Friday, August 9, 2013

The Shame Of Americans Leaving Their Wounded Behind

The Shame Of Americans Leaving Their Wounded Behind

Last week, I posted an article that contained information regarding admitted kidnapper Ariel Castro. As a matter of fact, I used his photo when he was “booked” at the police station as part of the title of the article when I posted it. For those who actually read the article, they found that his wicked acts were only partially about the point of the article. In fact, the article's major point was about all the sexually abused children now, and those who have been sexually abused as children but now adults who engage in illegal acts because of unresolved trauma in their lives. I was so blessed to be contacted via some a few private messages to me explaining how my article was actually a catalyst to get their family members and or others that had been sexually abused, in getting real help. I say to that; Praise the Lord, that was what I was trying to do, get real victims help and at the same time, expose fake victims for what they are; agents of the devil. Equally appreciative, were the comments of those who shared their personal experiences on my social web site, of being abused but found the strength in getting help or taking their tragedy and turning it into helping others. There were many others however, who chose instead of reading the article and or reading the very obvious and poignant point I made in the article, t to make some very ignorant and idiotic statements. In fact, one woman chose to comment on children who were victims of sexual abuse; “That's life, bad things happen to people.” Seriously, what do you do with people who are so insensitive as to simply abandon children to sex abusers and make idiotic statements like this? Sadly, she wasn't the only one who made such idiotic comments. Another, a man---stated he had his “2nd Amendment Right” to say anything he wanted. Yes, that is true, you have the right to show what an idiot you really are but that does not apply when it comes to do so at the expense of others, especially those who are suffering from abuse. Welcome to the new America, where idiots are allowed to run a muck and blurt out anything they want without care in hurting especially children.

I found myself also confronting others much like theses wicked people I just mmentioned throughout this past week where I posted my article. Indeed, I also called others “idiots” as well. It's not that I have a habit of calling people “idiots”, however, sugar coating idiotic acts to me and the Bible is wrong. I'm all for giving people the benefit of the doubt, helping folks understand right from wrong but when people willing make a choice to say or do something harmful towards others, I cannot think of anything more appropriate than calling them exactly what they are. In fact, while telling these folks what they were, I had visions of Jesus calling the religious leaders of his time “snakes” and “children of the devil” as he dealt with idiots as well. There is nothing “intelligent” nor anything “good” about making stupid comments especially when not reading articles in full. Equally, there is nothing good hearted about leaving children, nor adults for that matter with abusers. It seems though, there are an increasing amount of Americans with foolish attitudes and in giving advice and opinion without knowing what the heck they are talking about, especially in regards to allowing others in getting harmed. Is in no wonder that America is in so much trouble when most of it's Citizens are only concerned with themselves and their “rights” as well as owning guns in defending themselves, but open their mouths and say idiotic and ignorant things that hurts innocent people when doing so ?

Yes, Welcome to America---that is; “I can do whatever I want, serve whatever god I like, say what I like and no one else matters. Yep, selfishness is in. “I matter, you suffer ? Too bad !, as long as it doesn't happen to me, I don't care.” That is the reality and equally the mentality and heart issue of many Americans today. Many are out for themselves. “I will step on you to get on where I want to go.” Direct evidence of what I'm saying is of what the “idiots” I referenced earlier in this article who are willing to let children suffer with sex abusers. Additional evidence shows and proves there are “idiots” galore in our nation. Look at the 55 million aborted/murdered children in the USA. More proof you ask of these imbecile types I am speaking about? OK--- how about the millions and millions of divorces here in the USA. How many going through those
divorces were unwilling participants but are held accountable for someone else's adulteress affair, abuse and so on ? That should be proof enough, but there is more, much more. How many people have been harassed or murdered by cops here in the USA, just in 2013 alone(do you need news links for proof)? How many Americans on a daily basis suffer injustice ? You know... having their children, homes and or property stolen from our Federal, State's and County and or local Government's yet many don't take action to stop it ? ''Idiot's” ignore the sufferer's of injustice and say things like “that's life, bad things happen” as what that women I mentioned earlier in my article said to me regarding children who get sexually abused. Gee, how many Americans go out and tear down police stations, court houses and other Government buildings/employee's for engaging in such terroristic actions against innocent people who suffer injustice? Not many---that's how many. Most Americans are too lazy and don't give a crap about no one, but themselves.

Still not getting my point ? Difficult to believe, but look at all the US military vets who commit suicide on a daily basis. Our useless and worthless US Government has spent Billions of Dollars researching “why military vets are killing themselves at an alarming rate.” ( )As would be expected, these so called Government researchers can't figure this problem out even after all our hard earned tax dollars spent. I have said it before and I'll keep saying it--- many already know what the true reasons are and have known for years. For those who are unaware for whatever reason, the bottom line for suicide rates being so high for our vet's is two pronged. The first is that many in our military attended public schools where they were taught such things as Evolution(there is no God) and secondly, many vets have already experienced their parents being divorced and then also find themselves abandoned by spouses and severely abused by corrupted Family Courts while deployed overseas. Nothing is worse than being involved in the trauma of war and then coming home to your own spouse and Government (financially and emotionally)raping you. Have you ever seen this video ? It's very old but still holds true today.... Couple all these issues along with many of our military vets waiting not for months, but instead waiting for years for their benefits and help, suicide rates will rise as we already see. These men and women are suffering, just like children who are sexually abused could easily get help but sadly, they don't receive help from other
American's who are supposed to care about them. Yes, who does care ? I can tell you the so called “Christian Church” by and large doesn't give a hoot about Military Vet's. If they did, we'd see plenty of so called “Christians” in VA Hospitals lending a hand or doing “outreaches. The sad fact is, many “Christians” went MIA years ago...they're to busy with their heads stuck up in their clouds to bother with helping real people in need. Apparently the American attitude of most, is that-that they only care when problems personally impact's upon them. In-other-words; “To bad about you, let me know how things turn out for ya , I don't have time nor care about you.” That quote may not be actually said to someone suffering here in the USA via another American, but you better believe your sweet petunia that-that is exactly what many American's are thinking and (the reason they are not)acting upon helping those that suffer and or are in need.

Is it that many Americans have become cowards when it comes to doing right before God. Yes, that many have become gutless and selfish as well as more animal like in their attitudes then like how God has created us all to be. Jesus gave us many of examples of how good and bad people treat one-another. I believe a great example of “good vs. bad” when it comes how to treat others is that of the story of the “Good Samaritan.” Some of you are already aware of this Biblical Parable, however many are completely unaware because they have no relationship nor interest in God of the Bible nor in acting right towards hurting folks. But for those brave enough to find out, this story of the “Good Samaritan”, is all about a man who is of a rejected social status who rescues one of God's chosen children who has been beaten, robbed and left for dead by the side of the road. We also see in that same story that the two religious men who were commanded by God to rescue that injured and robbed man, rejected in doing so. Each of these religious men had an excuse why they couldn't help the man who was robbed, beaten and left for dead. Much like American's today... excuses to not help others in need are given on a daily basis by most. Once again, most Americans are selfish, self-centered and cowards, rejecting everything the Lord commanded us in doing, especially in helping the poor and suffering(like children being sexually abused). 

Finally, I know that some that are brave enough to read this entire article are by now, feeling insulted(not those who partake in Truth telling and in also helping others). What do I say to them here ? I say, good ! I'm glad you feel upset. I hope that your discomfort brings you to repentance because the Truth should never be sugar coated when it comes to confronting those who refuse to help the sick, hurt, lonely and poor. Make no mistake about attitudes of acceptance in being a dolt, they lead not only to personal death, they also corporately lead to a nation's death as well. We in America are already in the steep of our country's demise, stop adding to it! Jesus had it right, when we warned us all to care for others, Micah 6:8. To those who are engaging in selfish, hard hearted behaviour, STOP now and do what's right. Rescue the perishing, rescue those who suffer. To those of you who have been and or are already helping the hurt, those that suffer, thank you so very, very much and God bless you many times over. You are precious to God and to me.

Indeed, you are your brother's keeper !

Rev. Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. Well said my friend, America is loosing rapidly their sense of values and principles, what has make this Nation once great is going to peril because the lack of care, principles and integrity. I totally agree with you.

    I believe that the ills and situations of others, eventually become ours, because we're all in the same boat, if we didn't tend our hand to reach for those in need, how could anyone tend theirs in our own need? When people is control by greed, ignorance, idolatry of technology and this era of propaganda, the entire country suffer the cancer that brings with it... we must stay in touch with our spiritual values, to see clearly the wrong from the right, not only to expose but to work with others in bringing back those very principles that has make this Nation unique, that was the heart of the people, not the landmark.
    It's many that do good for others, that brings hope, I do believe that the good is much more than what we see, the bad always have the tendency to scream so everyone can hear or see.
    I have hope, because at the end of everything is always GOD.

    God bless.

  2. Sir, I am one of those persons, who escaped with my life from low level obamanut thugs in the employ of New York State in 2006, thanks to the intervention of the NYPD - which however was blocked from investigating or providing a Report Number, and the harassment continue so I eventually left the USA.
    Prior to that horror, I served as a Chapel Volunteer in a Residential Hospital housing a small number of Vietnam Vets. Espec around Memorial and Veterans Day one or another would roll up beside my organ, wait till I was finished and start speaking. It was always a moving experience.

    I recently was seated beside a Pakistani moslem psychiatrist working for the VA. She was mannerly, but despite doing residency here, clearly out of the loop. I wondered how a person who holds American values in such profound contempt - as all moslems do - could effectively affirm and treat our veterans. I also wondered why the bleep the VA was importing psychiatrists from Pakistan and other moslem hell holes for such purposes. A traumatised Veteran trapped in a VA hospital and at the untender mercy of moslem doctors must feel doubly hopeless, betrayed, abused, insulted and confused. The suicides will not stop until anti Christian, anti American (except for we love American money) treatment providers are removed from their care.