Jazeera and the others, there is no doubt that Fox News beats them in every news category including coverage of some topics that Conservative and Christians are interested in. However as I shared, that does not mean FNC is good at what they do. It only means that they beat out their competition(not difficult to do) in reporting some information we(who want whole truth)are seeking. That being said, in this week's article, I want to post some questions and point out coupled with those questions, some facts about the “Catholic Lawyer Channel” as I often refer to Fox. In fact, I want to get to the nitty-gritty so to speak why they are so adamant in appearing “Conservative” and “Christian” but are in reality, anything but who they claim to be as “fair and balanced” and sharing news stories(in truth) that interest us who claim to be their viewer base.

God's Word is pretty clear when it comes to not faking it and being “neither hot nor cold.” As one watches Fox News Channel, anyone who knows Biblical Truth could never come away feeling truly satisfied with their news reports. It appears in many of their news reporting and so called commentator’s comments, it is that you come away with an uneasiness, as though those reporting news and opinion on FNC, are not telling you the whole story and truth about what they just reported. If you are like me, that's how I feel anyway. It is as if very segment they give to the public, there is important information that is being withheld from the viewer. In fact Fox News gives the impression that they don't want to tell the whole truth on many of their news stories. It's also as if they were being controlled by someone, somewhere, who wants us only to have a skewed point of view wishing us all to be happy with being only somewhat informed. and politically satisfied with being “moderate.” You know what I mean, right ?, If not, I also mean, “not too extreme.” That sort of attitude is also that of the “RINO's”(Republican in name only). RINO's like FNC both match perfectly with their political philosophy, that's easy to see and read. If you were unaware, It is the practice of RINO's to have an appearance of doing what is right, saying all the “right things” but in the end, do the opposite of what they said they would do. Like FNC, RINO's too will tell you partial truth and make you feel as though you don't need to know more or that if you do ask questions, or question their motives, they will just label you as “stupid” for asking those questions or motives(just watch one program with Bill O'Reilly and you will quickly see what I mean).

I remember when Glenn Beck was on Fox News Channel not to many years ago. He had some of the highest ratings from viewers who watched FNC. He had an excellent and informative program that really got to whole truth. Although I do not at all agree with his (Mormon) religious beliefs, Glenn did an excellent job in reporting political and other facts. He was dangerous though to the FNC narrative of “not appearing too extreme.” Beck was exposing the Liberal's, the Democrats as well as the RINO's within the Republican Party. He was indeed making Rupert Murdoch, the owner of FNC(and other news corporations) nervous with his deep investigative reporting techniques. If I were a betting man(which I'm not) I bet, every time
Glenn Beck would mention the wicked things George Soro's was doing, Murdoch would get a phone call from Soros himself or one of his cronies expressing their dissatisfaction with what Glenn Beck was reporting on-air. Eventually, Murdoch got his way and dumped Glenn Beck and replaced his program with a “fill-in” program called “The Five.” That's all “The Five” was supposed to be, just a fill in until someone more “moderate” and RINO loving could be found to replace Beck. Sadly, folks started watching that stupid program and “The Five” wasn't replaced at all and FNC continued to make more RINO television “news” programs just like it, typical.

I know I'll get some hate mail for repeating what many already know anyway, (I say all this in the spirit of loving concern)but anyone who knows the least little bit about religion, is also keenly aware that Roman Catholicism has been “king of compromise” for over two centuries now since it's inception. I don't want to turn this article into a “religious debate” or offend my Catholic friends who view the Fox News Channel, but it is a well known historical fact that the “Judaizers” mentioned in the Bible is where Catholicism gained it's original members( Catholicism and compromise with other religions and the Word of God has not stopped with the sect of “the flesh.” Catholicism in order to gain members brought the world “Easter”(Ishtar), “Christmas”, Mary worship along with many, many other examples of religious ideologies rooted from pagan beliefs. It is no surprise then, that the FNC has(purposely pursued and) hired many Catholic lawyers as “reporters” on the Fox News Channel. In fact it is not at all unusual to hear these Catholic lawyers employed on the FNC about their “catholic beliefs” and are indeed self admitted as “strong Catholic's.” If these Catholic lawyers are already indoctrinated to “compromise” truth because of their religious beliefs, then they they certainly can also easily be manipulated to compromise a personal belief system, including a political philosophy accepting RINO's who also compromise truth and righteousness as the norm as well. If anyone has any doubts about what I am sharing here, go find out how many Bible believing, born-again Christians vs. the number of Catholics you can identify willing to practice such evil's as “Family Law”? I know God loves Catholic's as much as Bible believing Christians or anyone else, but when you do not follow God's (whole)Truth, you will find yourself compromising with the devil. The religious in nature and those who are RINO's, are both(in partnership)following the devil's devil's plan of compromise with truth, not what God calls right and correct in reporting facts and the whole truth.

Motive is everything. You may be asking, “how can I judge motive?” That's easy, by what the Bible calls the “fruit“ of the motive. Clearly the constant appearance of Carl Rove as an “expert” along with frequent interviewing of that flunky Mitt Romney and as well, FNC's constant push of Chris Christie as “The front runner for the Republican party nominee in the 2016 Presidential Run” should indicate who and what Fox News Channel is, and what they are all about. For me, I want to know, who the heck is pushing FNC “reporters” to say such things about Chris Christie ? What real polling did they use ? I mean, the polls I read and see, continually show's Rand Paul and or Ted Cruz as the front runners for President with the Republicans. Does this mean Fox News Channel lies and is involved in something shady ? Yes is the short answer. As I shared early on in this article about the appearance of “being moderate”, being in the middle, and “neither hot nor cold”, Fox News Channel is a RINO lover's “news” station. It is filled with a narrative that feeds only partial truth and never gets to the real bottom line of any real news story. Sadly, all day long they keep folks coming back with supposed “Right vs Left” debates. Sadly as well, many of whom FNC has appearing on their programs as “guest commentators” and representing the so called “Right”such as Carl Rove, Chris Christie, Mitt Romney and others, are truly NOT representative of us “on the
Right”(Conservative and Bible believing Christians) or those interested in whole truth. I hope and pray FNC wakes up and stops messing around with the devil's people like RINO's. We who love whole truth need a television program that dedicates it's self to such a task. I hope you see and agree.

I've been saying it for a very long time, “You are what you allow.” Be careful who and what you allow to rent space in your head, including Fox “News” Channel.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. I agree 100% with this post, I'm a faithful watcher of Fox News and can attest to it making me angry at times with their hurt no feelings angles. Sometimes I wonder how they can see what they see when it's obviously a Progressive trap set for "igno-ranting conservative cronies" (Those Ranting Ignorance)

  2. The most telling fact in the continued appearance of Karl Rove as a Republican commentator. I get sick listening to his pompous bloviating, seldom stopped by O'Reilly et al. He and his ilk are the reason Republicans have failed in recent elections. The hold of "big money", working the system to their advantage, has caused destruction of the middle class and must be changed.

    The new guys coming out, any one of which would be fresh air for Conservatives, give hope that this has a chance of change, but they face the bulldozer of Rove's crowd to break through. This article correctly defines the problem. No more Bush, Christie, Romney... ENOUGH !!!