Friday, May 24, 2013

“ The Boy Scouts Of America's Handshake With The Devil “

“ The Boy Scouts Of America's Handshake With The Devil “

Is this Goodbye America ? This quite possible could be the final nail that secures the coffin cover on what used to be the nation once known as the United States of America. Yes, it may very well be over. The organization that I once belonged, that is the Boy Scouts of America have voted to allow homosexual boys into their program. Over one-hundred years of tradition of being “morally straight” just got thrown out the door. Succumbing to political pressure and possible bullying from the United States Government and or it's paid or unpaid agents, sadly... for what ever reason(s), the leadership of the Boys Scouts of America decided to ignore all wisdom that was given as a basis for this once Godly organization as prescribed by it's founders and shake the hands with the devil in agreement to openly allow sin in it's ranks. “ What happened to “Boy Scouts of America believes that no member can grow into the best kind of citizen without recognizing an obligation to God.” ?...

We all know what happens from here. We've seen before what happens, the slippery slope towards more evil will continue within the BSA. Most assuredly, the next push by the homosexuals will be for homosexual Scout Masters and Scout Leaders. Soon after that, we will see boys raped by other homosexual boys and Scout leadership. Yes indeed, all this will be ignored via the liberal media so that the “new gender” of Pedophilia will also then demand to be part of the Boy Scouts of America. Some day that will all come to pass just as I describe... you can bet on it ! Of course most Americans will just do what they normally do, and they will just accept evil and say to others whom they share such matters; “hey what can you do ?” and then go on as if there's nothing wrong with all this insanity. With their apathetic act and in doing so, these folks are complete in their enabling as well as being an accomplice in this horrible and disgusting act of violating everything the Bible calls good.

In all honesty, I don't believe America has much longer before it's totally wiped out via God's own hand. I will quote Ruth Graham here(the late wife of Billy Graham) who once said; “If God doesn't punish America, He'll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.” Now that my friend is Truth and if anyone has just an inkling of spiritual inclination, they know that what Ruth Graham said was 100% correct. With such a large organization as the Boy Scouts of America making a deal with satan allowing homosexuality amongst it's ranks, the end of this nation cannot be far behind either. It is what it is as some proclaim, our job(if you are a Bible believing Christian) is to warn folks, not force them to see Truth. We fight for what's right, protect our families, our friends and ourselves from evil, but we never force people to stop in their foolish act of doing something stupid. We are responsible for people to a particular point and it appears “that point “ is here right now. Time to cut them loose and let whatever happens to them, happen to them.

Do you want to preserve your life from all what's coming via God's judging hand for the BSA's Leadership's idiotic decision?, If you do, here's the plan--- the Bible declares in 2 Corinthians 6:17-18 “ Come out from among them and be separate, says the Lord. Don not touch what is unclean, and I will receive you.” “I will be a Father to you, and you shall be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.” Run, that's right, run ! Run towards God as fast as you are able and as far as you can away from people who are either endorsing this evil sin of accepting homosexuality or of those who just seem to be apathetic about the whole matter. Believe me, those who bury their “head in the sand” or look the other way from evil will be absolutely held accountable and at the same level as those who actively partake in this wicked scheme of openly allowing sinful acts. You would think by now that most people would understand that spitting in God's face is never a good idea, but looks like although they may be aware of the negative consequences of spitting in His face, most people have made the conscious decision to ignore that wisdom anyway.

I encourage every Christian and good person involved or not even involved in the BSA, to boycott and or leave that organization now. Leave and start your own groups, your own organizations but make sure you(separate)disavow any connection or association with the Boy Scouts of America. If per chance the BSA leadership fully recants and repents of their wicked acts, then perhaps, maybe at some point there can be reconciliation, “down the road.” To see the fruit of reconciliation however will take quite some time. Trust will always be an issue from here on out. Until then, we who love God and America should stand and need to be eternally vigilant against evil. We may not be able to convince everyone who acts in a wicked way, such as the majority of the Leadership of the Boy Scouts of America from spitting in the face of Jesus, but we certainly can protect our children, families and friends from these evil doers. Once again, I implore you.... leave, leave now the Boy Scouts of America, avoid them “like the Black Plague” and let God deal with their wicked hearts. I do warn those who know to leave but refuse not in leaving, you most likely will not be spared the wrath that at some(possibly soon) point, God will pour out His wrath. I tell you this out of love and concern for all.

John 10:27 “ My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow Me”

Rev. Paul P Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. Wholeheartedly agree with your stance on the BSA. I wrote a piece earlier today on my own blog dealing with this and how it will impact how I raise my sons (currently 4 and 1 years old). I think the BSA made an extremely short-sighted decision here as churches and faithful men pull their support for scout troops in protest of this policy change. The boy scouts as we knew it will fade into obscurity. The silver lining in all of this is that I want my sons to learn how to do woodsmanship, pioneering, camping, etc and all the good boy scout activities, so I will band together with men that I know and we will consolidate our talents to teach them collectively rather than passing the buck to someone else to do it for us (not that I would have - I would've been a scoutmaster when the time came per my history with the BSA).

    All things happen for God's glory. I believe this decision will ultimately elevate God as the crucial glue-like element of the BSA more than anything else could have.

  2. I spent ten years as a leader in Scouting, serving multiple roles from Cubmaster, to District commissioner. I left when it became apparent to me that the professional staff was using the power and reputation of the BSA to abuse the volunteer leaders, to abuse the lower echelon of professional Scouters, to aggrandize themselves and to make money.

    I've seen some say, "well it's a business and this was a business decision". The BSA was never established to be a business. It was established to provide a training program to instill character and moral values into our young men. But this was, indeed, a business decision and it was the wrong one. Absolute values never change.

    My son feels like his Eagle and all the work he did to achieve that rank was just dragged into the muck. I would advise churches to grab the training materials before they are changed and make/incorporate them into your own youth programs. Grab the leaders with character enough to leave Scouting over this decision as well. They want to make a difference with our youth. They have been trained and they need to know they are valued for their character and strength and not just cogs in the BSA's money making machine. They need to know that the BSA is wrong from their faith community, because while God is with us always, sometimes it's nice to have someone there who can shake your hand.

    I weep for my nation and for those youth and adults who will now suffer needlessly because the BSA valued money and power over character. I weep because the "leaders" of a character driven program for youth were unwilling to acknowledge that the power and respect given to that program were the result of their holding fast to the ideal of absolute moral values. Like a woman who tempts a married man to commit adultery because that's the kind of husband she wants, the BSA leadership has destroyed the power they apparently crave by abandoning the principles that created and maintained it.

  3. I'm all for equality but this hype is way too much. I don't think the BS should change a thing. I am so sick and tired of hypocrites and their opinion about bullshit that I just want to puke! Honestly, the more they go on and on about their hatred instead of ignoring equality just points the finger back to their own evil agenda's. Scarrry, if you ask me. Makes me not want to send any child to the Boy Scouts in fear of the opposers. This article sounds like they are writing about their own selves.

    1. Currently in the military, ever since Obama allowed homosexual men and lesbian women to serve openly in the military, the rape and sexual assault rate has skyrocketed, with over 50% of these crimes being against other men! -- Is this what is meant by ‘Equal Rights”?
      Web search parameters: ‘Military rape sexual violence assault rate men’
      This is a quote from: This is a site whose own logo says “A site with homosexual tendencies”
      According to the military's own report, the number of service members anonymously reporting a sexual assault jumped more than 30% in the past two years. In 2012, more than 26,000 troops reported experiencing "unwanted sexual contact," a significant jump from the 19,300 who reported such victimization in 2010. What's more, 10,700 of the 19,300 victims in 2010 were men. And that covers only those incidents reported to authorities; men are far less likely to report being victims of sexual assault, especially in a macho, testosterone-filled environment like the military. The real numbers are probably shockingly high. (end quote)

      Homosexual behavior is so healthy!
      Here is a list of diseases found with extraordinary frequency among male homosexual practitioners as a result of anal intercourse:
      Anal Cancer, Chlamydia trachomatis, Cryptosporidium, Giardia lamblia, Herpes simplex virus, Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), Human papilloma virus, Isospora belli, Microsporidia, Gonorrhea, Viral hepatitis types B & C, Syphilis.
      Ban sodas in school because it is unhealthy, then promote sodomy!

    2. anal sex causes anal cancer? Wow, I wonder what they would say in oncology school about that one...pathetic. I mean I know they teach them the fight fire with fire everything lie, but I don't even think THEY would be gullible enough to believe that I guess that you would also concur that properly done vaginal sex causes cervical know more I hear from you so called Christians the more you all start to sound like this newage wiccan witch that was my friend some time back, almost same shit to the core, different pile...only reason I still trust her even a touch with all her craziness is that I know she protected a child, that bought her a LOT of brownie points with me!

  4. Kini,
    Homosexuality is an extremely high risk behavior, health wise, (just ask any insurance company), in addition it is anathema to the majority of the world's religions, which Scouting claims to embrace. The issue here is not about hate. I would bet the author of this post, as I could say of myself, hates no one. But we do love God and it is a matter of love, respect and sound doctrine to keep His commandments, in addition to concern for the health and safety of the youth and adults in the Scouting programs.

    It's about morality, decency, common sense, safety and respect for God and oneself. If you can't see that, then you might want to check your logic circuits.
    Although, your post was a bit convoluted, so you may want to check them anyway. I'm not entirely sure you are disagreeing with the premise of the post.

  5. The BSA's New York City Council has already declared it will ignore the new BSA ruling, and allow Sodomist Adults to serve in all capacities.

  6. It's t7 here (yeah creator of the same group)...AS IF THE BOYSCOUTS WAS NOT ALREADY EVIL enough, and in fact here is a good question, what IF the person being admitted is one who has BOTH sex organs, YOU KNOW OUR GOD does create people like that sometimes right (about 1/1000000 births I believe)...also in case you did not realize THIS ORGANIZATION IS ALMOST PURE MASONIC AND MORMON to its core, even the anti homosexual part is from mormonism, not is a good fact for you, know all those cults, e.g. 7th day, JW, mormon, christian science, etc. EVERYONE of their founders is buried underneath an obelisk (penis) so that shows where their beliefs really lay. So there have already been TONNES of pedos in boyscouts, I really do not think you could make it worse, I mean it is probably about as bad as your average catholic church with all the pedos that group loves to protect. Anyways, yeah, you got a picture with what all those symbols mean on your so-called godly boy scout uniforms? You seem to be clueless as to just how much satan and its followers mock people in the military, police, boyscouts, etc. with all those filthy satanic symbols they wear...please look into it, ignorance is an excuse, but it's not a great one!

  7. Here is a two minute video that explain what the ORIGINS of your so-called GODLY created organization the boy scouts. Rememer THAT JESUS SAID if the foundations are not strong then the whole house can be swept away, and THIS very clearly proves beyong the shadow of a doubt that the foundations of that group are as vile as they come'...GOOGLE or YOUTUBE searchbox the following "PEDOPHILE FILLED Boy Scouts were Founded By Masons & Catholics" and you will get the 2minute video to watch with the proof! Stop spreading articles like this, their foundations are FAR off, and therefore the conclusions you are coming to are even more askew. Get the foundation right and then the whole house will be sure!


  9. I am in the BSA, and while I strongly dislike the BSA ruling and announcement in this regard, let me be clear on this:

    No, the BSA still does not allow homosexuality.

    Contrary to how the BSA announcement was take, and to all the silly hype thereafter, the BSA did *NOT* vote to allow homosexuality to occur in their ranks. In fact, their announcement has *NO* effectual change on the BSA stance for the last 100 years whatsoever.

    Let me explain why.

    The BSA statement basically means that they no longer ban boys who feel an attraction to same gender individuals, or are effeminate personalities.

    It does NOT allow or condone homosexual behavior (ie: sodomy, et all).

    In fact, the Morality straight clause still stands as it always has. Any member who commits adultery (sexual activity outside of a bonded marriage) or statutory rape (any sexual activity consensual or otherwise, before the age or 18) is *STILL NOT ELIGIBLE* to be in the BSA.

    Since scouts ends at age 18, a scout can have and express homosexual *feelings*, but *may not engage in homosexual ACTIVITY.* That would be illegal (statutory) and therefore not morally straight.

    This is actually in line with the teachings of the Catholic church (Commonly held as the most strict christian church). That homosexuals may be Catholics, and have homosexual feelings, and be free of Sin - so long as they do not engage in homosexual activities. I know of several such "gay" effeminate asexual Catholic men and "lesbian" asexual Catholic women.

    The BSA is only allowing for admission of an individuals feelings, not condoning illegal (statuatory rape) behavior.

    Remember this: *NONE OF US ARE RIGHTEOUS* : Not Christians, and not Atheists or anyone in-between. But Good (or God) fairing people recognize this and attempt to do better.

    Whether you are religious or not, you have a conscious and a sense of right and wrong. It it your personal and civic responsibility to see your own faults and turn away from wrongdoings and act in a moral and ethical manner going forward.

    1. As to the last 2 paragraphs, I was referring to statutory / illegal activities. Not "consenting adults". I'm trying to keep my personal, political, and religions views out of this. (Adultery isn't illegal, but it is immoral)