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Kirsten Powers-Poster Child For A 'Different jesus.'

Kirsten Powers-Poster Child For A 'Different jesus.'

Lot's of folks get easily misled these days, especially those nominal christians. Now, for those who are unknowing and not familiar with the term “nominal christian”, don't feel bad, because many folks these days aren't unfamiliar with the term either. Simply explained, “nominal christians” are those whom believe a different jesus, that is, a different jesus from that in the Christian Bible. There are plenty of those "different jesus” believers here in the USA so it comes at all no surprise to me and other Biblical Jesus followers to see the touts of folks posting news articles reporting news commentator Kirsten Powers as a “Christian.” Truth being (always truth told with facts to back it up in this weekly blog) told, Kirsten Powers is not a true follower of the Biblical Jesus and I want to explain to you why...

Now I know already and without ever being surprised by it, I will receive some hate mail on sharing this true information regarding Kirsten Powers and many others just like her here, but hey ! Before you get your computer keyboard all uptight and in a wad and ready to send off a “nasty gram” to me, let's take a look at what Kirsten Powers actually believes in compared to what the Bible says shall we ? Let's start here, in an interview recently with the Fox News Channel and Howard Kurtz doing the interviewing(, This is where Kirsten Powers freely admitted her anti-biblical views and just how far she is from the Bible her beliefs really are. In that recent interview, she said(and I quote)“The media is not the most Christian friendly place in the world for the most part. At the same time, a lot of these Christians bring(persecution) it upon themselves.” During the interview, Powers made another clearly anti-Biblical Christian attack(regarding criticism and persecution against Biblical Christians) for declaring that the tragedy of 911 was “not God's judgment against America” and once again stated, “Christians bring (persecution) upon themselves for saying such untrue things”(

Every real and Biblical Christian in America is well aware that America is currently suffering under God's judging hand for allowing, even endorsing sinful acts such as the 55 million(plus) babies murdered through abortion. Not only abortion, but also the allowance of homosexuality, other religions(foreign gods) being worshiped/allowed here, and all the other many sins alike as well. If you don't believe me, you're not alone but I would challenge you as I do many others to read Pastor Jonathan Cahn's Book,“The Harbinger” to see if I am indeed right or wrong. In fact, I highly suggest that you get hold of a copy of this book, like yesterday. I myself was blessed and fortunate to have been sent a copy of this book via a loyal reader of my weekly blog articles here. After reading the book, you'll definitely see all what I am saying here is indeed correct. What the loyal reader of mine had shared with me before sending on to me a copy of 'The harbinger” was the “similar warnings” as what I also had wrote in the past to our nation, as also what was written by Pastor Cahn in his book. So out of reading similar prophetic writings, my reader sent on to me the book(The Harbinger) to confirm what she and millions of other true followers of Jesus Christ know, and are seeing occur in our nation today because of-false jesus believers and their being deceived. Let me say this here and now to confirm what I'm saying all together and to get my point across to you; If a person, society or culture is so blind and ignorant to the fact that there is indeed a spiritual and real correlation between the allowance, the acceptance, even that of the turning a blind eye to what God Himself calls evil and then that of the result of an increase of devastation because of those acts or “allowances”(via God's own judging hand) then indeed, that “person, society or culture” is in big trouble and about to be erased. That's a fact.

Another fact, I have yet to hear or read from Kirsten Powers in her many recent commentary writings or on air(radio or television appearances) that she whole heartily rejects for any reason abortion(not just in certain cases). As well, and equally important facts are that, I know that Ms. Powers opposes “gay marriage” but does unbiblically, endorse “civil unions” for homosexual couples Also, I have yet to read or hear her opposition towards feminism(or Machoism) in any sort of fashion as well. I ask you, How can anyone condone sin yet call themselves a believer and follower of Jesus Christ of the Bible ? Where does the Bible allow abortion, homosexuality or selfish acts such as in Feminism or Machosim ? Does not the Bible clearly say not to do partake in sin in Romans Chapter 6 ? This is a major issue, not just for me but for what God says He calls His own. I am well aware that some will here and without reading this entire article, will state that God will help Ms. Powers come to the realization some day of what sin is and she will change for the better at that point, that is, I mean- more Biblical in action and attitude. Perhaps that is so. However, no where in the Bible does anyone become “born-again”(John 3:3) “and go on sinning”(Hebrews 10:26). Not only “keep on sinning”, but endorsing sin as well ! I have never found anywhere in the Bible where true believers in Christ Jesus ever made a true conversion “over time” or while at the same time, ever endorsing sinful acts. In my own life and as well as all my brothers and sisters in Christ(around the world), we all rejected worldly ways in full on the day we surrendered our lives and hearts to Jesus Christ(of the Bible as it is written in many places in the New Testament including in that of in Luke 9:23.

In today's world and especially here in American culture, I can see how easy it would be for one to call them self a “christian” and keep on sinning, even endorsing sin and unbiblical acts. After all, with the likes of Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, Crefol Dollar, TD Jakes, Rick Warren and so very more like them on the television and other media airwaves these days, it would be very easily to be fooled by their “doctrines of demons”, as the Bible points to their teachings as. “Easy christianity” is also what I refer to it sometimes. There is no holiness needed in those non-biblical “christian” belief system,. nor in need to follow what the Bible teaches. In all what I've shared here, I don't want anyone to believe that we are at all saved by, or through “works” in fact, the Bible is clear we are not. However, what many nominal christians(there's that phrase again) believe in is, are matters outside the Bible and holiness is not included in their vocabulary. These folks want to fit in with the “world”, so they will call themselves “christians” and sound, look, feel, taste like the world to those who fit in the world(non-Christians). Oh, yes these folks like Kirsten Powers will say things like “jesus loves you” and yes, I'm very sure that Kirsten Powers' jesus loves you, and will accept your ways no matter what you believe in whether the Bible call those beliefs sinful or not. If you are a homosexual, “It's “A-OK” as long as you don't get married according the Kirsten Powers. By her jesus, sin apparently is no problem.... It sounds as if she is saying like so many other nominal christians also say today, “my jesus loves you just the way you are.” “Repentance ?, um.... what's that ?...we believe in jesus here.” Note the small letter “j” for the unbiblical “jesus” they believe in.

The world is full of false Jesus of the Bible-converts. Secular celebrities, musicians, actors and the rest. We've seen them all come and go... everyone from Bob Dylan to Charlie Sheen. It's really a fad for many of them until they meet the real Jesus Christ of the Bible, then as the parable of the reaper and sewer that Jesus taught us(Luke Chapter 8) declares; many simply jjust “die” off or “wither away” when they must make a choice to follow the real Jesus or not. So for Kirsten Powers, her christianity may just be a fad, I'm not sure, but I do know this for sure, her jesus certainly is not Biblical. What can we do for Kirsten to help her know the true Biblical Jesus Christ, you know---the one who died on the cross and shed His blood for the remission of all our sins and told all to “follow me” ? Well, first, pray for her salvation through the Biblical Jesus. As well, and soon after, write her a letter explaining how Jesus of the Bible views her wrong-held religious beliefs, give her Bible Scriptures such as I have done here in this article to back it all up. Let her also know at the end of the letter that you care about her and are telling her these things outta love and concern for her soul. She would probably appreciate that. After you're done with the task of helping her, I have one more suggestion for you... there are millions of other nominal christians just like Kirsten Powers also here in America that need to know Jesus of the Bible as well. Will you also please take time to let them know about the Biblical Jesus as well ? You are after all, called to the mission field aren't you ?

Matthew 28:18-20 “And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Amen.”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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