Friday, October 26, 2012

“ Will People Who Vote For Obama Go To Hell ? “

“ Will People Who Vote For Obama Go To Hell ? “

I am always intrigued in the titles and the content of the articles that I believe the Lord gives me each week...This week's topic is indeed another one of those topics that peaks my interest, I hope your interest is stirred equally as well. As I write this week's particular article, it seems to be no different as others written in the past... once again...written with a large segment of not only of America's population in mind, but also... much of the world as well.

As our nation increasingly becomes more divided with an enormous and obvious amount of animosity towards one-another and a large divide becomes more and more obviously evident, we can see that many American Citizen's hold hatred towards one-another regarding not only this Presidential Election but equally and just as important; the policies and actual performances of each; Mr. Obama as President and Mr. Romney as Governor of Massachusetts. Both are the top two candidates for Office of President of the United States and are to me, and Biblically speaking not all that different, but I must confess if there is a choice between who would wear the crown for the person whose Biblical “fruit” is the most evil, that “honor” would definitely go to Barack Hussein Obama.

With identifying who and what Obama is, an important question regarding just whom to vote for and the consequences of such a vote must arise...” If people know just how evil Obama is, will they go to hell for voting for such an evil man as this ? Personally, I think that at the very least, this is a very thought provoking question and should give every American pause, to take the time necessary before they cast their voting ballot for any Presidential candidate,(any candidate for public office really) and most importantly, to seriously consider their own spiritual condition before a God who will in the end, determine this nation's fate for whomever is elected. Let us be clear here that the Bible declares each one of us will indeed have to given account for everything we say and do here on earth during our lifetime. It should be quite clear(and hopefully obvious by the end of reading this entire article) that all of us should diligently seek God of the Bible before casting one's vote. May I please add... that I do realize that there may be some folks reading this article that may self identify themselves as “Agnostic”, “Atheist”, or have some sort of other religious beliefs outside the Bible but may each of you take my request to perform a spiritual self-examination quite seriously, and when you do decide to take that self-examination, please keep in mind what is declared in Psalm 14:1....”only a fool decides in his heart there is no God.” and that by finally settling in your heart to follow the Lord and all His ways, you will surely then be blessed all your days, is is written in Psalm 23:6.

For those however who will knowing vote for the “crowned” evil one... Mr. Obama, the question of your eternal destination in a real place called hell(Lake of Fire, Revelation 21:8)does come into play. Perhaps not in the way that you imagine it would but what might surprise some of you however to find out, and possibly for the very first time... you will not go to hell purely for pulling the lever, or casting your ballot voting for Obama, no that in itself will not send you to hell. Now, before any Obama voters reading this article start getting all excited and get ready to cast your vote, let me say this.... your certainty of entering either heaven or hell forever is contingent upon only one thing, and that one thing only according to the Bible. That “one thing” is if your name is written in the “Lambs Book of Life” as described in Revelation 21:27. Most certainly there are some of you that are now quite frustrated or even may describe yourself as being disappointed in hearing what the Bible declares as far as who ends up where and why... but the Bible is the ultimate and supreme authority on what is truth and should be followed.

So wait, There is more ll should be made aware of as to whom you cast your vote for such a man as Obama or any other person involved in any sort of evil at any level . The Bible also indicates that for those who would dare to take on the name of “Christian” especially declare before others, they that do so should be fully aware of the warning of partaking in evil, for on the day they stand before their Redeemer, If one thinks they can safely get away with unrepentant evil on Judgment Day before the Lord Jesus Christ, they will get quite a surprise when they hear... “I never knew you, depart from me you worker of inequity”(Matthew 7:23). For every Christian who knows their Bible, they are already well aware that our “fruit” better be of the “light” and not the “dark(Matthew 7:16-20). If we expect to get into heaven.

The bottom line here is that I am giving a Biblical warning to all including so called “Christians”, that is, those who identify themselves by the name of Jesus Christ. You had better never act upon the flesh by voting for evil, not even evil in the smallest proportion. Every Christian is fully aware either through seeing the fruit of every ungodly and bad politician, whom not to vote for... such perverse men and women, or by and through the Spirit of God, each Christian is made aware not to vote for men and women who openly contaminate our world with unholy, ungodly, wicked and horrible things such as we have increasingly seen and realized in the last thirty to forty years in our world.

I have shared my thoughts many times in the past regarding that it was the majority(not all, but most) of our American Founding Fathers knew exactly what they were doing when they put this nation together. We live in a nation today however that is very far removed from the ideals and principles that were laid down and set as the building blocks of our once great nation. I'm afraid we have not heeded what Samuel Adams declared us all to partake in when voting, when he declared; “Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual-or at least that he ought not so to do; but he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country.” It is to bad so many Americans fear not God, nor remember the words of Samuel Adams before voting, but rather folks today indulge instead in self satisfying agendas that in the end of all matters, counts for nothing but in all reality, brings upon us all, great devastation and destruction and robs our children and grandchildren of all God given joy and blessings..

Sadly, all people everywhere should realize that not enough Americans and people around the world by not taking the all important time to read blog article's like this, people will make foolish choices. Equally sad, people will ignore the warning signs of a nation that sits on the edge of a cliff overhanging the pit of hell. It has come to this; those who would vote for Obama or for any man or women involved in any level of evil-really, is a person whom shall answer to God in a most horrific way, but here on earth, they are the type or person, and if staying in their present and current spiritual condition upon voting day, and in the end vote for evil, they will undoubtedly never be able to wash the blood stain from their hands when this nation finally falls completely in ruin along with all the other societies that once arose, followed ungodly principles(selfish desires and without the mind of God), then fell with the full consequences of many of those citizens came to death because.... it was after all, of their own self defeating and wicked, selfish desires. No Biblical God, no peace.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. Yes, supporting ANY politician that supports abortion rights is guilty as the one that performs the abortion

  2. Agreed, voting for evil is evil. I support the Black Robe Regiment, it members and its works. My thanks to Pastor Coleman at the 35th avenue Baptist church in Phoenix for being involved. He probably does not remember me, but I will assist his flock in time of need. Chuck Yuditsky