Friday, August 30, 2013

Obama's Middle East Mess, All Obama's Fault !

Obama's Middle East Mess, All Obama's Fault !

Once again, the United States is about to enter into a war it has no business being involved in. Then again, what's new about that, right ? Ever since the Vietnam War, the USA Government has used “war” to stimulate the economy and help the Department of Defense private contractors who are usually buddies and bribers of US Politicians. Not only that, many past and the current US President as well as politicians have also used wars to distract from other domestic related issues many citizens are highly concerned with. Prime examples would be, the economy, scandals(Gee, no current scandals in the US huh ?) and so on. This time however, it is quite clear to many that Obama's evil act of getting involved with Syria is just another long string of idiotic acts that Obama(and his evil Government cohorts such as Hilary Clinton) have involved himself with in the Middle East and here at home. In fact, it seems like everything Obama get's himself involved with, both here and abroad... evil and bad things happen. What a mess Obama has created in the Middle East. It all started when Obama first visited Egypt in 2009. While addressing their legislators there, he expressed his love affair with the evil religion of Islam and some such as, like myself who have listened to other speeches made by Obama, have heard Obama himself state that he is a “Muslim.” No wonder the world hates us. Loving evil never bodes well for anyone, everyone can plainly see now how evident that is for those that are finally “awake “ now.

I believe Obama is the most corrupted and worst person ever to sit in the Office of the Presidency of the United States. He is worse than Jimmy Carter. In my lifetime, I never would have believed we could have ever elected anyone worse in relation to evil acts of The Presidency, including domestic and foreign relations, other than Carter, but here we have Obama. This man has single handily brought into his administration some of the most vile and evil people to help accomplish his goal to destroy any credibility this nation had among the international community. Our nation has never been so openly mocked and ridiculed via other nations in all the our history and existence as a nation. Obama has made the USA a laughing stock and the USA is considered nothing more than just some country filled with degenerate cowards who love everything evil and hat which represents everything that is wrong with the world. Who would have thought after the original attack upon our nation on “9/11”, this nation, via Obama would go chasing after and having a love affair with it's attackers(Muslims). That is where we are at however, and we are about to realize more of the same now because of idiotic action in Syria.

In Egypt, Obama supported the Muslims and the “Muslim Brotherhood” and now many Egyptians hate us. Thank God of the Bible that many of the Coptic Christians have escaped being murdered from Muslims that Obama supports in Egypt. All the chaos, all the evil, all the church burnings, and all and every death in Egypt lays squarely upon Obama's head and shoulders. He and his evil administration(Hillary Clinton, Kerry and others) should be arrested for their support of the Muslims in Egypt and around the world including Libya and Syria. I want to let all my Egyptian, Syrian and other friends in the Middle East, and those that read my weekly article here.... many American's do not support Obama for many reasons, including his love affair with Muslim terrorists. Please don't condemn all American's for the evil of Obama, his Presidential Administration nor his American supporters. So as the evil and tragedies in Egypt, Obama have done the same in Benghazi, Libya. now Obama's stupidity travels to Syria to screw up that nation also. This whole matter with Syria could have been avoided(I wrote about how to deal with Syria over one-year ago but evil does what it wants and never listens to reason or helpful solutions. Everywhere Obama goes in the Middle East as well as here at home, this man lays nations to waste. He's like the devil himself propagating everything that is evil and wrong in this world. It's bad enough he propagates racial hatred and strife, purposely bringing division in our land, also promoting Government “law enforcement” to arrest and murder innocent Americans(here and abroad). He panders to the homosexuals and taking delight of destroying families and helping the Feminists in destroying families and men/boys. Obama and people like him must be stopped before he kills millions is Syria and the Middle East !

I'm not promoting the ideals of Isolationism, but think about it...what possibly can Obama do to Syria other than to make more enemies for our nation ? Do you really believe Obama telling us that it is the Syrian
Government which “gassed it's own people” ? Do you think that of the nine major “rebel groups” fighting Assad, that the seven being aligned with Al Qaeda would not also use poison gas on their own family and friends to try to pull us into their war ? Think about it.... Assad the evil Muslim Dictator vs. Al Qaeda aligned Muslim Terrorists. Obama is for the Al Qaeda terrorists, we are going to pay a hefty price as a nation if we allow Obama to have his way. I and you are not afraid of the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians, the North Koreans, nor any Muslims nor “terrorists” threatening us. That is;“not afraid” if we are in the “right” and “correct” in our behaviour and attitude toward eliminating evil, and not protecting nor promoting evil and stupidity as Obama does on a regular basis. God help us all if Obama and his evilists attack Syria and defend the Muslim terrorists there! All Americans be warned, including RINO's like McCain who is another one of those lap dog's of Obama. We better be very fearful of the retribution of those fore mentioned nations if Obama strikes Syria in helping the Muslims there ! The last warning I leave here... the name “Obama” is synonymous with “evil.” We should not allow Obama, AKA, the “Liar In Chief” to do or say anything more that would bring our nation to harm. He must be stopped in Syria as well here at home before we all reap the full hellish consequences that is about to be unleashed upon us.

Proverbs 29:2 “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice;
But when a wicked man rules, the people groan.

Rev, Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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