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“ When Faith, Love And Charity Win”

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“ When Faith, Love And Charity Win”

Rare, very rarely do we see actions of Christian faith love or charity in the world today. In a time where visibly we see so much hate, anger, unforgiveness and evil-violence everywhere, sadly any glimpse of any acts of what the Christian Bible describes as something Christ-like, is rarely at all seen or heard. Some reading this article are already making facial expressions in disapproval, but deep inside, they are fully aware that what I am sharing is true and every heart knows it. People can be in denial all they want, but we see the world changing for the worse by the hour. How sad, but I am not trying to be negative here but I am a realist. This world is waning worse instead of better. In a supposed “post-Christian” world, many secularists, Atheists, Communists, Feminists and others who promised the world that “we would be much better without the influence of Jesus Christ” have as suspected by every real Christian-everywhere, were and are liars. Just look at how sick our world has become.

With the news dragging on and on about all the man made tragedy's shown on television night after night, I was nearly shocked to see one recent news item that was practically shown on an hourly basis. The story was of one New York City Police Officer named Larry DePrimo who was “caught” on camera giving a pair of shoes to a homeless man living on the streets. This caring action of Officer DePrimo was wonderful but so rare, others like myself all around the world were as I shared early; nearly shocked. I have heard and learned of so much abuse in recent years by New York City's “finest” from several attorneys in the New York City area as well as others in New York, that the actions of this one officer has brought people to unbelief and surprising awe.

What a shame that here in America(and the world)that actions such matters of faith, love and charity that Officer DePrimo exhibited have become a very rare thing. I remember growing up in the 1960's and 70's where it was largely accepted to leave your house or apartment doors unlocked at night, that if you seen someone in need, you did not ask for permission to help them or that you would help someone for fear of a law suit being filed against you in court. No you never questioned helping someone, you helped a person in need, plain and simple. What a world in which we live in today however where in contrast to attitudes I grew up in, someone who does something the Christian Bible calls all Christians to do, every day--- is now a person which society terms a “hero.” This modern attitude of rarity of being a blessing to someone and or ignoring the needs of others definitely should not be. There is no other term for such attitudes of looking the other way and not performing through way of action in helping others, than that of “sinful selfishness.”

Back to that earlier mention of “hero.” I just don't like that term for something that all humans everywhere should already be doing. In our world, “self” has taken place of “we” and self should be secondary when considered when we see a person, or people in need. Perhaps you are reading this article and you believe that what my Biblical view is quite strange and is a very weird point of view, but in reality, I am only sharing what the Christian Bible speaks. In fact it is very strange to me to see how this world has come to such a place where the police more often than help folks in need, actually abuse it's citizenry. I mean, as a child growing up, would I have ever imagined that a City of Batavia, NY cop would have conspired with a Filipina Migration Marriage Scammer and New York State/Genesee County, NY judges, lawyers, domestic violence program workers and some others to threaten to murder me ? I never would have thought that in a million years.

The world has come to this; that during this Christmas Season(at which time this article is being written), people seemingly want to feel good, which is natural but the focus of where feeling good should be rightfully questioned. As the news media(from both politically “left” and “right”) are feeding willing folks all the Santa ho-ho-ho non-sense people will gravitate to help them in gaining their quest for worldly joy. The Biblical truth however is that we can feel good without such artificial injections of filling our minds with worldly ways. I am not sure what people are waiting for in regards to finding true happiness in following the Bible through actions in a natural blessing towards others, but I will say this; when our world has now come to a place where faith, love and charity have become so rare that we should be in shock or awe or even pleasantly surprised, that indeed, our world is truly in trouble.

Personally, I don't think we need more man made hero's. Instead, after careful consideration, I think we should all just follow the Bible. The world doesn't need more man made hero's, it just needs people who really care about others. If you need and example of such caring, just open the Bible, no special classes or money needed. Just follow the know, the Book with all that faith, love and charity stuff.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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