Friday, May 17, 2013

“How Many Lies Does It Take To Remove A President ? “

“How Many Lies Does It Take To Remove A President ? “

The title of this article kind of sounds like a joke doesn't it ? You know, like... “how many politicians does it take to screw in a light bulb?” Well, what I am sharing in this week's article is no joke. The question I am presenting to all Americans should cut right to the heart of all of us... that is the very core of our moral beliefs between right and wrong. This nation is on the verge of dying and in the place of never returning nor being revived if we don't get to the root of our problems as a people. Let's look at some facts, President Obama was re-elected in this nation. Whether it be via fraud or by actual casted votes, that man remains at the helm of the White House and Presidency despite all his well known abuse of power and lies and crimes. Indeed, it is“We The People” that have elected and re-elected Mr. Obama and thus we all share the blame for allowing him to remain in power.

I firmly believe a nation of people becomes what it allows. If evil rulers exists and the people are terrorized by that evil ruler or his evil cohorts, it is only because it is the majority of the people who live in or belong to that nation, that are allowing it. The Christian Bible is very, very clear what occurs to any nation that rejects God. In America, many have openly rejected Jesus Christ. In fact, given the opportunity, they mock Him, ridicule Him and under certain circumstances, spit in His face. Most American's have no fear of God, if anything, they revile Him and if confronted about one's Christian faith, most American's will deny they follow Jesus. We've become a nation of people filled with haters, cheaters, murderer's and liars. That sounds too harsh you say ? Well, if what I am sharing here isn't true, why have we not removed the man Obama from office yet ? Has he not committed many acts of hate towards God ? Has he not cheated the American people out of Trillions of our tax dollars ? Is Mr. Obama not guilty of allowing guns to be poured into the hands of the Mexican drug gangs where thousands of Mexican Citizen's and a US Boarder Patrol Agent; Brian Terry killed ? Has not Obama blood on his hands from the four American Citizens who were killed in Benghazi, Libya when attacked including one of our US Diplomats ? When in regards to “lying”, has Obama ever told the truth ? The man's lies are limitless and flow from his mouth like the falls of a great river. Just how much evil will Americans tolerate before removing such a obviously wicked man like Obama ?

Despite all the evil and illegal actions Obama has taken part, as of today, the man remains in power. How can this be ? Have not the American people had enough ? To answer those two questions plainly, the answer I will give(based on truth) is because many Americans are just like Obama. Their hearts are exactly the same as him--- full of “ haters, cheaters, murderer's and liars.” I know... I'm to harsh right ? Well you respond, there are all the Congressman and women going after Obama right ?, they'll get to the bottom of all this bad stuff right ? No, no they won't. The only thing Congress is good for is acting. That is, “act as if.” That mean's if the people are outraged, Congress will act outraged. Don't believe me ? Let me give you one doozy of an example; good ol' Charlie Rangel. The man's been in Congress practically forever. Wasn't long ago this same Congressman Charlie Rangel was censured(in 2010) by his own colleagues in the US Congress for cheating the IRS out of money and misuse of his finances. Here in May 2013, here is the same Congressman Rangel yelling at the former head of the IRS for giving Conservatives and Tea Party Group types a difficult time about getting their IRS tax exempt status from the IRS. Yep, “act as if folks.” Politicians lie to you all day long(Republicans as well as Democrats).

Sadly, that same “act as if” routine goes for the vast majority of the media as well. Now you may be thinking that only Liberal and Socialist “news” media groups like MSNBC do such evil things like lie to you or feed you nonsense, but even Fox News Channel is involved in the same business of selling lies and half-truths(it's a corporation who's goal is to make money remember?). Many Americans have quite successfully been fooled with the idea that media is “on their side.” Doesn't matter which political view you hold to, it's all the same. Ever notice many TV “news agencies” have the same “guest commentators” on all the time with their programmings ? Why do you think that is ? No, it's not to keep you informed. I'm thinking as an example and point that I'm trying to make here, in fact of one particular guest who often appears on the FNC that we should all especially leary of. That is Mr. Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice. He's often rotated on many of the FNC programmings as a “guest.” He has one of the best “act as if” routines I have ever seen which is probably why he is often “invited on” the FNC. Like most attorney's he's a great actor, truthfully it comes with the job title. For Mr. Sekulow however, he has found like most American's who take advantage of others, that Christians are very “soft targets” and some of the most easily available for the taking when it comes to raising revenue. He's quite an artist when it comes to putting fear into Christians(like concentrating on “In God We Trust” being taken off our currency) while at the same time soliciting for money for himself and his son as well as his small office of lawyers. How much money does Mr. Sekulow and his ACLJ make ? Nobody but he and his closest friend know for sure.

To sum everything up here, American's have no stomach to remove an evil man like Obama because so many American's are like Obama himself. To many in our nation have become blind, dumb and naked and sadly, don't even know that they are so. The messengers that carry the message of Biblical Truth these days and are as well bold enough to tell others about the spiritual condition of the hearts of many people are often beaten down and “dragged through the mud” until their voices are drowned out. Hey, but that's the business of being involved with the “Truth”right ? ... the truth hurts when hearts are not wanting to accept it so kill the messenger. Well, unfortunately, that's how many in America react when you tell them the truth anyway.

I know what I have shared may sound a bit harsh. I admitted it several times throughout the article. The fact remains however, what I have shared is truth. We don't have to like to hear the truth in this country anymore. No, we don't even have to accept the truth, but understand this... there are consequences for everything we say and do in life---bet on it ! Jesus Himself said the “truth shall set you free.” If you want to see an evil man like Obama gone, hopefully sitting in an 8 x 11 jail cell more sooner than later... I would highly suggest you take a good look at your own heart first, then go on looking to sort out all the lies of the media, politicians and others we accept on a daily business. Better get going quick, there's a whole lotta evil to get rid off !

I hope there's some good advice that will result in some real happy results, we will all like in the end.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. A great question Sir regardless of ones Faith or lack there of. It is a question that indicts the lack of ethics and morality that has come to pass. Should it continue ruin will no doubt be the result.

  2. It is 2017 and we now have a new POTUS. Congress still lies and I'm praying for President Trump's safety. As well as his honesty. So far the Reps "We the People" have voted into office are as lawless as Obama and HRC are.