Friday, December 28, 2012

“ Wanted; Biblical-Godly, Gritty, And Salty Men “

“ Wanted; Biblical-Godly, Gritty, And Salty Men “

The title of this article is no joke. Neither am I attempting to be cute or funny here. I am serious, deadly serious in what the Lord God of the Bible is showing me. In fact, I am glad that what He is showing me, He is also in confirmation, showing other real men such as myself as well. It's that time folks... The panty waist preachers and feminine minded men and so called “Liberals” have inflicted enough damage on our nation by compromising with evil. It has become the time that real men now need to clean up the mess this nation and world has become. This is a very serious time. This is no longer only a time for talk. Bottom line is, that the so called the “religious”, the “Republicans” and all those who are brain-dead in thinking you can compromise with evil, is gonna work were wrong and now we need to fix this mess. Now, let all the TV and Radio talking heads along with their forked tongue, prostituting politicians shut their mouths and instead, get their hearts right before the Lord and join the ranks of us preparing for battle.

If you have any doubt about what “what time it is”, first, take a good look at our world and the state it lays in. Equally important, I want you, If you have doubts that real Christians don't take action in fighting against evil---that if you sincerely believe that Christians just sit around with their heads up their clouds, you too are also a contributor to the mess that I and others need to clean up. I advise you strongly-go repent from your wicked beliefs. My Bible indeed says that Jesus had compassion on some however, the Bible also declares that He and others like the Apostle Paul, David, Arron and many other men were indeed “gritty” and had to fight battles against tyrants and oppressors. Those in Biblical times(as we see also now)who were against Godly men were also those who helped and enabled oppressive governments. Matters aren't much better today. Many so called “religious” leaders especially here in America today are guilty of collaborating with satan and satan's minions(wicked governments, Communists, Socialists, Feminists, Liberals and others like them) here on Earth.

I recently read a post on one of my “ordained Christian minister's” Facebook “friend's”wall where he shared some views regarding tragedies in the recent news. I commented on how so called ministers in his area(Western New York) were quite quiet and guilty of turning their heads in a matter in which I was publicly violated by the U.S, New York State and Genesee County Government's. I specifically pointed out to him that these so called “christian ministers”(yes, small letter 'c') lack of speaking out against the crimes committed against me, in turn, allowed those who participated in illegal activities to go on and do the same against others. What was his response you may be asking ? Why, he said nothing. That's right, he said nothing. So this “friend” found on a social website is also complicit in committing a criminal act against me, because he chose to say nothing. Does not the Christian Bible say in James 4:17 that if any man knows what to do is right but fails to do it, it is a sin ? What may surprise you however, is that his so called “ministry” is for “Constitutional Freedoms.” How about that ??? I am sure he would never acknowledge what I am about to share now, but in fact I contacted his organization a few years ago soliciting help from them and also approximately one year later, a head editor of an on-line conservative magazine did the same contacted his organization on my behalf. On both occasions, he and his organization remained silent never in response to our requests for help. Truly, the devil is alive and well in Western New York. Http://

We know where we stand, at least I and other men who love God and our nation know where we stand anyway. Battle lines have been drawn up long ago. Those battle lines were not set by Godly men--- no, they were set by men and women who hate God and our nation. Real Godly men of courage and valor must now arm themselves with the Truth, preparing for men, women and children who are engaging in evil to repent. We real men must also arm ourselves with weapons to protect our wives, children and families. Whatever weapon you have available, gather with other real and Godly men in preparation for battle. This is not a time for so called men who wear women's clothing. In fact, If your son's are among those who wear those awful girly pants or clothes that we see so many of our young men wearing---in a public display of whom you stand with, I highly suggest taking your son's clothes( and if your daughters are wearing boys clothes), take those clothes outside to the burning barrel and burn them.

Equally important, If you have failed in any way to teach your children and including your wife what it means to be a real Christian man, telling them that “hell or high-water”, that you're job is to lead them by example, help them and protect them in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, you better get on that right this second. The writing is on the wall and unless a lot of people all of a sudden are going to give their hearts to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, there's war brewing out there and unless you want suffer from God's own hands, because you believed satan's lie that you don't have to do anything, well---you better get your butt in gear.

This is no time to hem and haw about such matters. You either are for God of the Bible or you aren't. If you stick with those evil false preachers of prosperity gospel, or those that tell you that you don't have to do anything, or “you can just be a martyr” is going to get you as well as those idiots who preach that garbage in a lot of trouble with God Himself. You better check the Bible against what a lot of these clowns on TV and radio are preaching today. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY O MAN TO PROTECT YOUR WIFE, CHILDREN AND FAMILY FROM EVIL. If it's any indication of who these TV and Radio preachers(maybe where you attend so called church right now as well), the government and the talking heads on TV belong to, let's just say that it doesn't take much Biblical discernment to see that for right now anyway, the devil owns them. Compromising with the world is just what these so called preachers, politicians and “talking heads do” and that's exactly why they are loved by the devil himself. Don't you or your loved one's be part of what the devil is doing out there.

Time for real men to gather. Yep, that's right... God is looking for real men who are gritty, able to stand and stand well. He is also looking for salty men that will get with other men and be contagious in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in an uncanny and heroic fashion--- taking up to protecting their loved ones and neighbors from harm. I'm not sure how many of us who love God and know what the right thing to do are out there right now. I'd love to say at least fifty percent of America is on the right side of God--- but I don't believe we have that man. I know however that with God Himself on our side, we will come out winners no matter what.

Hey ! What say you ? Are you going to allow cops to guard our schools with guns so that the day of “mandatory” RFID chips are being put in your child, you will be shot and killed trying to rescue your kids ? Or are you going to pull your kids from public schools and home school them ? Are you gonna side with those wicked people who teach our children there is no God or just sit there watching your useless, stupid sports games on your big screen TV slopping beer and chips all over yourself ? Maybe you better do something TODAY and stop just whining and complaining. For God's sake man ! Do Something and help us get our nation back !

Yes, it's a call to arms !

" We sleep safely at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would harm us.”~ Winston S. Churchill

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. Doesn't matter about the number of Christians in this world..All we need is GOD... All Praise and Glory to GOD :)

  2. You just got bookemarked by a Mackeral Snappin' Beadsqueezer who's gonna follow your blog.

  3. *** (Isaiah 8:20) To the Law = and to the testimony! = If = they do NOT speak according TO this Word, = it is because ‘NO’ Light = is in them. [Romans 8:9]
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