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Stabbed In The Back By Your U.S. Government, 'Christians' And Their Lawyers

Stabbed In The Back By Your U.S. Government, 'Christians' And Their Lawyers

Now, those of you who regularly read my weekly blog articles, will indeed notice a recurring theme in my recent writings including in this particular article. In fact, this article will be received as most, as it many these days fear truth, rather than accepting it. “Why ?” then you may ask, that I continue to write such things that for many either ignore or are quite frankly, are “turned-off” or afraid by?, Well, I can only tell you this; the Church in America is widely dead and America as a nation is about to be wiped-out, flushed and never to return again. I can't imagine anyone wanting to suffer pain needlessly and that's partially why I keep writing truth. Keeping with the theme of truth here, Americans by-and-large have become fat, lazy and and apathetic and suffer from their own doing or as you will read later, also of “not doing “ as well. When God's people as a whole do foolish things and ignore evil matters, God calls out His own to “repent” from such matters, correct their course and on to do what is right Biblically. In my articles(and my very action toward God's righteousness in my own life/action), I take deadly serious what evil can do and what God says to do always what is right. I see that the evidence of America soon failing and be overtaken and destroyed is strong in evidence. My repeated call to all to repentance and(truth telling in my articles) also in partaking in removing evil is (A) On purpose, (B) Directed via the Holy Spirit and (C) should be taken deadly-serious. Please read on.

Sharing the above information begs the questions; why do so called “Christians” keep walking around with their heads stuck up their clouds ? Also, why do they keep pretending “all is well” and operating in ways contrary to the Bible ? Are folks really that dumb ? “Yes” , is the correct response to all. To some reading here, all I'm declaring here sounds quite harsh but in reality, it is what in reality needs to be said/done to wake up the so called “Church” and “Christians” in America. For those unaware, it is the “Christian”, not the worldly person that is called to walk in righteousness and to bring a nation back to God. Sadly many Christians in the USA are not listening to the Bible and what seems to be needed now in our nation in such a time as this, is a Jesus overturning tables and chasing folks with a whip wake folks up. I share that thought because there are very few outraged enough real and Godly Americans to do anything about the enormous abuses being done to our brothers and sisters in Christ in and outside the USA, especially what evils Governments and so called “Christians” and their lawyers are doing to us. When I read the Bible, I clearly see that God Himself commands His people to “repent”, “act” and “pray.” The world is heavily evil and clearly has overtaken the Church's role to “shine in the darkness.” There is no place “darker” in the world, then here in the USA. Surely, this nation has drifted from the light of Jesus to the overtaking darkness of the devil himself. Let me share more here...

Because of the Church's lack of Biblical responsibility of action and to fight especially for those who cannot gather justice, many suffer needlessly. Think about just this one issue, we as a nation, have blood dripping from the door posts of many churches that ignore the over 55 million dead babies murdered from abortion. What ignorant fool would ever think for one minute that the blood of these murdered children would not cry out to God for their justice ? Beyond dead babies and their blood upon the “Church”, there are so many real American Christians being persecuted and ignored as well right in the USA. Everyday, our US Constitution is assaulted by our own Government and by the terrorists who run it. Do you not think God does not hear the pleas for justice from those who suffer from those Government terrorists and those who ignore such evils? Indeed He does, and He also see's the ambivalence of the heart of many Churches regarding the suffering of injustice of God's very own. That same ambivalent attitude has carried itself all the way to the American pastor who is sitting right now all the way in an Iranian prison. In fact, not only an American Citizen pastor sits in an Iranian jail as you read this article, there are also several other US Citizens needlessly sitting in an Iranian jail as well.

Yes, during recent “Nuclear Negotiations”, the U.S Government did not even raise the issue and names of jailed US Citizens there in Iran. Our U.S Government has shown itself time and time again that it is evil, it has not not at all our best interest or even our lives as important to it. To make matters worse for all including the Americans sitting in the Iranian prisons, there was no real and substantive pressure on the US Government from American Christians demanding the release of Americans illegally being held in Iran. The best so called “U.S Christians”could do was to sign some sort of useless petition put on by a money hungry US Attorney named Jay Sekulow. It is so sad that many Americans have been duped time in and time out again by this Jay Sekulow and His ACLJ. For the unknowing, they are both a farce, and a facade. Sekulow is just another corrupted lawyer who takes your money to “represent” high profile cases and gets his notoriety from representing only those fleshly high profile cases(like “Christmas Trees”)from stupid sheep. Don't believe me ? tell me then, how much money did he and his ACLJ staff take in for salaries and so called “work” for drafting a useless petition and a few letters on behalf of Pastor Abedini who's sitting in the Iranian Prison? I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it until folks wake up... Beware of so called “Christian Lawyers !” many(not all, but many are) of them are no different than the world. They use the name of “Christ” to rake in lot's of money all to make themselves fat, live in big houses, and buy other luxury items themselves. Again, I ask if you don't believe me, go ask Sekulow and other so called “Christian Law Firms” how much they bring in and what their salaries and perks are. Go ahead and try, see how far you get and what their answers are. (“Since 1998, the 2 charities have paid out more that $33 million to members of Sekulow's family and businesses” I'll even go on to share this, In my own quest to get justice here in the USA from being threatened with murder via a City of Batavia, NY cop who was told to do so from corrupted judges, lawyers and also my children, house and property all given to a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer and Illegal Alien, I've received more help from non-christians and non-christian attorneys who belong to the world, then so called “Christians” and their “Christian Attorneys”( What does that say about the condition of the so called “Church” and it's roll to help those who cannot help themselves ? Sad when the “world” outshines for Christ more than the “Church” does.

The “Church” is often guilty of thrusting a knife in the back of true believers. I am constantly bombarded with personal and public messages on social websites telling me of all the horrific occurrences that so called “Christians” and “pastors” have done towards other “Christians.” Now I'm not so naive to believe every story told to me. I'm well aware that there are many who suffer from mental illnesses and some messages to me show themselves to be quite evident of that fact. However, many stories I am told are filled with reasonable evidence of fact, and make them quite believable. I think of one man's credible story regarding how useless especially the so called “Church” has become. I think back not to long ago to September 11, 2013. On that date, I was speaking in Washington, DC during the “Million Christian March” where I shared about how far this nation has drifted from Jesus Christ and Christian attitudes. After my speech, a man approached me named “Jim.” He shared with me that he lived in a small town in Nebraska. One day he went on to share, that an elderly person lost control of their vehicle and crashed right into Jim's house, smashing the picture window and many bricks that surrounded it. As you can imagine Jim shared, in a small town, the news of the crash traveled quite quickly and neighbors and people from his small town came over to look at the damage done to his house. Jim went on to share with me how many in his town were “Christians” but not one of them offered to help and his wife pick up all the bricks knocked down out of his house. He shared with me “many only offered prayer but it was only later that one man and his wife came by to help me.”

Lesson learned through Jim's story ? I don't think we should be surprised at the level of lack of righteous actions to help one another in this nation when evil and bad strikes at good people. Being that evil is being propagated by our US and it's State Government's as well as unmolested or stopped by Christians, should we be shocked or surprised ? It is after all, even the evil ignored by many so called “'Christians lawyers” or even Christians themselves here in the United States that has brought us to this point. As millions of America just celebrated “Thanksgiving” at the dinner table, we see just how clearly evil this nation has become. The evidence of such shows us as a people who are fragmented and divided. Our hearts as well as our families are divided and we are very far from God's direction for all of us. Many U.S families and children's lives destroyed daily, via the sick and twisted minds and hearts of those who go running to the US and it's State run court system to screw someone over, is evident equally among “Christians” and their “Christian Lawyers” as it is among “the world”(Divorce statistics tells us that) The saying, (Matthew 12:25) “A house divided against itself cannot stand” comes to mind right now as I write this article. It was Jesus Himself that said it is the devil who came to divide and bring division. When a nation has so very many what I term as “pretend” or as others call “nominal christians”(small letter 'c' purposely placed here) in it, it is not long before that nation and it's “true colors” are revealed and whom those people belong to is plain for all to see. When Jesus declared in part in 7:15-20 “You shall know them by their fruit”, He surely was giving us a warning not only to be aware, or as some these days like to say, “be awake”, but He also was telling us not to be as the world show's itself. Stabbing one another in the back, ignoring evil, gravitating towards making cash for selfish gain are the world's ideas and views, and has no part of belonging in a Godly Government nor Christian's life.

So what can we take away with from this article ? If anything I believe, all too often, we see that many American's fall in the devil's trap of deception and lies that the Government is “good” and also that anyone who calls themselves a “Christian” or a “Christian lawyer” is “believable” as well. Not only that, but hopefully through this article, many of these same people who I mention in this article will stop making excuses and justify either participating in evil or ignoring it completely. With those that take part in such spurious activities, we all now know that if they continue to allow a very evil US, it's State's Governments and nominal christians and their lawyers to run a muck and without accountability, they will only reek more havoc in our lives. I suppose I could write a whole book regarding all the many more reasons why those I've named here in this article as evil and in wrong doing or participating in satan's tactics do what they do. The sad fact is however is this, they are doing it and and as well, are trying to kill-off as many own innocent fellow citizens as possible.

Finally, this leads us to the fact that not only is our Government evil, it's also the high number of Americans who claim be “Christians” and that including “Christian Lawyers”, that are in reality, nothing but false christ and religious believers out to take advantage of others for their own self-benefit. The evidence is clear. Remember, as I shared earlier, Jesus said “you shall know them by their fruit.” It is very clear that the devil reigns supreme not only in the US, it's State's and Local Governments, but it also reigns supreme in many American Churches as well. If what I just shared were not true, Pastor Sayeed Abedini and many American Christians who are suffering injustice needlessly, wouldn't still be suffering today.

Now you think about that. Better yet, you do something about that !

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~ Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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