Friday, November 23, 2012

“ Divide And Conquer, The Devil's Game”

“ Divide And Conquer, The Devil's Game”

The Bible declares in Ecclesiastes 1:9 that “there is nothing new under the sun.” Indeed, the devil has been worming his ways into individual lives, families, political parties and religions since the beginning of time. So, it shouldn't surprise us to see the world wax's worse and worse in attitude towards one-another. Here in America, we are not invulnreable to such matters, in fact, it is quite evident that we no longer have God of the Bible at the helm of our government, it's simple to see that many instead have willingly thrown God out of practically every area of our society, even in many of the so called “churches” The United States is a highly volatile nation where the devil uses mindless men and women to easily divide marriages, families, communities and even very our nation. We here in America could easily be branded with the title of “Empire of the divorced and divided.” American's divorce their spouses, parents, children, whole families, and even themselves from society. Sadly for any trivial notion, and rather than seeking restoration, we often times seek out how to manipulate a way to destroy and assassinate another person's character, rather then face up to our own personal short-comings. Yes, welcome to new America, the land of the Jerry Spring Show up close and personal.

Is it right to divorce and divide one's self in such a manner ? Well, the Bible does speak of separation of the righteous from the unrepentant in many areas of the Bible. However, what I am sharing about is not in regarding the righteous separating themselves from the unrepentant wicked.; rather what I am speaking about is specifically in regards to those persons who allow themselves to listen to a voice, perhaps from the devil himself, or a person who is a willing tool of the devil to bring on further erosion and destruction of a relationship purely out of negative and selfish reasoning. So many people around the word including right here in the United States now find themselves in a place where because of their attitude of ignoring the Biblical wisdom including that of knowing God is pleased with restoration and peace, not unrighteous division, are today living a form of “hell on earth” all because of ignoring that very thing that calls all human beings to come together, not pull apart.

Indeed, the devil takes no holiday when it comes to acting out evil and manipulating the minds of those whom he owns. Here in the USA and at the time of writing and posting of this article, we just celebrated “Thanksgiving” which supposed to be a holiday where families come together to celebrate a year of bountiful harvest and blessings from God. Well, by looking at all the families separated not so much by miles, but rather because of self-inflicted attitudes of hate, unforgiveness, anger, spite, and murder, etc... many families this Thanksgiving holiday was celebrated by many Americans either alone or without certain family members included. Holidays in America, thanks to those who willingly follow the devil, in many ways no longer represent family and community unity, instead of participating in holidays like “Thanksgiving” and Christmas, many American's opt out or decline to participate. Holidays that were designed to be a joyous time, are now dreaded times where the suicide rate goes up and people feel the need to (jokingly I hope they do this) to post on their Facebook walls; cartoon pictures about the need to inject Thanksgiving turkeys with psychotropic medications so that family members will all get along when they actually meet together during the holiday celebratory meal.

Some of you reading this article may at this point of reading about what I am sharing regarding“Divide and conquer” may think that my views which reflect Biblical values; are “extreme” or just “non-sense.” I've heard some people express views like that before about Biblical values and during our obvious end times being fulfilled as spoken in 2Timothy 3”13, that Bible and Jesus hating is all expected. The sad reality is however that many Americans walk around in denial about their selfish attitudes and the consequences they now suffer because of ignoring what the Bible says about the devil's ploys and those who willingly chase after those ploys. So, the same selfish and evil attitude that was at the time of Noah building the Ark, where people mocked, ridiculed Noah and his family for building a large boat type structure are doing basically doing the same now. Here's a clue for those that don't quite get what I'm driving at---today as in Noah's time, people often mock those who follow God's commands. Those who who ignore God's ways of doing what is right, involve themselves in doing every evil thing imaginable and with absolutely no thought of negative consequences to themselves nor others and believe me as far as consequences go, you haven't seen nothing yet.

As I mentioned earlier, the devil takes no holiday. He delights himself in destroying people and families everywhere. Those who turn themselves over to the devil through acts of hate, un-forgiveness, polluting children and family members against another family member for the sole purpose of retaliation or manipulation for selfish gain are nothing short of tools of the devil. It makes me all so ill to think of all the children who suffer from Parental Alienation Syndrome because of the ugliness of a former spouse who has also probably the instigator for the divorce, and most likely for selfish and unbiblical reasons as well. Hatred is a non-christian belief and action. Justice and forgiveness is God's way of doing things, but in today's world who is following the Biblical script of doing things anyway ?

I want to ask those of you who are willing participants in following your own will rather than that of the Bible's... who really gains when you lie, cheat and steal to get what you want ? I am sure there was some sort of cost in getting what you wanted, was there not ? That cost is undoubtedly and in the end, going to also cost you-your very own soul, have you thought about that ?, do you care ? Think of the other costs as well, would you--- your children and or families souls will most likely be tormented for years to come also because you decided to allow your own self-serving desires to blockade love, mercy and forgiveness. If you are an abuser and or manipulator(maybe the two favorite kinds of people the devil loves), you most likely have paid(in some form)persons such as family members, friends and or lawyers to influence to go against someone you once said you loved and cared for. In fact, If I was a betting man(which I'm not), I'd bet you that especially those lawyers you paid to lie, cheat and steal for you had just enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday meal with their family at your financially paid expense, all because of your willingness to be a tool bringing on the game of “divide and conquer” against someone you promised at one point in your life to “love and cherish forever.” Here is just one of the millions of examples of what I am sharing about.... Please think about it, the millions of people all across America and the world who make lawyers, judges, corrupt politicians, cops and the devil himself very, very happy; . Is this you also ????

America is the devil's play ground. “Divide and conquer” is being used all across the political spectrum as well as the family dinner table all across our land. “We The People” have allowed ourselves to accept the words “divorce” and “divide” to be part of an acceptable vocabulary when God days plainly that-that attitude is wrong and sinful. Folks may not want to hear the truth about “divide and conquer” but the truth of the matter is that “divide and conquer”are not good words in any sense of their meaning. If there was ever an opportunity for the devil to completely steal and wipe out this nation, it is this very day, because this nation and it's people are highly divided and divorcing against itself from God. America is ripe for an invasion by a foreign land. There shouldn't be any surprise when I state that there are many American's who would eagerly and willing act as vessels of the devil, welcoming an invading army to be our oppressors. Sounds demented doesn't it ? Well, America's values are largely demented. One only needs to look at the dinner table(not just on holidays) in most homes across the USA to find that out.

President Lincoln said it when he was sitting president of the United States Of America then and still applies to us in our nation and world today; “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Surely, this nation is about to fail for there are many factions here who look to selves, rather than God. The devil is winning at his game of “divide and conquer.” No nation ever in recorded history has even maintained an existence very long with a people with such a wicked and divided heart from God of the Bible like we see at present here in America. Count on evilists like George Soros, the Clinton's, the Obama's and many nations like Russia, China, North Korea, all the Islamic nations too to use the tool of divide and conquer against us...why not, it's been working all along, why stop now. I however pray and work towards my own family and nation's unity under God's authority. I equally pray and hope that you will do the same as I.

It's way past time people to stop being willful tools of the devil.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


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  2. paul, with or without religion, destroying normal families is prime goal of femini$$m. divide and conquer are ancient tactics already used long before christianity, and also with or without religion 'the west' has always been governed by romanesque political warlike economics.

  3. ....the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must?

    “Divide And Conquer, the Devil's Game” (John10:10)

    There is great confusion in today’s society about the family. Some have high expectations for the family, some do not.

    For some families the usual experience is tension, conflict, pain, and loss when it ought to be love, commitment, pleasure and security.

    • To bring discouragement is Satan’s first priority.

    • Satan will then try to make us think that there really is not anything special or unique about what God is promising and or that God’s power is no greater than his. This is meant to bring disorientation which is Satan’s next tactic this is Satan’s attempt to get you to loose vision. (Proverbs 29:18) (Matthew14:27-31)

    Another thing you do “I hate divorce” says the Lord God of Israel” (Malachi 2:13-16)

    Adding one thing to another to discover the scheme of things… (Ecclesiastes 4:27-29)

    Intercourse. 1. Dealings or communications, esp. between businesses, governmental entities, or the like. Black's Law Dictionary Seventh Edition page 815

    In that day seven women will take hold of one man and say…. let us be called by your name. (Isaiah 4:1)

  4. The progressive tool of mass immigration and multicultural terrorism is one of the great dividers here in the USSA.... Well Said Pastor...