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Would You Light Up A Joint Standing Next To Jesus ?

Would You Light Up A Joint Standing Next To Jesus ?

In answering my own self titled question here, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that many in America would answer my question with an empathetical, “Yes !”, The sad fact is, they would in fact smoke dope and in fact get drunk, get high, watch pornography and do many other things that the Bible clearly calls sin, is harmful to them, and as well clearly says not to do. In this article, I am examining as well as looking at some of the reasons why so many Americans have such an attitude that they would not see dope smoking as what the Bible clearly calls wrong. No doubt, I am also expecting to get some serious flack and backlash from some Americans(and others) pointing out with Bible Scripture the truth about marijuana use. I even expect that flack to come from called “christians” as well. It is after all if the “elect” are fooled, then why not the world ? Let's be honest, few like to be confronted over their unhealthy and sick, twisted attitudes, so I am sure people will become inflamed, fighting mad with me for pointing out what the Bible says about marijuana smoking. It as they say though... it is what it is. I understand that it is not really me and what I am writing here (each and every week) that makes folks so angry, it is actually the exposure of sin and their harmful attitudes that makes people so darn upset. In fact, I've learned many years ago while employed as an addiction counselor, when folks are that far deeply involved in their sinful activities, often they lash out when told about their negative behaviours and attitudes. I've witnessed folks even becoming violent towards those who even make hint, mention or suggestion(even in a loving way) that there is sin in someone's life. I'm getting a head of myself here, let's move on and discuss it in these terms....

The Bible clearly describes drug use as something bad. In fact if you study the word from where we get our word English word, “Pharmacy”, it's root actually comes from the word Pharmakeia which is Greek. That particular word “Pharmakeia” is synonymous with the word “witchcraft” in the Bible.
(Read and also as well.... Does that mean taking medications that heal us are part of witchcraft ? No, absolutely not. It is however when we knowing take any mood altering chemical or drug that is not meant to heal us, is when we get into trouble with God. Just so you know, alcohol, nicotine and other commonly used chemicals that few actually think as being a “mood altering chemical” can actually be harmful to us. I am speaking mostly in this article about Marijuana though. Why is alcohol legal but Marijuana illegal in most states ? That's a debatable question, the bottom line is that the vast majority of reasons people give for smoking marijuana is to get high. They like the feeling of getting high and God's Word clearly says not to become intoxicated in Ephesians 5:18. Although most folks around the world often ignore God's Word about not getting intoxicated(as well as many other issues God says not to become involved in), that does not at all negate God's wisdom in making our own personal choices. The reason God's Word declares to us to heed to His Word, is not just to tell you “no.” In fact, the major reason isn't what you might believe such as “because you might get behind the wheel of a car and hurt yourself and or someone else.” No, the main reason God says to listen to Him and His word including not to smoke dope, is because when your brain cells are clogged with the “active” ingredient that gets you “high”(Tetrahydrocannabinol), you cannot hear from God. Have you ever been active in sin and wondered why you were in emotional, physical and or some other pain or going through something and you couldn’t figure out why ? Regarding smoking marijuana, having your brain cells clogged(which all that a marijuana high is) distances yourself from hearing from God and his leading and very best for you in your life.

Let's be honest, I have never met anyone that smoked marijuana that don't like the feeling of being “high.” Folks that use mood altering chemicals such as those who smoke dope love their feeling of being high. They have no real reason or motivating factor that they can see as a reason to quit. They can't hear from God, have little to no interest in God, so the marijuana high is what they are looking for. Despite God's command to put Him first and to serve no other god, Pot smokers ignore God's command and have made marijuana their god. Perhaps you think that by me stating that marijuana smokers make pot their god, that I’ve gone to far ? Let me put it to you this way, whatever you have on your mind as well as on your heart the most, that is your god/God. If you are like many pot smokers, you are looking forward to your next “hit” so you can get that feeling of being high, God of the Bible is no where near your heart at that moment. The issue really for folks like those that smoke dope is that they are in no way praising Jesus throughout the day, reading His Word or thinking at all about how they can serve Him. Their most dwelt upon thought is actually this; “ I'd love to smoke a joint right now.” If you do think like that, you most certainly are not praying to Jesus of the Bible. God's Word after all declares in Matthew 6:24; “You cannot serve two masters. You will either love one, and hate the other.” Oh, I realize as I mentioned early on in this article that there are so called “christians” and “pastors” out there as well who will tell you anything your itching ears want to hear like, “Marijuana is natural, it's safe, it's good for you” but once again, the Bible declares to watch out for these false prophets who lie to you. They are in fact agents of the devil. 2 Corinthians 11:14-15 is quite clear about those like that who would deceive you, even about dope smoking and it's negative consequences... “And no wonder ! For satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.” 

God wants us to always have an alert mind. A mind clogged with chemicals is a mind altered for the devil's taking. The Bible declares that satan is like a roaring lion seeking whom he can devour !(1 Peter 5:8). Having a mind clogged up with dope(1 hit from smoking weed stays in your brain cells up to 30 days !) makes a person a very large target for the devil. If you haven't noticed as of late, the devil is very, very active in devouring more and more folks, families as well as whole communities. Judging by what is going on this world, those same folks are suffering from self inflicted sin shots to their own hearts including from smoking marijuana. To those who are not yet convinced of what I am sharing, specifically that smoking weed is sin and very bad for you, tell me, how often does doing opposite of what the Bible declares as right, doesn't bring on more heart ache and more personal pain in the end ? Oh yes, I'm sure there's more then a few of you out there who are in such deep denial, no matter how much you have already suffered, you'll keep smoking dope and doing opposite of God's best for your life. Some never learn, why ? because that's the human heart, more interested in doing “self” then what God asks. How many more relationships with family members, friends, employers will you break until you wake up to the fact that dope smoking is unhealthy and dangerous for you ?

Fictitious stories that dope smoking “cures cancer” and heals all sorts of ailments, only proves that folks will justify anything that will show their sins to be “OK” and also approved by so called “professionals.” Speaking of which, those so called “professionals” also known as “physicians” you read about and see on television promoting smoking dope, they are the same one's who get financial kick-backs from
Pharmaceutical companies. Don't think that these “doctors” don't have a financial incentive to also lie about so called “health benefits of Marijuana use” ? Well yes, there are people that naive that believe these doctors are telling the “truth.” Sadly money and self serving lies continue to destroy many lives but who cares as long as you can high, right ? Think about this, homosexual “marriage” continues to be approved throughout this nation yet thousands of homosexual's especially men, still die from AIDS and HIV related infections each and every year. Don't hear about that in the media do you ? Nope !! you sure don't. Why ? Simple reason actually, it's the same reason you don't hear about dope smoking being a sin or unhealthy for you either. What people want, they get, despite the negative consequences. You can lie., cheat, steal, even “legalize” dope smoking or anything else you want, but that doesn't mean God of the Bible approves or that there won't be any negative consequences.

Folks just better wake up to the fact that God never forces anyone to do what's right before Him. He gives us all free will. You either serve Him or you don 't, it's all a choice. Know this also however, God's Word declares in Psalm 81;12, that God Himself will turn you over to your own sin and your own devices. If you harden your heart to ignore God, do evil, He will indeed allow you to suffer for your sin including your dope smoking. I know it's very difficult for many Americans as well as other folks from around the world to accept the reality that marijuana smoking is bad for you. To be honest and sadly, most folks rather just go on smoking dope and living in an imaginary world along with their unhealthy, enabling friends and family justifying the sinful lifestyle they are currently in. As a former Internationally Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor for many years, I've seen many folks play the game likened to Russian Roulette with their dope smoking and other chemical use. Sadly, many marijuana smokers have had to lose marriages, family members, jobs, body parts, even their lives to car crashes, accidents, and yes, their own minds to psychoses and the worst consequence of all, suicide all because they thought they were smarter and knew more than God of the Bible.

I'm quite sure I'll be hearing from those who think they are smarter than God because of their hardened hearts and this article that has touched their heart confronting their dope smoking. When ever I read their comments to me condemning me, God's Word, making their excuses, justifying, and enabling sin, I'll do like I have always done, I'll read all about their self loathing as well I'll then sigh, take a deep breath, then say a prayer for them. What else can be done ? It's the last days ? Maybe (2Timothy 3:10-13). It was after all, Jesus who told the story of the “prodigal son” who had to “come to his senses” before he ran back in tears of repentance to his father. I'll be waiting for millions to also come to their senses as well.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~ Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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