Friday, April 27, 2012

“America Has A Character Problem.”

     “America Has A Character Problem.”

Recent headline news this past week has brought me to the conclusion that indeed, many Americans including in our government have a character related problems. Although the most noticeable of all character problems have come to light in the news lately as the Secret Service scandal with prostitutes in Columbia, Obama and Romney's constant lying, the many other recent government scandals including in the US Justice Department, the GSA, and to many more to list here... those that are actually being brought to light are in reality, just the “tip of the iceberg” so to speak. All put together, the news of all the scandals this last week was a bit overwhelming and shocking, I am not sure why-- especially with so much evil and corruption in America(including the hypocrisy of the corrupted Congress and Senate doing the investigating) why I should be surprised these days, but the one news item that really made me upset and nearly to tears was the story of a father who's autistic son was verbally abused in a school by a teacher and teacher's aide; .

Sticking with the topic of “character” by continuing to examine the story about the dad and his autistic son, I believe this particular story not only “hits home” for me, but also really gets to what I see Biblically as the “heart” of the character issue/problem is in America. If you are unfamiliar with what occurred to this boy and his dad, I want to really encourage you to read/view the link I provided in the previous paragraph of this blog article. What you will hear and read in that article may shock you or in the end, it may not at all, It all depends I suppose on how exposed you've been to what is really occurring in our public schools and society all around us. Personally, I am not so shocked with the report of this story about the abuse of this autistic boy and his daddy because like them; I, my son and family have also experienced such similar horrible and even now being currently maltreated and even having continuous illegal activity against us as this child suffering also in the video has. My son who is also diagnosed with “autism” has in the past and even now is currently being maltreated by the City of Batavia, NY School teachers and administrators. He is being taken advantage of for financial profiteering by a Filipina Migration Marriage Scammer in conjunction with corrupt lawyers, courts, domestic violence workers, a psychologist, a City of Batavia, NY cop who threatened to murder me and the school system as well as others in and around Genesee County, NY. The root of all our children's suffering is a deeply seeded core of wickedness and dark hearted related character issue that keeps a person involved in hurting children for profit. I expected proper help for my son and children long-ago, but with a school system that had a school assembly to help all students to “accept” and “understand” a transsexual teacher, what could any parent expect ? Evil does as evil is. The dad in New Jersey with his autistic son is having difficulty gaining justice as well. It is that ungodly Character issues; front and center for all to see and hear, but who is heeding the warnings of evil's actions ?

Looking at this story even more, evil certainly reigns in many public schools across America. Many of our special needs children are maltreated and taken advantage of in public schools. Feminism is especially prevalent in our schools and purposeful destruction of our kids. In fact, feminism has contributed nothing good to our society, especially towards boys as evidenced by the female teacher calling the autistic boy in the news item a “bastard.” Feminism has taken it's root in almost all public schools, as well in much of society and the purposeful destruction of boys and men are mostly targeted. The acceptance of bad character and the lies of Feminism is at a root issue of this child being abused in New Jersey as well as all across America. As an example, lets look at some of the facts about treatment of boys in our public schools; according to the CDC; approximately 5 % of all boys are diagnosed with either ADD or ADHD(Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and trend is growing .This statistic shows boys are twice as many diagnosed with either ADD or ADHD or both as compared to girls. When looking at the ADHD as well as the ADD diagnosis, we see most of those boys are simply over diagnosed for the convenience of the teachers to control the boys in the classroom(who are the majority female in the teaching field). Boys naturally, “fidget ”, move around and process information while seemingly “not paying attention.” Feminism and those with corrupted character issues do not recognize natural and human gender differences, they are bent only on forcing others to see a distorted view of their own agenda. Again, Feminism which has at it's roots in the purposeful destruction and demasculation of all boys and men, is also at the root of treating boys and men with contempt. Acceptance and the use of Feminism itself is a evil character issue but the acceptance and use of Feminism is just one of the many, many character related issues that our nation suffers from. Like all evil which has it's root and brings about bad character, It does not belong in the scheme of doing things in a Godly and Biblical manner and is destroying our boys and sadly all of children; both boys-- and girls in our society.

Character “building” was something I was exposed to throughout my early life including as a child. I was a Webelo, eventually a Boy Scout and even later than that as an adult, while in the police/corrections academy then even more so later than that; boot camp training that character building was instilled in me as well as others as having the importance of having and maintaining “morally correct” virtues. We rarely see character building any more, not even so much in the Body of Christ which is where the real teaching of character building belongs. To often our children are exposed to politically “correct” thinking rather than what God and or the Bible, or even that the term “morally right” is used any more in teaching them. Think about this statistic would you ?; There are well over 2.3 million Americans incarcerated, more than any other nation in the world as a matter of fact ( )and one can easily make the argument that lack of Godly character has put many folks behind bars. Children often imitate what they are taught, see and hear do they not ? So does not the responsibility of what our schools and society is teaching our children including calling a child a “bastard' or “acceptance” and teaching of evil such as transsexualism put schools and society at fault ????

To many Americans sit idly by and watch their children get abused, sucked into ungodly behaviour reinforced by our morally evil public schools, and worse; abused by our even more wicked government and court systems. The question of “character” and what it truly means needs to be brought back to life. Right now, character especially Godly character, is on “life support.” How can we in reality expect our future Secret Service agents, our government employees, police, military, judges, teachers and other positions that we once in society held in high esteem, ever be brought back to a position of honor ?('honor”; another issue of character????). When we do not examine now what our children are being taught or not taught, what character of behavior can we expect from them when they later become adults ? This I believe is a crucial question that requires each one of us to take a good, long hard look at ourselves. Our nation's future as to it's very existence will be answered by honestly answering it with God of the Bible in heart and mind.

1 Corinthians 15:33 “Be not deceived: evil companions corrupt good morals.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. Character is definitely lacking in many leaders around the globe. That one word encompasses all the missing attributes that make people great leaders and where they lead great countries. Thanks for the article, which I shared at Google+.

  2. Parents are children's first teachers. It has been shown time and again how important fathers are in character building. Roughly half of all children are being deprived of their fathers. That has to have an impact on children.

    It seems to me that the consequences of fatherlessness are quite obvious in our leaders and in many other grownups who had a fatherless upbringing.