Friday, November 30, 2012

“ So In Return, We Should Spank the Democrats and Liberals ?”

“ So In Return, We Should Spank the Democrats and Liberals ?”

Did you hear what radio program host Mike Malloy said recently about taking violence against those who identify with the Tea Party Movement ? If you already heard his words, then you know what I mean when I say WOW ! I have definitely noticed that the Democrats have been more aggressive in their words of venomous hate speech towards Christians, Jews, people who call themselves
Conservatives” and so on. I see most hatred coming from people like Mike Malloy especially towards God of the Bible, and Christians, but now we have words of actual violence being perpetrated towards those who consider themselves as part of the Tea Party movement. His actual words here minus the blot out of one offensive word(let's try to keep this blog “rated PG shall we ?) were “These Tea Bag *&%&&%$ who by the way, I wish would all go away-or, like Passover, I just wish there was an angel of the Lord that would pass over-instead of killing the first born in all the households of Egypt just wipe out all the Tea Baggers.”

What do you with people who spew such vile things like that ? No....Seriously, what do you do with them? The US and State Government don't do anything to remove evil these days(the truth being told, the government is the active and largest participant in acts of evil aggression) part of the answer to my question no doubt can be found in Matthew 5 where Jesus said to “pray for your enemies” and indeed we should love them enough to do so but if you take a look at this Mike Malloy character, he is adamant and certainly not alone in his attitude of wishing death upon good people in America and around the world. The fact is, there are many others just like Malloy who are increasingly becoming not only verbally violent but also in the matter of physical attacks against those who are Christians, Conservatives and good people everywhere, including us who are 'Tea Baggers.” As I mentioned earlier regarding the issues of our evil “government”, it is not interested in helping us, only hurting us by not stopping such evils as the growing practice of roving gangs attacking people with motive of racial hatred and in doing so, are acting out just what Obama advised people like these gang members to do. In his own twisted ideology when he spoke to his Liberal, Democratic, Socialist and Communist supporters Obama told them to “ get revenge.” Today, even after the election, you can still hear the coded words by Obama to his supporters to bring on violence when he says such things like... “elections have consequences.” Such words can only bring division through unjustified or imaginary hatred already in twisted hateful hearts and Obama is well aware of this. In fact, Obama being the master manipulator that he is(just like the devil), is quite aware of the evil that lurks in many hearts here in America and he uses such evil hearted people at every chance he can get to bring about the destruction of our nation that he so desires. It's all about their war of “us verses them” mentality.

Mike Malloy is one such evil hearted person that is being used by Obama. To say such wicked things as what Malloy and many other evil media commentators state can only “egg on” already twisted hearts to take violent actions as I shared before. In Obama's book entitled; “Dreams From My Father , we see that the current “President” outlined in various ways how he envisioned an America that would be “radically changed” and to be “less influential in the world.” Obama's plan of action for America was to change the entire nation to a form of Communism where labor unions, Feminists, and others who hate God would tear down Capitalism, Christianity and everything good about our once great nation and everyone would instead become part of the “new America” where a Communist government plan that the government is god, not God of the Bible. We know through lessons of history however, that Communism and through lessons of history are well aware that Communist agitators use “workers” and labor unions as well as those who have the feeling of have been “oppressed” to rise up in unity and “over throw” legitimate governments. We have been warned in the past about people like Malloy and Obama who speak out of “both sides of their mouth” to divide us through Communist propaganda but I'm afraid many American's have already forgotten these important historical lessons. Remember this short movie ?, perhaps it is an old film but is worth viewing...

What we are now seeing in our society today, are mouth pieces for violent Communist revolution favoring Obama and his wish to change the US into a purely Communist State. Have you noticed all the propaganda and lies coming from much of the media these days ? News Agencies such as MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS(don't think you're getting away with your propaganda either FOX News !) and others are as guilty of promoting evil as they are in purposely omitting the truth when they do report news items with a purposeful distorted version of “truth.” Propaganda is propaganda and as far as I'm concerned, very few news outlets these days don't participate in manipulating news to fit in favor of Obama and his deceptively evil ways. It's scary in a way that there are so many people who are fooled in believing these news organizations, it really is frightening. In fact, so much so in the way of American's believing much of what they see and hear from people just like Mike Malloy(Ed Schultz, Alan Combs, “choose your poison”...), that people actually voted for Obama, and he won the last Presidential election.

It is no mistake that Obama won re-election. Every trick was used by him and his entourage of evilists to get people to vote for Obama(legally and illegally). If you noticed, labor unions, people of color, illegal immigrants endorse and promote Obama and people like Mike Malloy. Now I'm not trying to say that everyone who belongs to a labor union, is a person or color, or legal aliens supports Obama-no that would be utter non-sense, but facts are facts and we need to look at how now that Obama is re-elected, the violent rhetoric by these groups/individuals fits a certain pattern of people with hearts of past hurts or feelings of being rejection and thus easily influenced by evil. It is all becoming increasingly violent, all with Obama's approval and endorsement you can hear and now see the boldness of evil doers to make real threats and acts of violence against people who have no or very little power to change someone else's circumstances. If you cannot see what I see, then I ask you to look at the US Economy, which is increasingly getting worse, why would more and more labor unions take on the idea of large scale strikes against American industry ? With our economy going down the toilet, why would any person who really wants to work, vote to not accept a contract to save their job and so that a company would not close forever ? Was not Hostess Corp. just closed forever because of such tactics ? Why now with the US Economy ready to collapse is Walmart, McDonald’s and other companies that are still hiring folks being picketed and targeted by labor unions ? Do we not remember the labor unions harassing ordinary citizens with physical violence during the national elections? Cannot people see a pattern here that labor unions are part of Obama's plan to take our nation to a Communist State and do so in violent means if necessary ?

So what is the answer with all this increasing words and actions of violence against us people who love God and America ? Should we only pray ? Should we defend ourselves ? What should we do now so that we can get our nation back ?Well, looking at the Bible(oh, the jesus butterfly lovers will hate me more now), “yes”, yes” and “do more than pray” is the answer to all the questions I asked. In fact, God demands justice for what he considers in doing good. He hates lies and violence against those who purport injustice. So we are left no choice really... It appears as everyone is clearly choosing up sides, in this war that I, “Tea Baggers”, Biblical Christians, Jews, Conservatives and others did not choose to be involved, we must do what is right and defend ourselves from those who do evil. That means in my house anyway...”we will serve the Lord” and if need be, I'll keep the spanking paddle handy for those who feel the need to bring destruction to me, my family and or Natural and God given rights/freedoms.

Don't be afraid, some of you have met the “Board Of Education” before, haven't you ?

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. You pray for them .. that is the right thing to do, but being of the human element, living in a world of sin .. we would rather cause violence against those who threatens us ... GOD is the only one who would truly know the right thing too do .. if we pray to him for guidance and wisdom.

  2. I actually had some difficulty praying for this administration but I did it because I love my country, my God and fellow human beings. I'm trying to see an up-side to whatever Obama does but that is just not easy...I'll keep trying.

    I agree with Jim that we need most of all to pray for God's guidance in this and every other issue we face. After all, only God can see the whole picture. We see but bits and pieces.

    Good article. Thank you.

  3. By no means am I asking anyone to not find Strength in their beliefs. But just to share a bit of history of our country. Noting that until the mid fifties our nations unofficial phrase was "e pluribus unum" "One from Many" In my humble opinion this phrase more closely represents what the philosophies of our US Constitution are truly about.