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Apathy And Laziness, Contributors Of Loss Of Your Freedom In America

Apathy And Laziness, Contributors Of Loss Of Your Freedom In America

Are you apathetic ? Have you lost all or most concern for what is occurring in America and the world ? If so, you're not alone. Sadly, there are many just like you. Your action of inaction are among the biggest causes of allowing evil to run a muck and current tyrannical condition of our nation. This nation, and indeed the entire world as we know it, is deeply fractured and has needed folks to step up to the plate so to speak when it comes to getting our world back on track, but few are found in getting involved nor helping. We can debate all day long about root causes of apathy and laziness of many Americans but the bottom line is, most Americans have become for a myriad of reasons useless and a self-serving torpid people.

I do hope you enjoy “bottom line” or “to the point” articles or speeches, because for the remaining portion of this article, that is exactly what I'm going to give to you. I realize that very few folks enjoy taking a real long and hard look at themselves, but that's what needs to be done. Let's begin here then shall we ?---This world has gone mad in so many ways, I hardly know where to begin. I will however start by stating this; there is no better place to get a nation's sanity back, then by each individual examining themselves for fault and ridding one's self of negative behaviour. I realize many Americans don't even realize what the difference is any longer between right and wrong, but we need to start somewhere right ? Let's face it, It's much easier to finger point at others and tell them their fault then it is to focus on “me”, but it is paramount that we start with ourselves. Opposite of what you may view on crap TV, we need to own up and take responsibility for our actions or inaction’s when it comes to being involved with evil behaviour. Now, once we have come to that place where we have messed up and realize it, where do we go from here? Quite simple, Biblically and poignantly and assuming enough people in America would come to that realization, I guess one could then ask WWTFFD ? That is... “What would the Founding Fathers do ?” By examining documents written and considering the level of intolerance of evil by the majority of the American Founding Fathers, I'd say that some sort of revolt is due(yesterday). Yep, I said “revolt.” I don't care about the corrupt American Government getting upset about me or anyone else saying such things. Does it bother you ? If It does, Good ! Let me be quite clear... Your petitions, grievances, marches are not being heard, nor noticed. In fact, many of your phone calls, e-mail messages and the like are being laughed at and buried by Republican as well as Democratic Party politicians and their gatekeepers as well. Once again, referencing the American Founding Fathers and “WWTFFD ?”, It was Thomas Jefferson who said; 

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”~ Thomas Jefferson

Now I'm not saying there should be bloodshed in the streets, however I am saying that I'm not sure there are enough jail cells that should already be filled with corrupted politicians, lawyers, judges and law enforcement in our nation. There is no doubt in my mind that at very, very least, our Founding Fathers had they been alive today, would have gathered in small and as well, very large groups armed with pitch forks and muskets going out to drag those involved with corruption to either a jail cell, run out on a rail, or hung them from a tree. What does your American History Books tell you ?

To those that say “we are more civilized now, we don't do things like that anymore” or “we can, and or only need to pray for them” or in additional non-biblical and or in equally ignorant terms say things like; “simply vote them out” ...Oh boy ! when I hear things like that, I want to vomit. There is only one thing worse than a Lying Liberal and that's a so called “christian” with their head up their clouds who's blinded by his or her own willful stupidity(I warned you this article was going to be “to the point). I have written on many occasions in many of my past articles, that answering evil with “only prayer”, flopping around like a fish outta water on the church building floor, or measuring a woman's skirt or hair length is NOT Biblical Christianity and WON'T rid the world of wickedness, To many so called “christians” with their “feel good and do nothing theology” are the biggest problem to our world(yep, I'm blaming the biggest problems of this nation on fake Christians). Perhaps they along with their “prosperity gospel” pimping-preachers should be run out on rails as well along with their equally iniquitous and corrupted politician cohorts.

Our nation is overflowing with corrupted government leaders, their gatekeeper's and law enforcement employee's who are out to rob of us of everything we own, tell us what we can and cannot eat, force us to eat their poisoned food, breathe their poisoned air and steal our children's mind's as well as their souls. In fact it's so bad in the USA, our own Government not only steals our children, they also brain wash our children and turn our own children against us. By now, if this nation was truly in a right place with righteousness, every real God fearing-Christian Church each week would have a “Help Wanted, Real Men Needed” sign in the front door. Inside real Christian Churches, and again, every Sunday, there would also be “sign-up” lists for men who would volunteer to stand up for Godly principles and do whatever is necessary to save their souls, their marriages, their families and their nation. These men I write about are armed and ready to defend our nation from the further onslaught of evil agents of death, especially against those “government paid patriots” who peddle the devil's wares of Socialism, Machoism, Feminism, Atheism and rebellion against God's Word. I am reminded of how real Christian Pastors and real men behaved once in this nation with the story of Rev. Peter Muhlenberg during the American Revolutionary War....
on January 21, 1776 in the Lutheran church in Woodstock,   
Virginia, Reverend Muhlenberg took his sermon text from the 
third chapter Ecclesiastes, which starts with "To every thing
there is a season..."; after reading the eighth verse, "a time of
war, and a time of peace," he declared, "And this is the time of
war," removing his clerical robe to reveal his Colonel's uniform.
Outside the church door the drums began to roll as men turned
to kiss their wives and then walked down the aisle to enlist, and
within half an hour, 162 men were enrolled.”

How many “Christian pastors” do you know that would be willing to take such a stand ? Better yet... How many pastors or men do you know that are actually involved in taking back our nation right now ? I'm not talking about “get out the vote” projects now. Come on ! I'm talking about going out and getting in the faces of Congress Members, legislators, Governors, Judges and the like. Is your pastor or men you know(or yourself) taking on such tasks ? What ? you mean to say you “don't attend a Biblical church” ? Oh I see, so you're what they call a “Lone Ranger” huh? You're telling folks around you including your own family your gonna keep stuffing your face with food and beer, while watching that stupid sports program on your big screen TV. Yep ! you're going to “let the world go to hell.” I see, I have news for you Bubba, you're part of the problem, not part of the solution. Get your butt into a local Bible believing church make yourself accountable, throw out the profane words from your vocabulary, throw in the trash your pornography(throw out the big screen TV and computer if you have to), pour the alcohol down the drain, and for your soul and family's sake ! Get down on your knees O man everyday and pray with your family ! If you don't have a local church to become accountable near you, then start one ! Enough whining, sniveling and excuse giving.

Beyond the “christian Church'(small letter 'c' placed here purposely), there is plenty of blame to go around that's for sure. However, the bottom line, as I mentioned earlier in the begging of this article is that we need you to become pro-active. There’s no more excuses for those of you who have been on the side-lines so to speak waiting for “others” to do the dirty work” for you. You need to get yourself motivated and your butt in gear NOW. You cannot get your rights back without you first taking on your responsibility of first getting right with God. Not caring, being lazy, and remaining engaged with evil, nor being involved with removal of unrepentant evil people in power will not work in getting any nation back where it belongs. If your not going to make an honest attempt in looking at your yourself, ridding the evil that you've been taking part in, moving forward in getting in gaining our nation back, then it's time for you to pack your bags and leave. Yep, I said it. If you're not going to repent at all, get out there and fight for what's right, then expect at some point in time, probably seeing others, like minded as myself, coming to put you on a ship, a plane or some mode of transportation and sending you out of the country. We don't want nor need you here. God's hand of judgment is at our throats, it hurts and we are tired of taking a licking for your “lifestyle.” I'm done with begging people, and I know many of you who read my articles are also. The first ship to go out will probably be to Kenya. Ask yourself....Will I be on it ? 

"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men."~Abraham Lincoln

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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  1. Totally Awesome!!!! Thank you for speaking the truth!! I think Satan has blinded this country!!! No one wants to listen! No one wants to know the truth. I wish we had another hundred thousand like you...out there speaking the truth! Maybe then people would start to listen!