Friday, November 2, 2012

“ They Tell Me;..'Trust No One ' “

“ They Tell Me;..'Trust No One ' “

I hear the phrase more and more often. I have been hearing these words now for over three years...the very sound of those words to the ear of an unbeliever in Christ Jesus can be actually quite discouraging and to those who do not recognize the time in which we have reached according to the Christian Bible. However way you choose to view the very words of someone speaking; “trust no one”, the reality is that these words are indeed being increasingly voiced these days from many throughout every society-everywhere. Biblically speaking, many hearts are at the place of end times, spoken of in 2 Timothy Chapter 3. You can hear it from housewives, pastors, businessmen and to every different vocation and walk of life. There is a fast moving and rapidly growing attitude among many here in America as well as across the world that we should no longer have trust and or faith in man made organizations, governments and or ideals. It has even come to some of our own family members and near-by neighbors--- they have become at times-suspect in the travesty of mistrust. I believe there is wisdom to be learned here from our decrease in trusting one-another. The matter however will mean full acceptance of the root cause of the issue, and this means of course we will once again need to look at the condition of the human heart.

Today, unfortunately it has become the norm I'm afraid, to see our world fall to such a place that just cannot rely on others as we once could in the past. What's worse, we are seeing an epidemic of everywhere with an attitude of many not only being unreliable in regards to their willingness to help out a fellow human in need, but I'm equally afraid it has gotten much more worse than that in respect to how people treat others in general. Sadly, the new “norm” we now realize seems to be acts of abuse and or in taking advantage of persons in need rather than in helping them. What I mean is this; I have seen where the poor, homeless, or those with financial or family/relationship needs of help, are often reaching out to churches, government agencies, neighbors, friends, even other family members, only to be often times; to become rejected, or worse; manipulated into doing things that run contrary to human decency and or respect, just so to get a little bit of assistance or financial help.

This attitude of, and acts of manipulation on the part of those being asked of assistance can often times turn into something quite dangerous. By dangerous, I do not only mean physically dangerous, but emotionally and spiritually dangerous as well. As an example, we see women who have gone to social services where feminist social workers, or domestic violence program workers will tell women seeking assistance from the government to divorce their husbands(although there is no domestic abuse or marital strife)so that they may receive government assistance(or greater assistance)or they may even become demanded of that they give up their children to/for foster care and or adoption. Men often fare no better... they are often targeted for their ability to be put on government “lists” that will financially profit ungodly and wicked government agencies and further the government's devilish plan to purposely erode the family unit. The one supposed “hospital” of all society; that is the “Church” has sadly often times become no better than government agencies according to the accounts of many. Although there are some reading this article that will attribute all of the “Churches” problems and pagan type attitudes due to a 501c3 IRS tax exempt status (here in the USA)that many churches hold, this idea is simply untrue. A churches unbiblical attitude, in stark reality has nothing at all due with a government piece of paper. The stark reality is however that plain and simple... churches because of self-centered and unbiblical attitudes, more often then not; find ways to wiggle out of their Biblical responsibility in helping people(I for one, am thankful for attending a church with some helpful and quite Biblical Christians in attendance).

No doubt that governments which often abuses it's citizenry are the main culprit when it comes to abuse of people causing the attitude of mistrust that many across the world hold to these days but the Christian Church does not lag far behind in regards to it's contribution to this attitude of harming folks as well. It appears that many so called “christians” attend weekly church services and or go about proclaiming publicly their being “Christian” to others but when “the rubber hits the road”, there is little to no evidence of their Biblical beliefs visible. So it has become, “christians"(note the small letter “c”) have infiltrated the Church giving true Christians and yes, even pagans good reason to suspect all Christians...true in faith, or not. I for one, have personally experienced lack of Biblical support and help in the past. In fact, on many occasions my only offer of help from “christians”(but people calling themselves “Christians”) was the offer only of prayer or of meeting a “good group of guys at the church men's breakfast meeting.” For the nominal christian, perhaps even reading this article now, they would say that prayer alone is enough, but for those of us who know our Bible's(seems not to be an awful lot of us folks out there), we know that prayer alone is only a portion of what true Christians are called to do for those in need.

There is an old saying that's been around the true Church for as long as I can remember. Maybe you have heard it before, the phrase has been used about certain so called “christians” and their churches(again, please denote the small letter “c”)... “christians are the only ones who take their wounded behind the wood shed, beat them some more then after...shoot them.” have you heard that phrase previously ? I have... and more than once. Now, that is not to say that people who are engaged in unrepentant sin or are active in unbiblical activity shouldn't be confronted and dealt, that would be entirely unbiblical and wrong in attitude... all unrepentant sin mus be addressed. However there are plenty of people such as I, when for example, I tell people about being victimized by a Filipina Migration Marriage Scammer, being threatened with murder by a City of Batavia, NY cop, having my children, house and all my property taken away from me due to my “Biblical Christian beliefs”,( often times “christians”, then begin to act strange, get a glazed look over their eyes, or start treating me like I had the Bubonic plague or something worse. It shouldn't be that way, but that's the reality of people even in the so called “Church.” People in the church love you when you pay your tithes, shout holy-holy and have no problems or needs to speak about but have you a problem ? Bam !uh-oh ! People often begin to treat you like you just spit them in their face. The attitude with them becomes; How dare you share that you have problems in life !

To shore up my point here, I'd like to share a recent event that occurred to my beautiful wife and I. Unashamedly on my part, I can share with you that I experienced a horrible event due to so called some people I met who quite poignantly, call and refer to themselves as; “Christians.” I was informed these folks were “Christians” by some others who call themselves by the same, but after a short time, I found out that indeed, the whole lot of them believed in a different jesus than the Bible. In the end, their actions caused me and my wife to live in dog feces, dog hair and dog dandruff and in plain and simple--- put our lives in danger. No matter how much my wife and I cleaned the dogs dandruff, feces, and hair in that house, as well as all this women and her son's garbage strewed across the same house, we were always wallowing in and eating the filth because this women would allow her four dogs to leave their excrement all over and then roll around in it and then leave it all over in the house on a daily routine. I tried my best in a brotherly fashion(I thought at the time she was a “Christian”) to set healthy boundaries with her but she refused to oblige in healthy living, The bottom line for her was that after telling her of the dangers and setting a Godly example in helping her routinely clean her house for her, she thought only to reject every notion of the unhealthy and unsafe living conditions and instead asked a con man to move into the house with her to shore up her unhealthy living conditions.

My wife and I set out to be as we told this woman a few months previous; to be “a Biblical blessing” to her and her son, and of course she liked the idea and in seeing that my wife and I would clean for her, sometimes cook for her and her son, and even do extra chores for her despite already giving her monthly rent payments. Indeed, she enjoyed that notion of receiving Biblical blessings but when it came to Biblical correction in love(regarding our health and safety), she would have no part of it. She wanted to do with her life what she wished without acknowledging the effect upon others living with her and as well certainly wanted no part in hearing how our health was impacted. Of course the evidence of her vile heart showed much more. She often would exercise herself, playing baseball, tennis jogging, etc... and saw to it her body was in shape but in regards to her son, he was not so fortunate. Her son being only 12 years-old---was allowed to eat whatever he wanted. There was(is) absolutely no diet of fruit, vegetables or other healthy foods for this young boy. His food intake daily was about the same... hot dogs, corn dogs, pizza and or tacos.... that's it. That was, and I'm quite sure still is to this very day, his entire daily diet of food intake.

One day, we noticed that this women came home early from work. Apparently her son called her to come home, he had not excreted for several weeks(again, according to her) and for one week following, was now giving her son daily enemas. Her sons feces was left all over the bathroom floor, bathroom floor rugs and in the bathtub from sometimes hourly rectal enemas. All the “mess” was left by her for us to clean up. Her son went to the hospital for 4 days soon after, apparently, this boys colon shut-down. I don't doubt it after seeing the boys diet. My wife and I though in our Biblical minded attitudes scrubbed everything with bleach several times over and again offered her and her son even more Biblical help. I even shared with this young lad and his mom information regrading the importance of having a healthy diet and why. All this help put into practice on our end, but my wife's and my “reward” for being a Biblical help to a mom and a son in crisis---It was in the end, the rejection of our most earnest desire and in practicum of help, and most importantly, to see all of us live in a healthy and safe home. In the end, This woman decided that her dangerous ways of living, her son's continuing to eat and harming her son's body was what she wanted, and did not wish to hear any longer of the dog feces smeared throughout the house or the dog feces, hair or dandruff in our food. She, in her heart of hearts, decided to call the police to have us thrown out. Her last words to me and my wife were; “I don't care !”(believe me, that's a whole story in itself, The way that-that foolish cop acted, thank the Lord that neither that cop nor I died that day).

So it goes...lesson learned... “trust no one” is the thought once again echoing in my head. Now, if I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ of the Bible, I would undoubtedly have become bitter and unforgiving through these experiences. The reality of this experience however has taught me a valuable lesson that indeed, we all should have firmer boundaries with others before helping them or when entering into any relationship from here on out. As a true believer in Christ Jesus, it is my “job” to love on others as I am able, but from here on out also, I will be even more cautious when dealing with others, so called “Christian” or otherwise. After all, I believe the days of the evidence all around us, the days of the anti-christ is fast approaching... Matthew 10:21 “And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child; and the children shall rise against their parents, and cause them to be put to death.” The fruit of many hearts these days shows us that we are almost there.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. There comes a time when you must shake the dust from your cloak and sandles and move on. This nation is in God's dawg house because we 'c'ristians chose ungodly men and women to lead our nation. Give them the name of a Christian candidate who supports Godly principles and they won't him for them. They say he has no chance of winning so it would was my vote and the other guy will win. So much for an act of faith in God's plan.

    1. NO real Christian voted for the vermin currently in the White House.

  2. Remember in God we trust, all others pay cash!, sorry, just had to say it