Thursday, November 8, 2012

“ Obama Wins ! Is The Answer Revolution, Civil War or Jesus ? “

“ Obama Wins ! Is The Answer Revolution, Civil War or Jesus ? “

So here we are....

Obama wins the Presidency of the United States Of America once again. As some blog article writers and journalists are already laying blame on Romney's failure to get in to the White House on such matters as “voter fraud”, the “new Black Panther group members”, the “Liberal media” and a whole host of other matters not the reason....Obama will remain the President of the so called United States of America. That is the bottom line....Obama remains and no one, but no one can change that fact, minus an act of God himself in removing him.

I know what I am about to share will turn a lot of people off but it all must be said. We must all now recognize that what the majority of American's wanted...they got it. Obama by cheating or in real votes -gained, has won. If there was cheating, lying and or voter fraud, very few are going to go after those who have violated the election laws. I haven't heard one Republican politician or legislator going after Obama in court trying to reverse the election decision, have you ? Nope, not a Obama is here to stay.

The reality is, while many Americans are walking around with our heads up our clouds, evil runs a muck. That's the problem here in the US of A, people who wanted to compromise and vote in their Mormon cult RINO lost and instead of doing what's right long ago in demanding a better run of candidates from the Republican Party elites, settled for evil. I mentioned this many times over well before the election and all I got was people mad at me and deleting me from being so called “friends” on social media sites. Well guess what, you can ignore all the Biblical Truth you want but that doesn't change what needed to be done then and what is needed now to clean up this nation.

That Biblical Truth I just mentioned---matters. We have three choices in getting this nation back as I ee it. First, we can either have a wide spread revolution against our evil and corrupt government, or secondly; we can have an outbreak of civil war... the US and it's State's Governments(a large percentage of the US Military)along with the Liberals, Communist and Socialists verses the Conservatives, True Christians and perhaps some Libertarians... both ideas resulting in many body bags filled or, the third and most effective way and by the far the most peaceful, we can get our nation back through repentance and accepting Jesus Christ as Lord/Saviour of our lives and King of our nation.

Killing one another is the easiest solution believe it or not. The ways of the “flesh” are always easiest. Practically anyone can pick up a gun and shoot it. It takes a man and woman of deep conviction as well as concern for more than “self” to say “I was doing life all wrong” then pick up the cross of Christ and follow Him. Yepper, that's the much harder route because “self” is put last, not first. In fact “self” is just what got this nation in trouble to begin with if Americans can ever get honest and real with them selves. Folks got dependent on political party's rather than Jesus Christ. There's a statement for you huh ? Guilty as charged ? Well---maybe you're not there yet.

My friends, forget about our National Anthem with the words; “...home of the brave.” The only brave people left in our nation are like the few in our military who still believe in God of the Bible, the men and women who have not divorced their spouses and the extreme few politicians who will not compromise on Biblical principles. There are not many of us brave souls left. Most Americans have compromised their Biblical beliefs(were they ever real Christians to begin with ?) and the day is becoming increasingly into night here and around the world. Folks who have been hiding in their church buildings for years will soon be dragged out to their death by the homosexuals, the socialists, or the police and our own US Military. Like wise,we will soon see Feminists cutting open pregnant women’s uterus' right out on the street killing unborn children and their mothers for all to witness, and peadophiles will be surely be granted lawful permission to grab and rape any child they want and any parent or adult trying to prevent it will be arrested and jailed on site by the police(for we know the vast majority of police love their paycheck much more than the US Constitution already). Think that what I share here will never happen ? Then you are willfully blind as well as foolish. The day and hour of this nation already belongs to the devil-God allowed the hearts of Americans to keep evil Obama for God's purposes. You may enjoy Fox News or any number of so called “Conservative pundits” who write their journalistic opinions in various paper or on-line newspapers but they cannot rescue this nation nor give you proper perspective on why our nation is dying and how to really get America back. Ideas on how to gain our nation back from evil can all be floated around all day long, and they have been voiced over and over and over again up to this very day by many so called “conservatives” but the fact remains...unless that “idea” includes a 100 percent surrender to Jesus Christ, America will soon completely cease to exist.

Ask yourself today these series of important questions---Have we as American's not had enough of evil ? Have we not woken up to the idea that we really do need to do things God's way as He has commanded ? Has not America already suffered enough ? Can this nation really survive on humanistic and secular ideals ? Before you answer... first, take a good hard look at Europe. We are heading to be like the next Greece, the next France and Obama as well as his supporters will ensure that when they die, they will take all of us to the grave with them. Is that truly what you want America ??... to go to your grave and be dead forever ? I surely hope not but without Jesus Christ of the Bible(no, not as the false wolves you see so often on TV proclaim or perhaps attend and hear at their religious buildings currently), there is no hope.

I am in no way saying to put away our guns, not in protecting our children and family from evil but those efforts made are only with the flesh...carnal weapons. We all need to realize what will really work in getting America back... All must pick and choose Jesus Christ. If you so desire; continue to ignore me, hate me, delete me but you can't delete the Biblical Truth no matter how hard you try. Bible Scripture or American Founding father quotes on your “Facebook wall” is not going to do a dern thing seeing America restored. The bottom line is you have two choices in getting America back and it will take all action(not just prayers or words) that is either through massive spilled blood and death everywhere OR through the only peaceful means... through widespread repentance and salvation through Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Some may tell you out of their own religious ignorance that it's to late--- we all just should just give up, wait for Jesus' return and pray only because “we are all doomed.” Nothing in the Bible declares such things. Our job is not to hide, our job is to share Biblical Truth and be the light of Jesus irregardless of our circumstances. There may be one more revival before we all go before the Lord in Judgment, you will never know though however if you follow the plans of the devil and follow further into carnal and man made ways.

God's plan is the perfect plan in restoring America(2Chronicles 7:14). As I have made myself available many times in the past, I am willing to travel if necessary to those groups that wish to hear the Gospel message, I pray if you are a true believer in Jesus Christ, you are willing to do the same.

So pick and choose very carefully America. Not only does your very soul count on your decision, but so also the life of your neighbors and nation !

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; who have eyes, and see not; who have ears, and hear not:

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  4. Pastor Paul P. Walmiller Quote:
    "God's plan is the perfect plan in restoring America (2Chronicles 7:14)."
    Ezekiel 33:13-16

    Malachi 4:5-6 (Luke 1:17)

    (Ezekel 22:30, Daniel 2:41, Ephesians 6:12)

    Daniel 12:7
    "It will be for a time, times and half a time. When the power of the holy people has been finally broken, all these things will be completed."

  5. Amen, Pastor. I'm with you. In fact, I actually posted a blog saying pretty much the same thing (just not as eloquently). However, I would ask you a honest and sincere question. Do you suppose God's plan was to allow Obama to be elected? We are turning against Israel and, when that happens, Israel will stand alone. But as long as a traditional America exists, Israel would not have to and, therefore, probably wouldn't stand alone. It seems to me that Obama may be the tool God uses to sweep this nation from the global scene, thereby setting the stage for His final scene. Your thoughts?

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