Friday, November 8, 2013

America, On Perfect Track For Total Destruction

America, On Perfect Track For Total Destruction

Election Day 2013 tells the story. On that day, The Illinois Legislature approved Homosexual Marriage, New York City Residents elected a Communist to the Office of Mayor, the Commonwealth of Virginia with the aide(or should I say lack of help) from the Republican National Committee elected one of the Clinton's evil aide and supporters as Governor. It get's worse... New Jersey Citizens re-elected Chris Christie, one of the biggest RINO's, Islamic terrorist supporter and Christian hater 's in all of the US Governor's and also, New York State continued in it's downturn into corruption and evil by approving a ballot measure establishing 7(seven) new gambling casino's. There was a ballot initiative in the State of Colorado for certain counties there to secede from the state. Although the measure was not passed, there was enough votes to cause great concern for the Government there and as well, there is no doubt that more “secession” ballot votes will be seen in Colorado and other states where voters are tired of Liberal ideologies being put into place in local and state government's. 

No doubt, it's getting ugly out there and America is falling apart. Our nation is being besieged upon by government regulations and their Nazi style “SS” type tactics being utilized by so called “law enforcement.” We see every day more and more assaults on innocent US Citizens via cops, even to the point of death. The most violated, the most murdered are men/fathers who are either protecting their children/family and others. I know the answer to why this occurring especially to daddy's, you may also, but for the benefit of those unaware, it has always been part of the devil's scheme to break-apart families. God's(of the Bible) design is for men to head the home and take responsibility for providing for and taking care of their family. By eliminating “daddy”, the Government, Feminists, homosexual groups, Liberals and many others can control the women and children. Welcome to America where the most endangered are not only children and women, but also “straight”, daddy's who love and protect their wives and children

Speaking of men, I'm still asking this question of my fellow US Citizens; “Where Have All The Godly Men Gone ??” Seems that question never got answered by anyone ... ( As Obama replaces more and more of the real and Godly men in our military with his “femen”(as they like to call themselves), we are seeing more and more limp wristed men speaking with lisps take over our military(sports, media, everywhere) and in doing so, bringing our nation's security to great risk. You must become aware that it is not at all helpful to our nation for rejecting any standard that God gives us in rejecting evil. Embracing evil has it's negative consequences. You and your friends may not be able to see or understand this Biblical precept and reality, but you will, and very, very soon if you keep endorsing and or turning a blind eye to what God Himself calls sin and evil. As well, let me be sure to tell you this...I don't care if you like Fox News Channel or not. The majority of their on-air personalities push and endorse homosexuality, Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson, Shepard Smith, Greg Gutfeld and the majority of their co-hosts.. they are all God(of the Bible) haters and you should not be “liking” them on social websites or watching their television programing. Again, there are negative consequences and we as a nation are deadly on track for our own destruction as a nation. 

“Obama Care” is as well an enemy to the family and nation. “Home inspections” are part of Obama Care and cops, social workers, CPS, Domestic Violence Program employees and others “contracted” with Federal and State Governments are not required to have a warrant to demand entry into your home. You are not allowed to refuse them entry, if you do, you will be arrested and or as we are seeing increasingly here in America, the cops will just shoot you dead There is no escaping evil in this nation without whole heartily repenting and returning to Jesus Christ. We must all come to the stark reality that the United States of America does not belong to God of the Bible any longer. Oh sure, there is the “remnant of Christ”, that is, those true believers in Christ, but we are very few in number. Therefore let's put this nation and it's current situation in it's truest color of where we are at and what we are heading--- America is owned by the devil, and that's what the majority of American's want. The majority of American's voted for Obama and now his “Obama Care”has come home to roost. You are getting now exactly what you deserve if you voted for evil.

No one can nor should ever force someone in America or anywhere in the world for that matter to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. However, we who belong to the real and Biblical Jesus must understand and come to grips with the reality that unless many American's do as what I shared earlier... repent and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, America will soon be destroyed. Does that mean we should “just lay down”? No, I hear that we should do just that from fake and nominal christians all the time though. Pay these types no-never-mind. They have their heads up their clouds and don't know what they're talking about. They wouldn't know the real and Biblical Jesus if He stood right next to them. There are so many voices on TV, radio and other media venues vying for your attention and if you believed on most of them, you'd be suckered into believing that all your and our nation's problems are “only because of your lack enough faith” and to get your life “blessed---
you need to plant a faith seed of “285.16” so God can change your situation.” Fruit cakes and liars sowing doctrines of demons, every one of them. Don't listen to these wolves.
This nation suffers because of hardened hearts. This nation and the majority of it's citizens have spoken very loud and clear. They want no part of God, they in fact want to spit in Jesus' face instead( There's no other way to put it. I know, what I share is sounds harsh, but what I'm sharing is every bit true. We are all suffering in a great spiritual crisis here in America. While some here in the USA(and around the world)believe flopping on the floor like a fish outta water is some kind of “spiritual” awareness and blessing, it's not. The so called “Church” in America is full of either emotionalism and or legalism. This nation is in the Biblical need of a good ol' fashioned heart repentance and revival if it is ever going to recover from it's current “full speed-ahead train wreck.”

So the only thing I can leave you with is this; you must pick and choose what and whom you want to serve. Judging by what not only Obama the Muslim and the vast majority of terrorists who rule this nation are doing to you and I, but as well, what the majority of American's voted for on Election day 2013, we may not even get a chance to elect a new President in 2016. In fact, we will soon cease to exist. The answer to what most American's must do to get America from the brink of disaster has already been stated a few times now. This is all up to you---if you really belong to Jesus Christ, you must either begin immediately or continue to fulfill the “Great Commission” as stated in Matthew 28:18-20 or, if you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour, you must repent of all your sins and then become born-again as declared in John 3:3, you must do so also immediately. You can see more and specifics here...

No nation has ever nor ever will survive maintaining evil as it's course. The choice is yours... survival with blessings from Jesus(of the Bible) by following Him, or stay you course and track of evil then soon be destroyed. God's love is full of mercy, but you must surrender 100% of your life to Him to receive it.

Pick and choose wisely.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. Your blog is absolutely worth to read if anybody comes throughout it. I'm lucky I did because now I've got a whole new view of this. I didn't realize that this issue was so important and so universal. You certainly put it in perspective for me.


  2. Spot on as usual Paul!! However, we have past the point of no return. We as a nation in the 2012 & 2014 elections have clearly said to God we as a nation and a people choose "Barabbas".

    These three things being wrong in our nation solidify that choice:

    1) The eminent collapse of our economy (the dollar in particular)

    2) The unpreparedness of the American people for said collapse and the invasion of foreign nationals due to our porous southern border.

    3) Lastly, - and most important, the abandoning of our faith in God as a nation with apostate Pastors leading the charge.

    It is because of these I would say to the nation if I had a platform:

    1) Pray Up. If you don't know God, get to know Him. If you do know God, REPENT to Him.

    2) Stock Up. Have at LEAST 30 days of food, water and personal supplies ON HAND.

    3) Arm Up. The gathering and keeping of resources will be the order of the day. You will need a way to do them both since police, fire and other essential services may be unavailable for a length of time.