Friday, March 2, 2012

“The Fruit Of Wallowing In Pig Poo”

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“The Fruit Of Wallowing In Pig Poo”

On many occasions in my articles I have taken the time to warn Americans and nations of the world of the catastrophe of ignoring God's Word and the dire consequences of allowing evil to remain. As many of us who love Jesus can plainly see in the latest of headline news, very few Americans are heeding the call to reject wickedness and to return to God. While I am saddened by the response not only of most Americans and their refusal to follow the only real way to get our nation back, I am especially disappointed regarding the so called Christian and “Church’s” response to all the madness that surrounds us.

In the period just in the time period of the last week, the news reported that in America we have seen two school shootings, massive tornadoes; killing people and torn down many homes and business buildings. Couple these horrific tragedy's of more news of gasoline and oil prices skyrocketing, the Conservative Journalist Andrew Breitbart's untimely death and most recently, news that a bomb squad was racing to conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh's home. At this point in all that is occurring perhaps we can all agree that “no news is good news.”

As Americans, do you still ask yourself the question; what the heck is going on that keeps the bad news everyday causing matters in our nation and world to go from bad to worse ? Well, I have answered that question frequently in my past blog articles but it looks like it's all still worth repeating... Some people just don't want to “get it “ until it's to late and judging by Iran getting ready to blow us or Israel or some other nation up, coupled with the American Dollar ready to collapse any day now, I pray to God, it isn't to late for America. Really, I mean this when I say; Americans need to repent to Jesus Christ like yesterday and our nation's leaders need to get on their knees and repent also not only individually but corporately for our nation.

America has allowed herself to wander off and jump in a big pile of pig poo and it seems most American's enjoy being there. Now In my heart, I really want to believe most people would want to get out and wash themselves off if ever falling in a pile of pig poo. Doesn’t seem to be the case though for most Americans. The attitude of most in our country seems to be that of wallowing in the pig poo in hopes the smell and poo will go away on it's own or others will jump in the pile of dung getting dirty with them. I know I and other Godly and Biblical pastors and Christians have given plenty of loud and clear warning and even pointed the way for all of us on how to escape the pig poo but few have responded positively, most actually have responded actually with viciousness and anger. Kinda reminds me of the old joke about the man stuck hanging off a cliff; the man cried out for help and God, without making himself visible said... “I'm here to help you” but at the end of the joke, the man replied to God; “is there anyone else out there ?” The meaning of this joke points to Biblical truth that secular strategies for job growth, national defense, lower gasoline prices, the sagging housing market, coupled with continuance on selfish attitudes, greed and self-reliance is not going to work. Long before men became “educated” in colleges and universities God Himself designed the perfect plan to fix all socioeconomic, physical, emotional and spiritual issues and as well all other issues we in our nation all currently suffer from. If American's can ever get it in their heads and hearts that God has ways of fixing our problems by following His Biblical prescription plan, we will all be better off. I am just wondering though as I write this article; if it is all to late for America ?

The Bible contains everything we need to be successful in life. Religion or so called “spirituality” only leads to death and as the Bible puts it in Revelation 21:8, sends people off to the Lake Of Fire. As religious cults continue to grow and claim to be “Christian” some how in nature, the more I ask myself; does anyone actually read and apply the Christian Bible anymore ? Seems since the early 1960's satan has had a firm grip on destroying America from within. Makes me also ponder Abraham Lincoln's famous quote “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Surely, ignoring God and His Word is a massive part of bringing a destructive end to our and any society.

I have been attacked for standing up for the Biblical Jesus from those mainly in the UK and the USA. Both nations were once historically two of God's powerhouses for sending Biblical Christian Missionaries throughout the world. These days, with especially America wallowing in pig poo, third-world nations are sending their Biblical Christian missionaries to to the USA to evangelize the Americans and help them understand that the God of the Bible has a much better plan for people than smelling of animal dung. If we all get real honest we will all see and readily admit that no culture or society has ever been allowed to remain standing very long when ignoring God's ways. In the Bible, you will find that there are promises of blessings upon any nation that follows God's precepts but also curses for every nation that ignores those same precepts as well. Looking at our own nation's history, we can very easily see the blessings that we once enjoyed because most families and community leaders read and applied the Christian Bible universally. Now a days, divorce, family strife, government child kidnapping, Muslim attacks upon our culture and nation, The US Government and it's States trampling on every natural and God given freedom without real challenge form the citizenry, we are all feeling the effect of our society rejecting Jesus Christ as Lord and King of our family, communities and nation. God has allowed each of these evils because we have rejected Him and His Word.

People very often get angry when you show them how to get family, community and national as well as international matters settled effectively and how also that they can only be done through the Bible. I've learned though, it's everyone's choice to remain in the pig poo, but when our national leaders make decisions that forces me in their pile of pig poor or I suffer because these so called government leaders lead a rebellion against God Himself-that's where I draw the line... I'm going to take action to make things Biblicaly right.

How about you ? Got Jesus or are you determined to see it your way and remain in the pig poo also ?

Proverbs 1:7 “The fear of The LORD is the beginning of Knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”
Pastor Paul Waldmiller-Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. Great post Pastor Paul. The god of this world has been faithfully trying to bring The U.S. down from its conception. It couldn't be done from without, so the attack has been slow and consistent through the last coupl'a hundred years to undo The U.S. from within. But this attack is nothing new in that we Americans are following the same destructive path that is even seen in the Old Testament. Bondage. Liberty. Prosperity. Corruption. Bondage. I perceive what's left of the Republic of the United States of America is on the down side of corruption sliding head first into bondage. Namely because the vast majority of American citizenry today come into this world accepting the offerings of the god of this world (pig poo. I was there once)and they like it. It nourishes them. It's what they want. So much so it shouldn't be so disheartening when you or I or any other disciple of Jesus Christ offers them a steak (the Truth of God's Word) they are repelled by it cuz pig poo has sustained them for so long. But! There are those that are sick of the taste of poo and are looking for what would truly nourish them. And those are the one's we look to help.

    They're are many genuine American Christian Patriots out there deeply concerned about the nation founded on Truth, but we are just a remnant as the world as a whole rejects Truth. But that doesn't mean we lay down and take it! I am so thankful to God to be affiliated with you and other true patriots via American Patriots Press!

  2. Sir, even should we survive this year, even should we triumph in November, restoring Conservatives to leadership in our Government, our nation will be lost, our efforts for nothing, if America does not come to repentence. The situation will only repeat itself even more demonically the next go-around. Add my name to those praying that this is merely a trip to the woodshed rather than the executioner's block.

  3. “Is… ‘TRUTH’… Racism? – 101” …Blog.

    *** (Isaiah 5:20) Woe to those who call evil good and good evil; who put darkness for light and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

    *** (1Jn 2:21) I have not written to you because you do not know the Truth; but because you know it; and know that –> no Lie –> is of the Truth.