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“Of Tim Tebow, Al Qaeda And NY City's Future...”

 “Of Tim Tebow, Al Qaeda And NY City's Future...”

What a time we live in-in the world today isn't it ? All one has to do to see where we are chronologically in terms of Jesus' return, is to simply read our Bible and look out our windows or watch the TV nightly news-Praise the Lord for that. For any Bible believing Christian's faith, how wonderful it is for those of us who have been faithful to the Lord despite persecutions of our faith that was predicted many years ago. We who stand firm in our faith are promised crowns in Heaven for remaining faithful and yet we are also sad knowing that some yet still have not given their hearts to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour as prescribed by the Christian Bible. I am not anxious for the people I know not yet saved through Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, but I do sincerely wish not anyone to perish-I'm sure many of you reading this article feel the same. Jesus returning soon, unfortunately, those persons not yet given their hearts to Christ, may very well may need to go through the full force of the Tribulation Period as outlined in the Book of Revelation to receive eternal life. It is very sad just thinking of some of my own relatives and friends who are still stuck in religion, going to church, or even holding church offices; yet have no real personal relationship with Jesus Christ of the Bible. Indeed, this issue concerns me greatly. I love them all dearly but ultimately, I cannot be the One to change their hearts.

As our nation rapidly continues to decline morally due to the direct correlation of the rejection of Jesus of the Bible and Biblical principles, I am often drawn to one particular city when thinking of God's judging hand against our nation. Now you may be thinking of that city I mention as being “Sin City”- Las Vegas, but that is not the city believe it or not. Of all the cities in America that God lay's on my heart often regarding judgment is New York City. For those who may believe I feel this “judgment” against New York is only because of the “911” terrorist attack, I can tell you that I have been to New York City many times, all on business starting in 1986 and I had a very uneasy feeling about the moral condition of “the Big Apple” long before “911” and even more of a larger concern for the moral decay of that city up to today. I am not condemning every person in New York City of course, that would be unbiblical and immoral. After all, I am aware that there are some very loving and faithful Bible believing Christians there, and there is no need to lump them here with the morally corrupt that God will bring to judgment however New York City by and large holds some deep evil secrets and there are many there who continue to engage in awful, sinful activities, including insidious acts against children.

When we look at New York City historically, by and large it was and is filled with some morally bankrupt individuals that had(even up to today)a long history of evil, corruption, and has chosen a path through tainted elected government officials to take up pride of their stance against the Biblical God and have even taken up the position to curse the very God that made them. Mayor Bloomberg is just one of many such elected and non-elected New Yorkers to take up such a wicked attitude. I have written about this man in the past and have given all ample warning about him(see ). To be fair and truthful, as I stated, Mayor Bloomberg is just one of many individuals in New York City willingly setting his face against God and the Bible. To be sure, there are many, many more evilists in the Tri-State area of course and bottom line is; God sees it all and is trying in His merciful way to get everyone's attention about the whole ugly affair of rejecting His son Jesus Christ and the Bible there.

Prior to 911, there had been several terrorist attacks in NY City. God had been allowing these terrorist attacks to wake up America and New York from it's spiritual slumber. Certainly God was desperately attempting to get our attention and more importantly; get our hearts focused on repenting of our evil as well as repenting of allowing that evil to grow. Although there were some weeks of growing church attendance and prayer vigils after the 911 terrorist attack, most Americans quickly slid back to their daily routine of ignoring God and relying more on their own ways of handling life than allowing God to transform a very sad and horrific situation for good and for His glory. Unfortunately, the sad reality after the 911 attack was that the vast majority of “tough” and very hard hearted New York City residents and Americans for that matter returned back to their sin filled life style. Repentance for evil and returning to God never took root.

Not much in the way of Godly transformations has occurred in New York City in the last ten plus years since the Twin Towers were hit by the planes and over 3000 people died that day. Nope, hearts are harder than ever for most there. The streets may be cleaned up a bit since I've been to NY City for the first time in 1986, but many hearts, the thing that matters most to God remain just as dirty. For you see, the Biblical God, the all important matter- are matters of the heart, not what's on the outside. Because of the heart condition of the vast majority of New Yorkers, God is about to shake things up again in NY City. That is why I believe you see a young man being sent by God there. This faithful young man if full of love for Jesus Christ but his Christian faith is also hated by many where he is going for that faith. This young man's name is Tim Tebow, If you don't know about Mr. Tebow, I suggest you do some research on your own, let's get to the point; that Tim is no Biblical prophet but he certainly is just as important. He is a faithful man who follows God despite what men may throw at him(literally at times) and in case you were unaware; Tim Tebow was recently traded from a NFL Denver team to a New York team. The news coverage about that event raised quite a ruckus amongst New York area residents, in fact, it has already caused great concern for God haters all over the New York City area. Many NY City area sports commentators have all ready jumped in on the anti-Tim Tebow “band-wagon” objecting to Mr. Tebow even taking to the football field any where near NY and the Tri-State area where they know Tim will eventually give a silent praise to Jesus Christ for any good play made. Let's be clear here about all this hate of Tim Tebow, the hate is not in reality directed at Tim Tebow, the hate is for giving to and of the name of Jesus Christ-this is the real issue and the real heart of the problem. That heart issue in itself, For God and His Word, is the rejection of God's Son Jesus Christ. This is a big problem for all humans and God is going to use Tim Tebow and his boldness in Jesus Christ to bring judgment upon every God hater in NY and to show He means business. Hang on to your hats folks, keep your eyes on the hearts and the people of New York City because when Tim Tebow arrives in the New York City area for spring training, God is going to do something, and at some point, it's going to be big. Don't think that there is no correlation between Tim Tebow coming to the New York City area and Al Qaeda's new threats. People need to pay close attention !

Remember God is a merciful God(Deuteronomy 4:31) but also, do not forget as well; God is not mocked, a man reaps what sows(Galatians 6:7). God sees everything in the hearts of people. There comes a point where God begins to show men that their foolishness and their rejection of Him has dire consequences. God never took the threat of attacks from Al Qaeda out of our nation because despite our best human efforts, we never did what God asked us to do; which was to repent of our evil ways, return to Jesus and make our lives right before Him.
God will use both Tim Tebow and Al Qaeda as tools for God's impending mercy and or judgment upon America, New York City included. I would hope that Biblical Christian New Yorker's will take the time to pray for revival rather than waiting around simply to see the destruction of their own city and nation. God can do powerful things, In the end of all things, I wish to see repentance and revival in New York City perhaps more than anyone because I know once real Biblical revival hits the “Big Apple”, it will spread throughout our land quickly and God will indeed remove Al Qaeda and we can rest once again rest upon God's blessed hands of protection for all.

Choose wisely New York, choose wisely !

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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