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Increased Roving Gangs And Killer Cops, Do You Also Belong To The Army Of The 'Flesh'?

Increased Roving Gangs And Killer Cops, Do You Also Belong To The Army Of The 'Flesh'?

If anyone is to be honest about the condition of our world, our nation(USA), they would have to say it is increasingly hostile, angry and violent. Indeed, it's not your imagination, it's true... “the world has gone nuts.” I don't care how many government propaganda “statistics' say there is less violent crime/acts and people losing their minds and doing stupid and unnecessary violent things, but factually, many people have indeed “lost it.” Just watching the most liberal main stream media news channel on TV tells you violence and “crazy” and bizarre acts are way up. I'm 52 years-old and have lived long enough to know “fluff” when I see and hear it, and there's a lot of “fluff” being excreted from the mouths of most so called “news agencies” out there who are themselves either involved in stupid/evil acts and or hiding/enabling those acts as well. It's everywhere, even within the so called “fair and balanced” news network also. It is sad fact that by the end of this article, most Americans that will have both read it, but will also continue to chase after fleshly things. Most American's just won't “get it” because they don't want to “get it”, and will just continue on with the belief that they are not to blame and the world is “'fine”, “we just need more Republicans” or “we just all need to calm down and smoke more weed.” Being honest and admitting the truth about one's sick condition is the very first step in getting help/recovery, but the question here is this, are there really enough American's willing to admit why and how very sick, violent and wacko we've really become ?

As I have written in previous articles, many(the majority) of our Founding Father's were Bible believing Christians. That is why many of our founding documents mentions “God.” Also, as I have declared many times previously, as our Founding Father's also knew and I say often myself to others... “No Jesus, no peace.” Let's cut to the chase here shall we ? Those who do not believe in the Biblical Jesus are enemies of God(Romans 5:10). The Bible speaks over and over and over again, not to be of, or be in use of the “flesh.” To do so, means that you are engaged as the enemy of God and in reality combating Him. To the non-Biblical Christian, they have little to no idea what the word “flesh” even means. So, I take this time now for their benefit and for those whom I am referring and reading my article here now, and for your education an explanation of the word “flesh”... when the Bible and I mention the word “flesh”, this refers to your own idea, your own actions outside of God's Biblical plans(yes it really is that simple, so simple a child can understand this but adults cannot). God's plan is always the best and works 100% of the time. Thus, those who do, speak, act, think, plan outside what God calls us all to do, those things are of the “flesh”, that is; sin and evil as well as hated by God. I know many will want to debate, intellectualize or use their own “logic” against all this stated here, but they are simply an enemy of God and are only attempting to rationalize their own evil and sinful thoughts and actions. They will get no where. 

“Enemies of God” are not exclusive to God haters only. There are many fleshy “pastors”, priests”, religious types who will tell you that “God loves you” but with deceit on their lips. Indeed God loves you, but(this is what the fleshy pastors and others who hijacked the Bible for their own selfish motives won't tell you) God's love also chastises those whom He loves(Hebrews 12:6). Not only that, but God does not contradict His Word and look away from, or gives grace to you so that you can sin more(Romans 6:1-2). God only blesses those who follow His Biblical precepts(Psalm 119:2). In fact God is clear that when one does evil, follows the flesh rather than His Word, there are negative consequences(Jeremiah 6:19). When it comes to the flesh, that is “sin and evil”, the opposite of the flesh(sin and evil) is God's plan as written in the Bible. In fact, It is much more than the 10 Commandments as most might suspect. That plan always works well, but the reality and contrast of what God calls good is this today... the vast majority of American's don't want to be involved with God(of the Bible) and His plans for personal living and thus, evil grows. It's difficult to believe, and I suspect for most Americans it is very difficult to understand this proven Biblical value--- but when a nation, a people vary from God's plan via the Bible, disaster visits that nation and those people suffer greatly and immensely. I know what I just shared from the Bible goes against a lot of those Joel Osteen, TD Jakes, Hinn, Rick Warren, Oprah Winfrey(others) types out there, but the fruit of what I declare is staring right at you(if you're willing to open your eyes). It might very well be shocking also for many so called “Christians” in America to also accept, but God places most of the judgment and blame on those who claim to be in Christ, not people of the “flesh”(2Chronicles 7:14). It is a very dangerous matter to call yourself a “Christian.” I say this not because of real persecution for real Christians, but rather because when you call yourself a “Christian” you invoke a war upon yourself from Satan. If you are not truly covered by Jesus Christ and His shed blood upon you and have Him not in your heart as Lord and Saviour, you are inviting disaster and the devil's mischief upon your life and those around you.

I want to make it very clear, according to the Bible, God does not cause evil, however, He allows it for a specific purpose(example, Job Chapter 1). That “purpose” is always to wake people up somewhere spiritually, so that they will repent of evil and return to Him through His Son Jesus Christ. For those who are spiritually “awake” already, we know with many of the horrible and evil occurrences in our daily news reports, we can see obviously whom belongs to who. What I mean by that last statement is this... those “Black roving gangs “ who are playing “knock-out games”, cops beating up and killing innocent civilians all over the USA as well as increased psychopaths who are tearing apart families, businesses and governments, coupled with many other such evil occurrences as “strange” weather phenomenon’s...“late season tornado's”, are all a direct result of forsaking God's plan to forsake evil. Many have forsaken God and we are all paying a hefty price for it. Matters will soon increase from bad to worse very soon unless people leave the army of the flesh.

I never would have imagined in my life time that I'd have to tell the majority of Americans(and world) that it is never “normal”, acceptable or should be compromised with in any shape, form or way to engage in aborting a child, endorse or partake in homosexuality, religion, lying, cheating, stealing, voting for “the lesser of two-evil's” or partaking in what God calls evil under any circumstance-period. God certainly see's all sins on equal footing, for the Bible declares in James 2:10 “For whosoever shall keep the whole law and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.” The same goes for any level of “looking the other way” from evil as also... there are negative consequences for allowing and or turning and looking away from what the Bible calls sin and evil. All bring on very negative “consequences.” For sure these consequences are real and right in front of our noses, yet many cannot and will not choose to see them. In fact, they will just keep operating in the flesh(like so many others in the army of the flesh) and think the day of disaster will never touch them. Sadly, they are very, very wrong in their beliefs. Think of what occurred to ancient and Biblical Israel and Judah when they forsook God's plan for God's best. The vast majority of Americans have engaged much in the same way in leaving God and brushing Him to the side as did Israel and Judah had done and now we see similar consequences they suffered also. Those who choose and engage in such actions as being an agent of the flesh are not real “Christians” but in actuality, are just part of a large army of folks owned by the devil and heaping upon us all, God's hand of destruction.

Roving Black gangs and cops are a result and a curse allowed by God Himself, they are hurting and killing us at an alarmingly and increasing rate for ignoring His Biblical precepts. Indeed, US, State's and Local Government terrorists and psychopathic people grow in large numbers every day here. They are agents of evil but they don't have to exist. Indeed, these types of evil doers will continue to grow, kill and hurt more and more American's until Americans finally wake up, repent to Jesus and remove all the evil in and around them including the gangs, psychopaths, foreign and domestic terrorists, and cops. Notice that the first step I mentioned(once again)however is to “repent to Jesus.” This means not attempting and trying to remove evil from others first, you have to come clean and change first. God will not honor more “fleshly” actions and if you try to remove evil in and on your own strength, you will lose. In fact, you may very well wind up hurt or even dead if you try. I'm not necessarily against marches, petitions and letter writing campaigns to rid evil but these things tried and failed, don't work, nor are effective. As a matter of fact, you can “talk” with evil all day long until your lips turn blue, that's not going to change a thing. If you do nothing to remove evil such as what many so called “Christians” and their pastors are so very often involved(or should I say, lack of involved in removing evil?) in these days, you will also end-up hurt and or dead just like them as well. The end result for both is exactly the same....partaking in or ignoring evil will get you in the same exact position that you will not want to be in.

So, to sum up here... everyone must decide if they belong to the “army of flesh” or are partaking in God's plan for Biblical-daily living. There are many who want to live life as they whatever they want and make up life's rules as they sit fit without any accountability to God of the Bible. In fact, many of these who belong to the flesh army don't even believe in God or they have made up their own god they see fit to serve(like butterfly jesus). Partaking in such has brought upon us all,(that's all of us) all sorts of miseries. I don't know about you, I'm tired of suffering for other people's foolish and evil behaviors, religions, and belief systems. I have done and am doing my part to eradicate evil on a daily basis. I always though start with myself. I am looking for others who are doing the same so that if possible, we can with the Lord's leading, we can get this nation back. “Keyboard commandos” need not apply when there is evil to be removed. God is looking for individuals and groups of people who are heart-willing to serve him by following His precepts without fear and a willingness to serve. God most certainly is not looking for religious or non-religious folks, nor those who do life on their own terms.

So, pick and choose America(and world) what you will do and whom you will serve. The consequences are yours. You own them all.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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