Friday, May 3, 2013

“When Government Sponsored Terrorists Come Knocking At Your Door.”

“When Government Sponsored Terrorists Come Knocking At Your Door.”

It's happening everywhere across America and in other nations,in fact. What evil we see here and abroad has been going on now for some time but only getting worse. I'm speaking of those US, it's State's, foreign governments which are aligned with the agenda of terrorizing good families, good individuals and Godly groups who and which have broken no good laws, but because they love God, they love their Constitutions which expressly gives all human certain unalienable, God given-rights, are being terrorized by those who are employed by or through governments-world wide. Those of us who can now consider ourselves as“enemies”(as the US Government names us) of the US Government includes that of; “Christians”, “Military Veterans”, Those who follow the US Constitution, “Militias”, “NRA Members” and may other millions of American good and decent folks.

We who love God, our nation and our Constitution are now seeing a huge increase in assaults, that's right actual physical assault's on members/people in groups that I just mentioned in the previous paragraph. No one can dispute this fact although it's somewhat difficult to believe it's all come to this. In fact, these highly illegal and acts of assaults upon good people by far, are being committed by so called “law enforcement officials” Cops are being enabled and “egged-on” to destroy good American's everywhere by other hate mongers and terrorsitic groups much like these law enforcement officials such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, Feminists, Democratic Party Members/Officials, Socialists, Communists, Muslims, teachers, lawyers, judges, cops, union members, social workers, psychologists/psychiatrists, many politicians including even Republican Party Members/Officials, as well as many others just like them. Their goal together is to unilaterally and totally wipe out our US Constitution and have complete control over us, our children and families and our lives. These evilists envision a world where they will totally wipe out every notion and reference to and of God. In other word's, their agenda is the total secularization of our nation and world making government itself, as god and “daddy” as well as ruler of you and I.

Perhaps like I, you already knew what I have just shared, but I couldn't help but get even more angry at these fore mentioned evilists when yet another assault on another good family took place and was aired on some of the TV media. In case you missed it, like I said it made the media headlines, the horrendous incident occurred when a couple had a knock at their door by government sponsored terrorists and then had their baby illegally and literally ripped from their hands by the terrorsitic cops and a Child Protective Services worker in California. The reason the terrorists showing up at the door in the first place ? The parents had done nothing wrong other than taking their child to another hospital for second- medical opinion. The short of the long is actually and mostly good news in that these good parents have their baby back but are still being “monitored” by CPS although they have been cleared of any and all “neglect” and other charges against them. The question is “Why?” though, why would California Child Protective Services still be involved ? Why couldn't the attorney for this couple have Family Court, CPS and the cops all leave them alone if they were found to have done nothing wrong ? Perhaps if you are like me, you know the two-part answer already. For those unaware, for all others, here are the reasons and answer...

  1. Money, Federal Title IV Funding very often is being used by CPS, Domestic Violence Programs, cops, lawyers, judges and the police to lie, cheat, harass and illegally take and or detain/incarcerate not only children, but elderly folks, disabled, even our US Military Veterans and others as well as fit fathers and parents. There are billions and billions of US Dollars being illegally gained by these evilists through false pretenses. Yep ! Cops, Lawyers, Judges, Politicians, CPS and others will lie their butt's off to get a hold of that “easy money.” Informing you of this “stuff” that takes place in the hundreds, even thousands of times each and every day across America by the hands of government sponsored terrorists, is exactly what got former Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer murdered and then her murder covered up by the cops who are probably the one's who killed her in the first place
  2. Control, control, control... I mentioned this early on in my article here. If you've been paying attention to media reports and or are knowledgeable of what your children/grandchildren are learning in school, much of the “ABC's” of education, have in many ways been (in many schools) replaced with sick sex education classes, promotion of homosexuality, promotion of Islam, and helping underage girls to have abortions(without parental notification)via local abortion providers like the demonic group; Planned Parenthood. These schools also teach our children that there is “no God” and we all “come from slime and monkeys.” If you are a parent who owns a gun, believes in Jesus Christ or follow the US Constitution, you can bet your sweet bippy that your on some sort of teacher/school and or government “list” to be targeted at some point to be visited by some of these government sponsored terrorists. Being a parent and having all the say so over your child is a God given and Natural Right but not according to government employed teachers or government agents or even law enforcement who only “ are only following orders” in terrorizing you, your children, your family and your community as well as nation.

I believe it's important to note that we do NOT have to participate in, nor allow these evilists to destroy our children, our families, our communities and or nation. No, we can simply opt out of complying with their ungodly, unconstitutional and illegal orders. In other words we can fight back. In fact, it is our duty to fight back against evil. The Bible declares that He expects justice and that we should have our hands at maintaining justice. Please don't expect all others to do likewise though if you fight back. There are plenty of fake “christians”(note the small letter 'c'). They won't help you, perhaps they talk a good talk but evidence proves their just like the corrupted and evil government sponsored terrorists who want to destroy you and your loved-ones. Hey ! Don't rely on those so called “christian” law groups either like Jay Sekulow's ACLJ, he's apparently only in “the game” for the cash and notoriety. He and his ACLJ knows and are quite aware of real Christians being persecuted in places like Family Court's all across America but he doesn't “do” rescuing persecuted Christian families in Family Courts. He's into saving “Christmas trees” and “In God We Trust “on our money/currency. To Mr. Sekulow, It's more important for money and fame, remember ??? Don't believe me ? Call his headquarters some time, they'll be sure to ask you for a “$100 donation.” Please, don't fooled by the hype of someone being a “Christian”... taking only the popular and easy cases for fame and fortune while claiming to be a “Christian” will certainly land Mr. Sekulow in the hot seat with God someday. You can count on it !

I'm following my own advice as I will also pass it on to you... as millions of American's have already found out... if any of these fore mentioned government sponsored terrorists come knocking at your door, don't count on any lawyer to get you out of trouble, get your child back, or in filing file a law suit that will actually benefit you. Nope, many American's are increasingly not being released from being incarcerated, not getting their children back, and if you think you can “fix them” by filing law suits against these government sponsored terrorists, well... many lawsuits these days are simply being tossed out of court as well as draining you of all your financial resources(for lawyers). In fact, when wrong doing is being done and law suits are being filed on behalf of victims of government terrorsitic actions, it often takes years and years to get and see any possible good results. In addition, when law suits are being filed, in many cases, we are seeing a dramatic increase court documents “mysteriously missing”,“destroyed” and much/much evidence purposely and maliciously ignored by judges. I'll say it again, and again, and again... “ These highly illegal and acts of assaults by far are being committed by so called 'law enforcement.' They are being enabled and 'egged-on' by others such terrorsitic groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, Feminists, Democratic Party Members/Officials, Socialists, Communists, Muslims, teachers, lawyers, judges, cops, union members, social workers, psychologists/psychiatrists, many politicians including even Republican Party Members/Officials, as well as others.”

This is better get your “stuff” together if you haven't already. You better pick and choose who you will serve. The devil and his minions are on the increase and highly on the attack. You better be ready to protect yourself, your children and your family at whatever cost it takes. Until many American’s repent of following the devil instead of Jesus and the US Constitution, expect.... yes ! expect some day perhaps soon, a very nasty knock at your door where your children will be stolen, your wife raped and you.. the man who is God ordained to protect your family... you will be murdered by the police and the other government sponsored terrorists. Expect it without this nation repenting of ignoring and or participating in open rebellion towards God of the Bible !

Isiah 5:20 “ Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. We need to get together all over this country. Not just on the internet.

    1. PerVISIONaries....Virtue vs Evil...whose winning?

  2. Your article sounds paranoid, but some of us know how much truth there is in your warning. My black, mentally and physically disabled brother, Larry Neal, was arrested in secret (kidnapped) and murdered after 18 days incarceration in Memphis Shelby County Jail. Police lied to his family and social worker throughout Larry's incarceration and denied having him in custody. Neither the jail nor the United States Department of Justice, which was already in overview of the jail, will release any explanation or records of Larry's secret arrest and murder. That may sound like Communist China or a chapter out of America's distant past, but it happened in 2003 - the 21st century.

    Our wrongful death lawsuit was curtailed by fraudulent attorneys who never filed suit, although they used U.S. Mail to send us status updates about legal work that was not actually being done. When we sued The Cochran Firm for its fraud and deliberate malpractice, courts wrongly declared that the lawsuit was served wrong since there is no Cochran Firm office in the State of Georgia - a major lie. I continue to be censored and terrorized to keep this murder covered-up these ten years later.

    It's praying time, brother. Crimes against humanity happen often in the USA, and censorship is such that we may never hear about most of them.

    Mary Neal
    Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

  3. Thank you for your post. I would not have believed it, had I not experienced it myself.