Friday, March 21, 2014

4 Year Anniversary Of Sen. Nancy Schaefer's Murder, We Are All Nancy Now

4 Year Anniversary Of Sen. Nancy Schaefer, We Are All Nancy Now

Four years, indeed it's been four years since the murder and cover-up of Senator Nancy Schaefer's death. As most of my readers are keenly aware, each year, I take time to write an article in her memory. Her legacy is that she was not only a great woman who advocated for children and family rights, but also a Bible believing Christian who believed that those suffering injustice deserved a voice. Those who are really aware of the terroristic operations of the US, it's State's, County's and Local Government's feared Senator Schaefer. She exposed the illegal and unconstitutional acts against children and families not only in the US, but all around the world. Sadly, Nancy was murdered for her beliefs and actions on behalf of advocating for children and families who were being maltreated and sold off as cattle at an auction throughout our nation. As a matter of fact, since her death, the US Government has become even more embolden in it's tactic to murder, rape and destroy the family for financial profit. It was as if when those US and State of Georgia terrorists entered her home on the evening of March 26, 210 and murdered former Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband, those Government terrorists became drunk on their power and also with their getting away with killing these two beautiful people who were like angels on earth. No one can deny that since Senator Schaefer's death four years ago, this nation with its nearly one-hundred percent corrupted Family Court and Law Enforcement System's, every single American, whether a child, a teen, an adult, are all and each real danger of being enslaved to the very same murderer's and their evil demonic cohorts that took Senator Schaefer's life just those four short years ago.

I still remember the day I learned of Nancy's death. I was stuck in the Philippines as an illegal alien there. It was late March 2010. I was originally visiting in the Philippines for only thirty-days to visit my two poor children's feeding programs and also to get remarried after I had just left a New York State Supreme Court a few weeks earlier, where I was told I was no “longer allowed to be with(my) children because of (my) Biblical Christian beliefs.” This was all part of a Filipina Migration Marriage Scam, who with several attorneys, including a District Attorney, and a few judges and some local Domestic Violence Program workers, who all conspired to have a City of Batavia, NY Cop threaten to murder me for exposing their corruption and illegal activities in this scam When I was given the news of Senator Schaefer's death, I had already been in communication with Bill Bowen, who was Nancy Schaefer's Film Producer about my case. When I spoke to Bill about what occurred to Nancy, he was besides himself. Until that point, he was helping me to get in contact with Nancy and was also very interested in my case. He was even thinking of possibly visiting me in his travel's on the way to Australia. He told me he wanted to finish however Nancy's film project first which was a film documentary regarding Georgia State Official's and others involved in a peadophile sex ring. Sadly, that film was never completed because Bill Bowen was also murdered in August of 2010.

Indeed, since both Nancy and Bill's death's, matters of children and families lives being murdered, suicides, attacks upon the family unit have all steadily risen. We've seen the likes of the “Kid's For Cash Scandal “ in Pennsylvania where several judges there were arrested for putting many innocent children in “for profit' jails. These two so called “judges” received bribes and financial 'kick-backs” for every child placed in those prisons. Yes, these judges became millionaires from placing many innocent children in these jails but know this, just because the FBI threw the public a bone so to speak regarding a few judges who got “caught” and arrested(, those arrests doesn't even come close however in terms of the thousands and thousands of other judges, lawyers, cops, Child Protective Services workers, social workers, psychologists, teachers, psychiatrists, Domestic Violence Program workers, Foster Care Agency workers, YWCA employee's, court employee's and others who through illegal means, make Billions and Billions of US Dollars destroying family's stealing and selling children here in the USA. In fact if you were still not aware( I can't imagine why someone wouldn’t be aware), the USA is the largest human and sex trade trafficker in the world( and the list of children kidnapped and families destroyed via our Government grows longer every day.

Everything that Nancy Schaefer exposed, all the corruption, the evil's of Family Court, the Divorce Industry, of CPS, Domestic Violence Programs, child stealing and kidnapping, the wicked partnership between Pharmaceutical companies and foster care agencies using foster kids as guinea pigs in experiments with use of their so called “psychotropic medications” have all become much worse. Children being kidnapped from good and healthy American families are on the rise. The amount of Federal title IV and VAWA(Violence Against Women Act) funding’s continue to go up higher and higher each year. Every State and County in America goes out on “the hunt” for mostly “blue eyed and blond haired children” that they can snatch from families who cannot afford an attorney to fight for their children in court all so the Government can sell them off to the highest bidder. Nancy warned many of us at the time in 2009 of what the US and it's State's Government were doing to families, but it seemed the few that actually listened to her, it was the Government and their terrorists who only wanted to silence her by murdering her including those in the Republican Political Party

Many American family's are fighting against those whom Senator Schaefer warned us about before her untimely death. Those who dare to speak out against CPS, Family Court and other evil entities involved in child stealing and the destruction of families for cash, often are attacked and vilified. If they are public servants or politicians, they are told to “shut up” and warned that they will “pay for opening” their mouth(as Senator Nancy Schaefer was told, and she had shared publicly she was told to keep quiet and stop exposing by her Georgia State Republican Chairman) about the corruptions and evil's of the Government child stealing and destruction of families for cash scheme. It was just last year when a Los Angeles politician asked for an investigation into the CPS Agency there soon after, his father was murdered in a “home invasion” a short time after the request. No, things haven't changed with CPS, Family Court and the cops. They are still utilizing the same wicked and evil tactics of murdering those who get in their way for exposing the illegal racketeering scheme's they employ.

Is there a public political representative who is bold enough to speak out like Nancy had done ? It was just a few short weeks ago when one man, a nationally known former Governor and Fox News Television Host, Mike Huckabee who stood in front of the CPAC and spoke of the horrors of “The Government stealing children.” He was of course speaking of the famous Government kidnapping of Justina Pelletier. Even with the mention from a high level former Government Official, the case has gotten little attention in the press. I am aware that a few legislator's in the Pelletier's home state made a poo-poo of an effort to make it look like they were angry and wanted justice for Justina by sending around a petition and a few letters on the Pelletier's behalf, but all in all, as I said, it was all a “poo-poo” move and meaningless, and they knew it. If those politicians really wanted justice for the family, they would have sent in their Massachusetts and Connecticut State Beauru's of Investigation to arrest the judge, the CPS workers and the Government lawyers in the case, but no, that would have meant losing money to the state coffer via Federal Title IV monies, and hey ! More importantly then money, they certainly didn't want to end up murdered like Senator Schaefer and her husband did.

We are all Nancy Scahefer's. If you haven't had your children, elderly parent or adult relative stolen by the Government for cash yet, chances are, you will at some point. Oh yes ! Our Government Stealing adults also for cash is big business as well ! We are all Senator Schaefer's whether you like it or not. You, your children, your family are all considered chattel by the US Government. They will kidnap you and or your family whenever they want. If you dare to put up a fuss, they will simply kill you. That's the way this game is being played. Except it's not really a game, this is all about money and how much evil our Government can make off of you, your children and loved-one's. You better get to destroying evil before it destroys you. It's to late for the likes of Senator Nancy Schaefer, her husband and Bill Bowen who all died for speaking the truth about the Government's participation in all this Government sponsored terrorism. It's not to late for you and I though. Start by making Citizen's Arrest's of corrupted cops and “law enforcement.” Put them in your own jails and hire your own jail keeper's to keep them there for a very long time. Find other citizens to act as a judge and jury, have a trial. If you find these corrupted cops and “law enforcement”(local, county, state and federal) guilty of crimes, move on to the other “players” who are involved in these illegal and unconstitutional crimes such as stealing children and destroying families for cash. The choice is yours... get active in removing this evil, or surrender your children, family and yourself to the wiles of the devil's appetite and allow him to devour all whom you love.

Proverbs 24:11-12 “ Rescue the perishing; don't hesitate to step in and help. If you say, "Hey, that's none of my business," will that get you off the hook? Someone is watching you closely, you know - Someone not impressed with weak excuses

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~ Black Robe Regiment Pastor