Saturday, March 31, 2012

“ Nancy Schaefer's Murder; 2 Years Later, Nothing's Changed.”

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“ Nancy Schaefer's Murder; 2 Years Later, Nothing's Changed.”

Two years after former Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer's death, not much has changed. I'm speaking not only of the request of thousands of people for the State of Georgia and or the Fed's to do a proper investigation into her death, I believe I am also speaking on behalf of the millions of parents who have and continue to be raped of their children and families by the entire corrupt Family Court system here(and around the world)in the USA.

The lie that Senator Schaefer who was supposedly killed by her husband two years ago in a supposed “murder-suicide” as reported by the Georgia State Bureau of Investigation continues to have the same “holes” in the report as was first reported. The ridiculous report including that Nancy's husband; Bruce, had cancer and that is why he shot Nancy then himself is believed by very few. Anyone with having been employed with a forensic investigation background such as I can see that all of us “John Q. Public” were supposed to be fooled by the coroner's office in Georgia in relation that Bruce had cancer ( Again, another LIE just like the other floated by Georgia State representatives LIED that the Schaefer's had had “financial problems” as also what the Bureau also floated around as speculation for Nancy's murder( ). Nope, lie, after lie, after lie were precipitated by those who did at that time, and continue to lie to cover up Senator Schaefer's death today. Oh yes, for sure Nancy was murdered, but all indication is, it was not by her husband Bruce. Who exactly were the murderer's then ? Now that question, we can only speculate. With the State of Georgia NOT doing their jobs and actually stonewalling a proper investigation into her death, we must go on to asking the next logical and easier question to answer; Why was she murdered ? That is much easier to prove as she shared publicly and on record, she had been told by her Republican Party leadership NOT to continue exposing the corruption in CPS, Family Courts, as well as the illegal and corrupt actions of the millions of lawyers, judges, police, psychologists, domestic violence workers and all the rest in the destruction of the family for profit scheme.

Those who knew Mrs Schaefer at the time of her death also were aware of Nancy's film project(with Bill Bowen her film director who was also found dead 5 months after Nancy's murder) exposing a pedophile ring within the Georgia State Government. Nancy had already exposed other state governments that had held “auctions” to sell off American children to prospective person's interested who were willing to pay cash for these children. Nancy (who will always be a hero in my “book”) put her life at high risk (despite threats from our government)for exposing our ever so increasing corrupt government which brings me to what else we are aware of since Nancy's death two years later; that is that our government leaders wax worse and worse, not better. Not only have the vast majority of our state leaders aligned themselves with evil, so have most of our elected and appointed Federal Representatives. Those of the Judicial Branch also have aligned themselves with evil by not only purposely covering up the gross sin and illegal activity of stealing children, the destruction of the family for cash, but also these same government employee's willingly participate in these evil actions as well and sadly two years after Senator Schaefer's murder, it seems very few are willing to stop them.

As before Senator Schaefer's death and up to now; Republicans as well as Democrats are just as equal in their participation in destruction of the family. Don't let supposed Republicans and or so called “Conservatives” fool you with their “pro-family” rhetoric. Later this year(2012), We Americans will be choosing our next President as well as a handful for the Federal and State Legislative Branch. None of the candidates for President have come out and spoken about changes needed in the Family Court, CPS, domestic violence and child stealing for profit problem. I have seen in a video tape interview where Ron Paul stated he is opposed to Federal Title IV funding to the states which is a great idea but even if Mr. Paul were elected this coming November, the vast majority of Congress and the Judiciary is involved in pro-family wrecking and are in love with the idea of stealing children and destroying families for cash. So then, even Dr. Paul(whom I am not endorsing for POTUS) could never get his wish to remove the financial incentive for family destruction for profit. The reasons for these crooked politicians and their evil cohorts in the Judiciary and in the Executive Branch is simple; it's their love affair for wickedness and is also all to obvious as well that the vast majority of our government leaders are lawyers and that in itself should tell you everything about evil for cash. Another reason for the bond between child stealing and family destruction for money making is the love affair of both Republicans and Democratic political parties with controlling people's lives. Don't let any politician fool you with their forked tongue election or re-election speeches about “helping working class families.” “You LIE !” has become one of my most repeated quotes when listening to the many politician running for election and or re-election these days.

The bottom line here folks is this; It is our choice and that it is every American's choice to allow this deadly game of allowing our elected and non-elected leaders and those evilists whom they support to carry on in “legal” child kidnapping and family destruction for cash. These evilists will not stop unless we stop them. More parents and children will die at the hands of cops and foster care/adoption agencies for child and family stealing/destruction unless we stop them dead in their tracks first. Don't think for one minute that you can allow the deadly game, that your children can be taken illegally and later at some point, your family will be simply restored by suing the evil police, CPS, domestic violence workers and the like. You very well may not get that chance; you cannot sue from the grave. As like Senator Schaefer, parents and good people are being killed for just voicing their opposition to their families being destroyed. We need to do something about evil, and we need to do something now. As Ernie Larson has said for many years; “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” I am quite sure Mr. William Reddie would agree with me whole heartily if he could speak from the grave; If you are not familiar with Mr. Reddie, he is the Michigan father who was yet another parent murdered by a cop so as his child could be stolen for the government could make cash. The cops LIED about Mr. Reddie's alleged Marijuana use and killed this father just so steal ANOTHER child.

Nope, things haven't gotten better regarding destroying wickedness in America, just a whole lot worse since the murder of Former Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer. Personally, I will not go on without fighting against The Batavia, NY cop who threatened to murder me, the corrupt Genesee County judges, lawyers and others who stole my children, house, all my property the gave all to an illegal alien. Nope, I hope you join me in exposing and ridding our nation of Filipina Migration Marriage Scammers, corrupt judges, cops, teachers, lawyers, CPS and domestic violence workers, politicians and the rest who do such wicked things such as steal and destroy families for financial gain once for all.

Let's all have the fortitude and tenacity of Nancy Schaefer, let's make her proud and continue what she started in Christ Jesus( Yes! she was a member of the Southern Baptist Convention and a born-again Christian !).

As my answer to God a long time ago, and I hope and pray it is yours as well can be found in Joshua 24:15 “...But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. We need a NATIONAL DAY of phone, email & mail. Imagine the switchboard at the White House jammed with calls from every state? Imagine emails flooding into the White House from every state? Imagine mail from every state being mailed all on the same day? Unity is the only answer and since we can expect everyone to go to Washington DC on the same day, we should do the phone, email & mail protest on the same day as the protests in DC.

  2. On a more positive note how about supporting "National Family Month/Day"?? >>

  3. Bill Bowen was found dead on a Golf course those whom knew Bill knew he did not play GOLF!!!

  4. Thank you so much for addressing this and for being a great friend too!