Friday, September 2, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg, Advocate Of The Devil ??

Mayor Bloomberg, Advocate Of The Devil ??

Ten years, yes it's been ten years since to 911 attacks. Hard to believe but it's true. We Americans are getting ready to recognize an important historical event and the very people who responded to the disaster are not invited ! That's right folks. Mayor Bloomberg has decided that first responders like the police, firefighters, FBI Agents, CIA Agents, etc...who ran towards the 911 tragedy to help, not away from it, are not invited. Instead these hero's can go to a park and watch the anniversary event on a large screen TV. If that bright idea of Bloomberg doesn't sit well with you and made you sick and angry enough, oh by the way, God is not invited either. Christian leaders have been excluded from the 911 ten year anniversary event. No prayers will be offered up to God asking for forgiveness, healing nor restoration to our nation.

I cannot think of anything more idiotic than to disrespect the people who risked their very lives by locking them out. Well, there is one thing more idiotic in my view than disrespecting the 911 first responders, that is by disrespecting God and His people. If there was ever a time in our nation that we needed to seek God for healing and reconciliation, it is now. Mayor Bloomberg in all his “wisdom” apparently believes that we as a nation don't need to seeks God's direction or His Biblical Wisdom. The Bible however makes it quite clear that if we disobey God and His precepts and commands, we will become a cursed people. Mayor Bloomberg among many others in our Federal, State and local governments have taken upon themselves to make laws, rules all according to “man's intellect” and now we see disaster upon disaster for their foolish decisions. I have to ask, has anyone ever explained to Mayor Bloomberg why the 911 disaster was allowed by God Himself and a it was a warning to us all as a nation to repent of such arrogant and a foolish idea that we think we are smarter than God?

Somehow I don't think soon after the 911 ten year anniversary event, it's going to go well for America. Unless Mayor Bloomberg learns a little humility, Bloomberg is going to move forward with this 911 event and making many people very angry, God included. As we study Biblical history, we can see what occurred to Israel and Judah when they came to a place also where they believed they knew better then God, tragedy soon followed. Sometimes when I read the Old Testament accounts of both Israel and Judah in their rebelliousness attitudes towards God, I have to wonder if God just laughed at them at first. I get a picture of Shirley MacLaine in my mind with her famous cry to the heaven's; “ I am god.” What a fool ! And Bloomberg is just as much a fool for such an attitude as his regarding the 911 anniversary event.

When will America learn ? Yes, when will we learn ? we as a nation have corrupted ourselves. We want recognition, we want to appease everyone and that includes the devil. Why though ? Why would people in our governments, people with power and control want to destroy our nation ?What possible benefit could there be to “just try to get along” and “don't make the atheists or the Islamists angry” ? Well for Bloomberg, one of the richest men in America, he's got something up his sleeve and it has nothing to do with helping you, I or our fellow American neighbors, no. Bloomberg has got money tied up somewhere and with someone and that someone is working for the devil ! Don't be fooled America, Just like President Obama, Mayor Bloomberg is not stupid nor is he ignorant. These men and many others like them are bringing a purposeful destruction to our nation and that unless Christians and good American's everywhere stand up now, right now !, You may very well see on the eleventh year anniversary event of 911, view next years event our nations leaders apologizing to the Islamists for their “being forced to fly those planes into the twin towers to teach America a lesson.” Oh ya, at that time, all our women will also be wearing burkas and all our men will be slaves to the Islamists. Don't believe me ? Read your Bible.

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