Monday, September 20, 2010

Spirit Of Jezebel In Washington DC

What horrible recent news is reaching us, the people of the United States and the world over regarding the Obama's as of late. The latest reported is of Michelle Obama's mother being involved in Voodoo(witchcraft). The news however, comes of no surprise to me. It was recently reported that Michelle Obama and as well as President Obama do not wish the involvement of their two daughters in the acts of Voodoo of their mother/mother-in-law. I say to late.

What is Voodoo or witchcraft according to the Word Of God((The Christian Bible) ? In 1 Samuel 15:23 states "For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry..." We see from this Bible verse that President Obama as well as hid mother-in-law, are actively involved in rebelliousness against the God of the Bible. Obama has gone so far as to propagate national legislation to remove Christianity from all of American society. Obama has declared war on Christians by using his Attorney General Eric Holder to sue and have arrested many Christians for their active faith in Jesus Christ. In addition to Holder is former First Lady Hilary Clinton(Now Secretary Of State) who while living in the White House, used seance's and "channeled" to talk with deceased Elanor Roosevelt. It is blatantly obvious to many in America what Obama is; not for Jesus and the Word of God, but has actively sets his face and policies against Jesus in every rebellious way he can muster up.

Therefore, it should come to no surprise to everyone that President Obama's mother-in-law is being reported to be involved in Voodoo(witchcraft). The whole (White) House is involved in witchcraft(rebelliousness) towards the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible. I am nearly 50 years old and I have never seen any American President so set against Jesus in my lifetime. I highly doubt throughout American History there has ever been a sitting US President so hostile in their attitude towards God(of the Bible). Many are stating that in fact that President Obama is indeed a Muslim, not a Christian. By all indications, Obama is indeed a Muslim and has indicated he was such on several occasions. That would at least explain Mr. Obama's hostility towards Christians and Jesus of the Bible.

The Bible warns not only in the Old Testament but equally in the New Testament not only to abhor witchcraft but also that those who are rebellious in nature against God will not enter in Heaven. Sad for those individuals who partake against God and His written Word(The Bible). For nations however, and for all of America(and ultimately for all the people's of the world), is also the curses layed against any nation that allows it's leaders in regards to hostility against God's Word such as witchcraft and rebelliousness. What does God's Word tell us to do with such people who are involved with such evil ? First;,pray that those involved would repent and come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, next; that if unrepentive, those leaders need to be removed by the people and lastly; those leaders removed would be kept from any leadership of the people ever again until they do. in fact repent.

What will (promised in the Bible) occur if the "people" refuse or do not remove these rebellious evil leaders ? The Bible describes many curses against a nation and it's people. America is already suffering some major curses from God, do we want more ????

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  1. All of what you said is quite true. However, the one common thread in all of this is that we CHOSE Obama to be President. Many believers pray and believe II Chronicles 7:14, but never actually DO Proverbs 29:2. As a result we have in our country I Samuel 8:5-16,

    When we understand that we as believers are going held responsible by God for the stewardship (or lack of it) of our freedoms, rights, privileges and most importantly, our vote. I am convinced that God will say to the Church in America, "What did you do with the freedom that I gave you"? What will be out response?

    Like you I have a blog that speaks to this type of subject matter. You can find it at I would be honored if you would visit, leave a comment and subscribe to it.