Friday, March 16, 2012

“ In The Spring, At The Time When Kings Go Off To War “

In The Spring, At The Time When Kings Go Off To War

Does this phrase sound familiar my friend ? It should as it is a paraphrased quote from 1Chronicles 20:1. If you go on in reading in the remaining portion of 1Chronicles you read about King David, arguably the greatest king Israel ever had. King David had been in battle many times in his lifetime, even up to and in his old age but he did not go into battle this particular time. Instead, he sent out another man; Joab to lead David's might army into battle on behalf of God's Israel. The lesson learned from David not performing his duty as King is that he got himself in some real trouble with God. If You are unfamiliar with the story of what specifically transpired due to David's disobedience to God, I highly suggest that you read the full account of David's life in the Bible. For those however who need a simple reminder; David's rebellion to stay at home rather than fight in battle against Israel's enemies, resulted in him to commit adultery with Bathsheba, murder her husband and later contribute to his own family being divided against him.

What can we learn from this true story ? What modern day similarities can we compare between King David's lack of taking up his God given responsibility to go off to war and fend off evil as in comparison to today's Bible believing Christian and their responsibility to expose and fend off evil ? Well, we can certainly see that in “the spring time”, Kind David knew his responsibility was to “go off to war.” There was no one else called by God to fight that battle. In King David's case though, he had rebellion in his heart to ignore God's call to responsibilities and thus trouble began by David's next decision to delegate his responsibility to fend off evil to another man; Joab. Problem being; God did not call Joab to duty, he called David. So right away, we can see also that in our American society today, many so called “Christians” also skirt their responsibility to go off to war against evil. Just like what King David had gotten himself in deep trouble for not taking up his responsibilities to remove evil, he and now many American “Christians” also suffer horrible consequences for those inaction’s of cutting down atrociousness. Many Americans have continually and willing turned over their God given responsibilities to others such as pastors, teachers, lawyers and even the most corrupted of all things; their own government !

What has all this “skirting” of responsibility to go off to war to remove evil done to our nation ? Well I believe all one has to do is just take a look around you and clearly, you can see; many so called “Christians” and “Christian” churches laying in bed with the devil. Compromise with the Word of God is the name of their game. Itchy ear preaching from the pulpit endorsing sinful acts such as feminism, abortion and homosexuality which can be heard from the pulpit nearly every weekend. Our schools; from preschool all the way to college are filled with teachers and professors which openly mock God, the Bible and Christianity yet proclaim the “goodness” of Communism, Islam and antisemitism. Our children are exposed to an onslaught of evil and purposeful hatred against God's teachings daily In our Federal and State government's, in all three branches, we hear judges, lawyers, legislators and those also of the Executive Branch openly lie, cheat and steal their way through office. All these evils presently taking place in America with barely a bat of the eye or a peep out of the mouths of our nation's citizens and the Christian Church against such criminal acts.

Evil in America has largely gone unchecked and unscathed. I see many so called pastors and Christians looking for ways to compromise with or “love on” unrepentant evil rather than to challenge wickedness at it's core. Surly the Christian Church has failed and so have most Americans as evident by the amount of evil run a muck in our nation. Right now evil does and says as it pleases because there are very few Godly men that will pick up their cross and their weapon of righteousness to combat evil. I fear most “Godly”men have been tantalized by the TV remote and or their 6-pack of beer. As Obama continues in his fraud and lies, Bill Maher, Al Sharpton(I will not disgrace my Biblical God by referring to Sharpton as “reverend”), Ed Schultz, and many, many others who call good people vile names, and as both Republicans and as well as Democrats also spew their lies and pass laws to rob our natural and God given liberties unchecked without any real challenge to remove them, matters for all of us have become much, much worse.

I hear the complaints, I hear the frustrations of so many of you, but few are willing to do as what the Bible says to do. I have written to you about many ways to combat and remove evil such as with sacrifice ( I have written to you also how to specifically remove evil... ( ). I even had given you and had also previously shown you the fruit of what evil has produced in our nation and the UK ( No, Fox News Channel cannot save you, your Republican Party Presidential Nominee cannot rescue you, it's high time you realize that all your attitude of doing nothing but whining and complaining results in is the evilists laughing at you(us) and more evil.

People have contacted me and asked me; “Pastor, when are people going to wake up in our nation? “(America). Often my response is; “ I don't think most will wake up until it's to late.” I really do hope and pray that I am wrong in stating that. In all honesty though, I don't see nor hear many Godly men making(James 2:17-20) a real stand to defend their wives, their children, their families nor our nation of late. If I say we live in a nation of cowardly men who revere not God nor Godly justice I think that statement may be a bit strong, but as always in pure honesty, I don't think I'm far off from the mark when I make such statements. Truth is truth my friend no matter how much it hurts.

I want to make a real challenge to all Godly men out there, where ever they may be; Don't let evilists rob your children nor your family or even your nation. Get with other Godly men, say your prayers together as men but know the exact time it is in our nation's need. This is NOT the time for more strawberry socials, church conferences, “refreshing meetings” nor things that take our heart's from focusing on removing unrepentant evil. It is as Ecclesiastes 3:8 that states there is a “ A time of war.” Surly this is not time to watch the next sports game on the “boob tube”, nor it is not time to go the party, or even time to clean the BBQ. No; it's “At the time when kings go off to war.” Are you ready and wearing your full amour of God ???

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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