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“Jodi Arias, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama And Other Jezebels' Like Them”

“Jodi Arias, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama And Other Jezebels' Like Them”

Our nation is filled with those with like minded evil folks that carry with them the spirit's of Biblical Jezebel and of Ahab. If you are unfamiliar with who these two very evil Bible characters were, I highly suggest that before reading on any further in this article, you pick up your Bible and read both Books of Kings, 1st and Second Books. A quick historical summation and accounting here in this blog article would not do justice to what both Jezebel, King Ahab's wife and King Ahab did in the way of wickedness during their reign of terror. What can be shared here for sure however, and what would be helpful; is indeed some of the actions of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel in relation to all what evil and wicked spirit lives on even in today as evidenced by those mentioned in recent media headlines such as the actions of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Jodi Arias and as well both Michelle Obama and her husband; Barrack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, or whatever his real name is. First off, this article is not about singling out either gender of women or men as being “bad.” The sole purpose of this article is to bring attention to the wicked and demonic spirit of Jezebel and Ahab that currently many women and men around the world. Secondly, we should all be well aware and take special notice of how the Spirit's of Jezebel and Ahab operates consistently in each person possessed by that wicked spirit. To begin, we should recognize the most used tool of Queen Jezebel and King Ahab, and that is; lying. Both Jezebel and Ahab of the Bible were able to “cover their tracks well” allowing them to (for a season) to lie and literally get away with murder. We can also easily read in the Bible that just as successful in their lying, Ahab and Jezebel were most excellent at manipulating folks as well. Using their money, fame and power to influence people of their time, these two not only committed that heinous act of murder, but also many acts of open rebellion towards God. In recent media headlines, we can read for ourselves this same spirit and acts of manipulation, lying and deceit with Jodi Arias, as well as both of the Obama's and also, both Hilary and Bill Clinton. Perhaps like I, you also in reference to “manipulation”, have read in your Bible of Jezebel's aggressive acts of manipulation of Ahab, even towards that of doing Ahab's “dirty work” for him(read 1Kings 21). We see and read today those same types and acts of manipulation done in the past via Jezebel, now Jodi Arias, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama also do the same. Remember all those media "leaks" by the US Secret Service regarding Hilary Clinton's tirades and angry outbursts in the White House while her husband Bill was President ?  (  
No doubt all three of these evil women just mentioned as compared to Jezebel, have taken on the same and similar acts of evil. For any doubters of what I'm sharing here, let me ask you this---how many people have died under the Clinton's, and The Obama's time in political office ? If I could, I'd ask Vince Foster to know how many have been murdered directly or indirectly via the Clinton's for sure. We do know this however for sure now, that is just how Jodi Arias killed her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. At least that's one Jezebel exposed. With matters not only of “Travelgate”, Vince Foster's death, the Benghazi attack where 4 good men were purposely left to die, there will be a time that the Clinton's as well as the Obama's will finally be exposed for who and what they really are. Count on it.

We should all be well aware that when it comes to just how Jezebels' get their Ahabs' to do their dirty work for them , there is no “magic trick” used on these men's hearts. However, often when a Jezebel finds an “Ahab”, the devil owns that man's heart already. What a Jezebel will do with a man already “owned” by satan(Through a means of witchcraft) whether it be through religion or secular means, the devil's agent; “Jezebel” will often use one very powerful weapon against that him. What we know in fact, if he(any person) is not owned by Christ, that weapon and tool very often used is “sex.” We see many men today as a matter of fact, who are caught in the devil's snares and also who also have been caught in the act of evil, that were exposed at an early age to pornography. The devil knows what every man's weakness is. Exposure to pornography is a powerful tool in getting men lured and stuck in a cycle of addiction and souls that are willfully ensnared and entrapped in a powerful spell of the devil. and so The Jezebel's of this world are well aware of how pornography as well as how “sex” can be used to lure a man owned by the devil to do her wicked bidding. Plain and simple---often times, Jezebel's will use sex as a weapon. They can coerce men to do nearly anything by using or even withholding sex from men. In fact, evidence during the Jodi Arias murder trial revealed that although Travis Alexander had broken up with Jodi Arias on several different occasions, Arais was able to “keep Travis around” by using sex as a magnet to keep drawing him in. A perfect example of the evidence of sex “with held” by a “Jezebel”, as likened to as what Hilary Clinton did, was when her husband “Ahab” Bill Clinton got caught having sex with Monica Lewinsky. It all fits. “Jezebel's” know exactly what they are doing and know how to manipulate the hearts of already evil men like “Ahabs'.”

Lies and “schemes”trickery and witchcraft, are indeed a very big part of the scheme of Jezebel's and Ahab's. As I wrote some time ago in the past, specifically two and a half years ago from the time of writing this article, the Spirit of Jezebel rules and encompass much of Washington DC( However that said, I believe it would be foolish to think that only politicians carry these ungodly and wicked spirits with them such as that of Jezebel and Ahab. There are many others just like them in America and around the world. You can see them in the media, the doctor's office, the grocery stores, “reality” TV programs, just about everywhere and anywhere really. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you view life I suppose, we got to see another good example of how the Jezebel Spirit operates in our “psychological community” and "Domestic Violence program” community as well as well during the Jody Arias murder trial. I'm not now sharing once again about Jodi Arais, but that of a woman named Alyce LaViollete who is a supposed “expert” on “Domestic Violence.” This woman's testimony on behalf of Jodi Arias was so far off, so incredible, so outrageous, she in fact through her testimony single handedly brought the greatest discredit to the real and the already many suffering real domestic violence victims that have and still do suffer abuse in our nation. This Alyce LaViollete we found out during the trial, wrote an outrageous and just plain absurd and opprobrious article on Domestic Violence, that no one but someone with a Jezebel Spirit could ever agree with, nor what she wrote as well as gave a speech by. In case you were unaware of the title of that article and speech that LaViolette wrote, it was entitled; “Is Snow White Was a Battered Woman ?”( This is what these “Jezebel's” do though, like I shared earlier, they lie, they manipulate and murder innocent folks. No, Alyce LaViollete did not pick up the knife and plunge it into Travis Alexander's body. No, LaViollete didn't even help pull the trigger on the gun that Arias shot Travis Alexander, but what Alyce LaViollete did do was willfully participate in character assassination of a person who could not defend himself. LaViollete's words and actions are in reality and unfortunately a perfect picture of what goes on in our “justice system” everyday in America and how the Jezebel Spirit rules and reigns in our nation. This sort of Jezebel and Ahab spirit rules most often in our colleges and universities which teach ungodly and wicked thing such as this as what LaViollete believes and testified to during the Arias murder trial.

What I am sharing here in this article is really just the tip of the iceberg as they say far as who do that encompass what is and how the evil spirit of Jezebel and Ahab operates. In all honesty  I could write a whole book on the subject of the “Jezebel and Ahab Spirit”, but I do hope and pray that those that are reading this article will take what I have written and then begin to also dig more as to what I'm sharing about here. There is much, much more to someone simply being branded with a mental health disorder such as “Boarderline Personality Disorder” or "PTSD". No, there are evil and wicked spiritual matters that have escalated in our nation and world where by the “world” has no understanding of such things.
As a matter of fact, most of the world is willfully blinded by it's own foolish and arrogant belief system denying what the Bible declares as true. Despite the world's response to ignoring many spiritual matters as what I have shared here in this article, it is my deepest hope that while the Lord Himself is allowing this nation(and world) to expose what is evil, we would all take notice and get to the essential root of that evil so that we will know how to effectively eliminate that evil. I'm not sure if everyone will do that, but for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. My prayer and hope is that you and yours will also.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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  1. Your observation is well taken; you will not be acclaimed for it; an evil nation (people), as Samaria was then and the US is now, cowers in hiding when confronted with sin. Sadly so few pastors today are willing to preach the truth. I'll share with you the Word given to me this week: There are 7.4 billion differant religions in this world currently, but only One Truth. I crossed this path finding follow up details on Valujet 592, a mass murder still not ajudicated after twenty years. JR Richmond