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“There's Something To Be Said About Repentance”

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 “There's Something To Be Said About Repentance”

This weeks article topic is not what I was originally intended to write about but as The Lord generally is the one who guides me as to what He would have me share with all of you weekly, It is rather late in the week but what to finally put down on paper so to speak is definitely now written and thus this week's title on the topic of “repentance,” was born.

A little background on how this topic was actually brought about I believe would be insightful in explaining my points about why I am writing about repentance as being so poignant in our world right now stating as such, please let me now explain; In the last two years, I have been viewing a television program entitled 'American Idol.” Some of you maybe be familiar with this program. I normally would not view this program especially because of the title denoting the phrase“idol” but the reason I have been viewing the program is because there have been a few of my “kababayan”(Filipino unrelated family) in the finals this year as was also in last years series. A little cultural background for all that may need further clarification; In the Philippines, singing and other talents are highly appreciated so my wife and I have been enjoying viewing and listening to Filipino-American contestants on American idol. Rooting for my kababayan is part of the cultural norm.

Anyway, beyond being entertained by our kababayan on American Idol, one of this years contestants; Colton Dixon(not a Filipino) proclaimed throughout his time on the program that he (was) is a “Christian.” Of course hearing him from time to time share a little about his faith in Jesus Christ was exciting. I enjoyed hearing him share his faith in Christ Jesus but in all honesty however had reservations about his faith as he would sing “worldly” songs and do so willingly and seemingly without hesitation. This week, Colton sang a “Lady Gaga” song. This was most disturbing to me for several reasons; the first reason for my concern is that Colton chose to sing a song by this notoriously evil woman. Second; the song selection that Colton Dixon chose to sing from “Lady Gaga” repertoire, was a notoriously evil song called“ Bad Romance.” If you are unfamiliar with that song, the song contains not only disturbing words that creates sick and immoral images, there are also words that are associated with Babylonian god worship and satanism.

What would cause a “Christian” young man to choose to sing such a wicked song on national TV none the less ? I can only speculate what those reasons might be but, what I believe the main reason probably being; the pressure to conform to a worldly TV Program coupled with worldly “judges” and largely a worldly voting television program audience. Being popular with the judges on American idol is not enough, you have a voting audience out there listening to your choice of songs to be sung on American Idol and you must must be good enough and popular enough to win. This whole singing for purely popularity reasons creates a problem for any “Christian” really. It's the same dilemma for any Christian who decides to slip into competing for anything in the world's way of doing things. The end result is always the same when doing that; always ending in deep disappointment and dissatisfaction. I can think of many so called “Christians” that take on the notion and approval of chasing after rewards the world has to offer. Such “Christians” for example; will gamble on Lotto and scratch-off games and most likely do not do gather God's rewards by ignoring the Biblical principle to tithe to their local church. They put their hope instead in “luck”, not God. The truth about such gambling is generally that the vast majority of people who put their hope in gambling and in worldly ways for that matter only wind-up losing money and eroding in their own faith as well as becoming ultimately lost in disillusionment that somehow the world has something that can reward them.better or easier than that of God's ways.

Well, Colton Dixon took his gambling chance earlier this week in stepping into looking for his rewards through the world. If you were watching American Idol just a few short days ago like I, you are aware what occurred to Colton. If you are not a fan of American Idol, let me fill you in: Colton was voted off the program. Colton had taken his chance and in all appearances, God stepped in. In Galatians 6:7 The Bible declares; “God is not mocked, a man reaps what he sows.” The Bible also warns in James 4:4 “Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. “ I earnestly believe God orchestrated Colton Dixon's exit from the American Idol for his purposeful wandering into looking for worldly reward system. Stating that, I want to share what I heard and observed from Colton that he more than likely “got it” and that he messed up with God. When it was time for Colton to say goodbye and sing his last and final song on stage, he first commented to everyone; “I'm sorry, I messed-up.” When I heard those words, I believe in my heart that Colton was apologizing for more than singing a “Gaga” song, he was apologizing to everyone including his brothers and sisters in Christ for what I believe was his drifting off from putting his Saviour Jesus Christ 2nd to the world.

When Colton Dixon began singing his final song on stage, he immediately got on his knees and sang a Christian song proclaiming his love for Jesus. Perhaps the action of humility of being on his knees, singing what sounded like a worship song to Jesus was perhaps Colton's way of saying... “Ok, I left you Lord, I drifted away but I'm back and I'm sorry, I've learned my lesson; you are number one and I've come back to you.” The action of Mr. Dixon reminded me of King David after being caught committing adultery with Bathsheba; eventually God dealt with David and in the end, David too also repented and God restored him. It may very well be that God like with King David, He heard Colton's heart and seen what appeared to be repentance on Colton's part. If indeed if all what I had seen, heard and is most importantly it is what God has seen, He will indeed restore Colton Dixon's life but it will be only for God's glory. I at least hope this is the case because if there was ever a time this nation which is filled with a very wicked government, widely selfish people, and apathetic society, we sure could use a Godly example of a man repenting to Jesus Christ and being restored back to God. Yep, right now-yes, repentance sure could be used right now.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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