Friday, August 2, 2013

Is Ariel Castro A Victim Of Sexual Abuse, Or A Monster ?

Is Ariel Castro A Victim Of Sexual Abuse, Or A Monster ?

I do realize the vast majority of folks who eye this article will be quick to respond in one of several unfortunate ways. The first probably being; in ignoring totally all the important and much needed discussion as well as information I'm about to share throughout this article. The next unfortunate thing many will do, will be to label Ariel Castro a “monster” and leave it at that. Very sad that most folks won't take a good and long look at what Ariel Castro really is, and how he may have became what he is and how others around them act in similar ways. Now if your waiting to see which of the alternative's I personally choose to call Mr. Castro, whether “victim” or “monster”, you'll just have to keep reading because there's to much to discuss and we as a nation and the world have a real and good opportunity to look at why, as just how ill, just how twisted and just how demonically depressed and possessed many all around us have become.

I believe most of you already know and are familiar with the criminal history and self admittance of guilt by Mr Castro with especially all the recent news coverage, however for those unaware... Mr Castro kidnapped, raped repeatedly 3 girls over a span of nine, 10 and eleven years. He has been sentenced in the past few days to 1000 years of prison with no opportunity for parole, nor to ever be released from prison. By just the shear acts of what he did to those three girls as was described with their own words and tears, no one but a black hearted and evil person could call Ariel Castro anything less than a “monster.” That's my opinion anyway(but keep reading). As they say though in the Press and media, there may “be more to the story.” In a surprise statement to the court, while being sentenced(in Ohio where he was being arraigned for his crimes) Mr, Castro stated that he was a “victim of a sexual assault” and “sexually addicted” himself. I do realize that some already and by this point reading this article are saying “so what”, but this statement via Ariel Castro is very important to all of us. Please allow me to explain why--- Statistics here in the United States show in a survey taken even 10 years ago, approximately and upwards of 1 out of every four girls have been sexually molested/assaulted in our nation( Boys do not fair much better in such surveys. Statistics show that upwards of one of every 6 boys have been sexually abused in the USA as well( With such data available, and with the claim Mr. Castro made in court regarding being “sexually assaulted”, could his claim of what he be saying be really true ? I suppose then we need to ask the next logical question, and that would would be; “how likely is a child who has been sexually abused , or when a child who has been sexually abused her/or himself then becoming an adult, likely to also repeat the same or similar act of also sexually abusing a child ? “Yes” is the simple answer but in terms of repeating “abuse” in a general sense, “Researchers estimate that on-third of abused and neglected children will grow up to abuse their own children when they become parents.” Study's also show that....
                     “In a study of young adults who suffered child abuse or neglect, 80% met criteria for at least one psychiatric disorder by age 21, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and suicide attempts.
In a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services study of homeless youth, it found that 46% of those surveyed had escaped a home where they suffered physical abuse, and17% left because of sexual abuse.
Young people who were victims of child abuse and neglect are 25% more likely to experience teen pregnancies, delinquencies, and to suffer mental health problems. They are more likely to perform lower in school, to engage in high-risk sexual behavior, and to use alcohol and illicit drugs.
According to a National Institute of Justice study, abused and neglected children were 11 times more likely to engage in criminal behavior as teens, are 2.7 times more likely to be arrested for violent and criminal behavior as an adult, and are 3.1 times more likely to be arrested for one of many forms of violent crime.”

All important data if you ask me. So we come to the place where we ask, as Judge Michael Russo put it(stating to Ariel Castro), “you had opportunity to get help” a sufficient answer to a person who had suffered childhood trauma of being sexually abused ? Do men and women who are sexually abused as children act out criminally and do horrendous crimes ? Yes, they most certainly do and can as the stats I just gave you above indicates that indeed. In fact, another well known case where a man who truly(I'll explain later in my article regarding “true”)was “addicted sexually” as a child was none other than serial killer Ted Bundy. As a matter of fact with an interview with James Dobson, Dahmer spoke how he was hooked by pornography as a child then later killed and ate his victims There are many children today who suffer from trauma such as from the divorcing of their parents or other sins that parents partake that contribute to a child's or later as an adult's, “bad behavior.” Do many of these children who suffer abuse, sexual abuse or otherwise receive “treatment” as what Judge Russo told Mr. Castro he had an opportunity to have? No, not really, as evidenced again by the statistics I provided you earlier in the article. Many children who suffer abuse in any form are often to traumatized to ask for help, not even when they become adults.

Because there was no evidence of Castro's allegations of being sexually abused, as I have already made claim, we will never know if Castro is telling the truth about being a victim himself. I'd really like to know if Castro made up his story about being “sexually abused” or “sexually addicted.” It very well could be that his claims are something he made up via his defense attorneys. Perhaps it was they that gave him such(lies) information to tell the courts to try and get a better plea deal. That sort of thing regarding false allegations goes on in our courts all the time. Some famous recent court cases justifies my claims here---Remember Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez falsely claiming that Ms. Anthony had been sexually abused by her father ? No ? How about Jody Arias' false allegations of being “abused” as a child as well ? Sadly though, there are also people like Jody Arias and their Feminist counterparts(such as Alyce LaViollette) who lie and make up stories about being sexually or physically abuseed. In fact, those with Borderline Personality Disorder(the vast majority are female with this diagnosis ) coupled with the fact that 1 of every Ten American women are diagnosed with such a mental illness( personality_disorde.html) puts many men and even other females in danger of being accused of wrong doing when no such thing occurred. Couple those facts with also the men who are “deranged and dangerous” such as Mr Castro all about us. Of course it doesn't matter which gender does the lying about being abused, it's wrong and most certainly does harm to the credibility of real victims of any type of abuse including allegations of sexual abuse. Regarding Castro's claims however of being sexually abused, I'm not sure if he lied or not and we probably will never find out if his claims are true and that's most unfortunate for him and as well for all of us.

Finally, In ending my article, I want all of America and all of the world to know there are real victims of sexual abuse. Also, that things that people call “harmless” like pornography, masturbation, mental illnesses are anything but “harmless” nor are “the new normal.” We as a society need to realize that all the “junk” that we have replaced (Biblical)God with in our lives, has caused great damage to the most precious people on earth; that is--- our children. Know that right now, there is most likely at least one adult-childhood survivor of sexual abuse in your life. Heck, you may even be married to one and not even be aware of it. They may not tell you such information or tell you about the things they still suffer, but it's real and it most likely still negatively impacts them on their life and very well could impact negatively on your life as well and you don't know why(I was at that place some years ago also). I would suggest that you find out just who these victims are, treat them with love, treat them also with an understanding that their “acting out” in a “bad way” may be because of something they suffered long ago. Be a blessing to them, and point them to help, especially help with Jesus. A “monster” can be cured if Jesus intervenes and a person is willing to accept the help. Give it a try, you may prevent another “Ariel Castro” in the future.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. My daughter was abuse by the man I was marry, before she was nine. when I found out, we have a court day and he end up in jail for 4 years, this was in the military system. I found later that he was molested when he was a child himself, none the less many people has been molested, the stage of mind of each of us work different. None the less, my daughter was giving by the military a worker to help her to cope with this issue, but I found that they were flaming more fire to the problem and she become very depressed, because was ok ( as this worker said to her ) to hate the person that commit such act.
    I believe in God and He's the wheel of my life, I decide that I didn't want for my daughter to grew with hate, because them she will have no future, I take charge and remove her from this vicious stand and show her the path of forgiveness, because it's the only one a child can find to forgive themselves, most children believe to be their fault, and it's that guilt that makes them to be later on criminals themselves, because they feel they need to be cleansed.
    Society and ignorance is what create from victims, monsters, but ultimately we're in control of our minds, when a child is abuse that child need allot support from those that he/she love, and allot love... something that most children don't have, families give them to the system to find a cure, but the system is not good, because they change guilt for anger and despise.
    I saw that in my personal case with my daughter, yet, took her years to get over, but she didn't let that to deter her future, I was there protecting that future, and when she got old herself, she find the right time to fight with her demons.
    Our lives has been hell for the past 23 years, because of this, we both have keep silence on the issue, but none the less, we both learn to forgive and to move on, today she's a successful woman, nothing like this would have happen if was not because my faith, because I teach her that God is there to guide our path, that bad things happen, not because He allow it, but because people is weak and make their choices, but if something is to happen, He will be there to help you with courage and strength to cope with whatever is in our way.

    Victim of the system? it's possible, many are... but they are also victims of the family ignorance, or the parents lack of caring... only strong faith and strong love, can make this kids go through and do from something negative, something positive and find the way to help others on the same type of crisis. At the end of the day the answer is on God.

    May Him bless you and yours my friend. thanks for this.

  2. They learn what they live. Those girls have much to achieve before being able to live a normal life. God Bless them.

  3. Ok. Wow. Sorry that happened. I wan to put my life on display so people can see that the arms of these states are not givin a hoot bout us. I was set up by cps in the rape of my two young daughters. Nor guilty. Many will assure u. But i was still convicted. Help if u can. Pastor i would love to talk about it. Before this causes irreparable damage. I sometimes feel like i could crack the fudge up. Please help. U seem very intelligent. Thank u

  4. there is no doubt about it this man is a monster. he stole these children from their family. One girl's mother died looking for her daughter of a broken heart that is cold and dark and evil.