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U.S Government- The Largest Human Trafficker Of Children In The World.

U.S Government- The Largest Human Trafficker Of Children In The World.

In the United States, most Americans have no idea and extent of the horrible things that our Federal, state, county and local governments do to it's own citizens especially children. Now I fully realize there are real child abuse cases and they need to be dealt with swiftly and accordingly however most child “neglect and abuse” cases in America are complete fabrications made for the benefit of selling children for government profit. Now you would think that with all the legislation in the USA and laws that have been passed regarding so called “protection” of it's own citizens and all the hollering and complaining our own government does in the United Nations against other nations such as China, Thailand, the Philippines, India and the like in regards to child trafficking, that in fact our government would have a spotless record and be an outstanding example of how to protect children from human trafficking. However, just the opposite holds true, yes the word hypocritical can and should be appropriately applied here to all American Government agencies in regards to all U.S children. If one just took a few minutes to do just a little research on this important subject matter, you would discover indeed that our American children are being bought and sold by our own government and just as sadly, the Christian Community does very little about it !

Something else most Americans are not well enough informed about nor take Biblical action is that their hard earned tax dollars support various state, county and local programs where by children are “legally” stolen for profit. How can this be you ask ? Fairly simple as it turns out; The culprit is the Federal Title IV programs where by states, counties and local municipalities/ Family Courts and other courts as well as foster and adoption agencies are that are awarded billions of tax dollars annually to take children from good and healthy parents. Were you aware of actual “head hunters” who are are also employed through social services and various government agencies that look for children to steal ? I'll bet you(if I were a betting man) that you were unaware of this. You see, the system operates so that state, county and it's social services agencies can easily take children from good parents and make a huge financial windfall on each child taken. Children are taken from good parents through false allegations of abuse and the children are later often times sold to foster care agencies or adoption agencies. Federal monies are easily gained as the more children that are as identified (often times) as being “in crisis”(These children are often from poor families and typically blonde in hair color and also have blue colored eyes), the more cash courts and governments make. Profiteering at the expense of children's lives though use of false abuse and or neglect allegations against parents has made many a judge, lawyer, court and government employee rich through these government monies as well. Now you may be asking yourself, what kind of evil person does, this? Well, It's a well documented fact that many Child Protection Workers, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, cops, teachers, judges, lawyers lie to snatch children from millions of parents in the USA each year. It's the cold hard cash that attracts these evilist's to do such diabolical and wicked things as take lovely children from great mommy's and daddy's. See video-

Domestic Violence Workers have also been known to get into the act since it is their desire to eliminate men and families as God intended anyway, you can see these Domestic Violence workers visiting schools talking with teachers, children and school officials trying to drum up business. They also get a huge chunk of Title IV Federal monies as well and just like the other fore mentioned evilist's who participate in stealing children for cash, many of these Domestic Violence Workers also lie to gain cash. It's a feeding frenzy for the evilist's these days. Our legislators and even those elected to to the Executive branch are well informed of the child stealing and profits made but these government leaders by and large want nothing to do with changing the system and ridding the lies. Corrupt Federal Legislators like Charles Shummer are quite content with the billions of dollars that flows from our Federal Government to these legislators pockets and their home political districts. Millions of children are stolen illegally from corrupt government agents and there is little protection in the law from them. I suppose if you had enough money or have a personal relationship with one of these corrupt government leaders, a phone call to the “right people” could be made on you and your child's behalf to rescue them from the claws of these wicked people but in reality, but who of us has a political friend and ally to get what is already guaranteed to us in our US Constitution ? We should not have to be concerned about, nor have fear that our child will hurt themselves playing or have an accident and then CPS, Government agents, cops, teachers, DV workers and the like will be like vultures that will come and take away our child making false allegations of abuse against us- . Please remember, if you ever are hauled into Family Court or in front of CPS agencies, the law says everything must be decided “in the best interest of the child” meaning the government can do anything it wants at anytime with your child and you have NO legitimate claim nor recourse. You are at the total mercy of the judge and or government agency. As a parent, you can be court ordered for all sorts of psychological, physical and other tests, all returned finding you without fault or issue yet for no real or appropriate reason, your children can still be taken away from you, and that includes having your parental rights terminated for no real or appropriate reason as well.

Parents who home school their children and or Christians in the USA are especially vulnerable to being falsely accused of abuse these days and should take special note of what I am sharing here and prepare for action to protect their children and their families at all costs ! Please note that anytime the government cannot control, manipulate or indoctrinate persons with government propaganda, the entire family becomes suspect and is put on a watch list by various government agents who look for an open door to destroy the family unit. The family unit in America is in a purposeful cross hairs for destruction by government paid workers with their wealth of taxpayer funded Federal Title IV programs.

As well, In case you were uninformed, children in foster care and adoption agencies are inappropriately and horrifically often times being drugged up with psychotropic medications as young as three years old . I can tell you as a professional therapist that there is no child at the age of 3 that will need to be medicated with psychotropic medications for any reason-ever ! The only and sole purpose of medicating the vast majority of children while in foster care and or in foster care type housing is to cause them to be domicile, that is to force the children in care foster care more compliant and more easily to manipulate. The social experiments that have been occurring especially with our boys in schools for years now have also been extended to all children and adolescents in foster care and adoption agencies. Since Feminists have been the ones mostly insistent to destroy the male gender, they are also the main force behind our male children with mental health diagnosis such as Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder then pollute their minds with psychotropic medications such as Ritalin. These anti-christian women's groups for years now have looked to destroy God's plan for the family, there are many so called trained mental health professionals that are in place already to destroy more children as children are often seen as a liability and not an asset to these feminists.

We are commanded by our Lord Jesus to pray for our enemies and that we must do but unless Biblical Christians get up off their butt's soon and fight back at all costs, most of our children will be gone. There are over 50 million children that have been murdered through abortion in the USA so children living outside the womb are the next obvious target by evilist's. We need Godly men of action(James 2:17-20).This is and can be a very frighting situation and season for the ill equipped Christian and or family. Families should take this article as a very serious call to action and a warning to beware of just what the U.S and all it's states, counties and local governments are involved in. The US and it's states governments are largely not interested in helping people in their God given liberties of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as documented in our Deceleration Of Independence. The question for you and I has become; do you love your children and family enough for America to once again become “home of the brave” ? Meaning that we stand up and protect our children and families from wickedness, or do we stand aside and let evilist's go on with their onslaught against our family, friends and neighbors ???

Please be sure to view all three of the videos in this article. It will hopefully ignite your soul to do something to fight back and get our children back !

Psalms 37:17 For the arms of the wicked shall be broken: but the LORD upholdeth the righteous.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

** Reminder; Don't Forget That On February 12th, 2012 To Have Your Christian Pastor And Or All Christian Pastors Around The World To Preach Against The Purposeful Destruction Of Families At The Hands Of Governments.


  1. AMEN !!.....very good explanation of the truth !!
    The judge said my granddaughter was a wonderful child...just before she allowed CPS to legally snatch my granddaughter forever from her family. Abuse/neglect were never mentioned in the courtroom, she was just taken under very minor false allegations and sold into adoption.

    I have the audio and transcribed confessions of a headhunter and it is sickening to listen to, even though he is trying to make amends for what he has done.

    write me:

    1. my heart goes out to you i had no idea God help u !!!!!!!!!

  2. We all need to pray about this country, our children "that they are destroying", and our grandchildren that are also victims of this insanity. First we need to cleanse ourselves.

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  4. Hopefully, the good Lord gave one the capability to read??.. If one wants to know how to defend themselves, they must know the rules to play.. Here is a great starting State Statute Summaries relating to Family court>>