Sunday, July 24, 2011

"It's Pronounced “sak-ruh-fahys “, Know The Word ?"

It's Pronounced “sak-ruh-fahys “, Know The Word ?

Perhaps in today's world of “It's all about me”, this word; “sacrifice” is basically a non-existent word in our vocabulary. Many people have read this word somewhere perhaps, but truly know not it's meaning. Beyond Veteran's Day and a glimpse of about a “hot” 3 seconds of reflection of what hundreds of thousands of military veterans have given for our nation and freedom, most American's have no idea what the word sacrifice really means. Unfortunately if you were to ask the average “Joe” out on the streets of America what it means to them to give up something up of themselves, you would most likely get a response to something like they “(I)gave up that extra large fries and drank a diet Coke instead.” Many Americans including so called Christians just don't get it. We've been so accustomed to getting our own way, pouting, scramming and throwing tantrums like little 3 years olds when we don't get what we want, when we want, how we want it, we wouldn't recognize or understand the need for true sacrifice even if it stared us in the face.

Our American Founding Fathers Knew exactly what the word “sacrifice” meant. Many in the end of their lives lost everything.... homes, land, family and more. They gave sacrificially not only of their time and resources, but they also gave of their very own lives as a living sacrifice for others. Did you read that ? I wrote “others.” America was not only a nation to be birthed only of those fighting Colonists during the American Revolutionary War, but for all those who sought liberty within the original 13 British Colonies. All would benefit from the action of a minority living within it's boundaries. Can you imagine getting the benefits of what others have done sacrificially for you ? You can't ? Really? Well guess what ? You are already reaping many benefits from those before you who laid down their lives sacrificially for your freedom. Unfortunately, people today have become more accustomed of “grabbing” freedom rather than fighting for it as did our American For Fathers.

When writing this week's article, I could not help but reflect on the life of American For Father George Washington who before he was even President of The United States Of America, spent many years in preparation as well as in war itself. Even after war, he spent many more years as President and away from his wife Betsy Ross. George Washington suffered great losses of his own spending much of his own personal money to build a new nation. He already had by the beginning of his presidency, lost many American patriots (under his command) in battle, and spent many years away from his wife. Now that, that is sacrifice. How many of us can honestly say we would be willing to sacrifice so much for the benefits of others ? I also here speak to myself as I write this, for I know a day is coming soon that God is calling me back to the USA where I will have to sacrifice yet more. Already as some of you who are reading this article are like I, you have also had your home, children, property stolen by an illegal and evil American(or other) Government. I say to myself as well as to you; now is not the time to shrink or hold back, now is the time to press on harder then ever before.

Looking at the sad state of America as a nation, No sane person could ever imagine or act alone for that matter to attempt to bring back America to it's one time greatness. We need God to intervene. We need real and sound Christians everywhere to rise up together as one, to focus not on themselves or church denomination or church by laws or dogma. No, we need Godly men and women who will instead focus on the cross of Christ and resist the devil. There is no escape from that fact we need to repent and bring Jesus back to America. We have wandered into satan's territory as a nation and no man or women, no group, no protest, nothing without the help of the God of The Bible will ever work to get America back without God's people rising up in repentance and in righteous action. We must resign ourselves to the fact that all the evil we suffer is due to our own self-centerdness, apathetic, non-Biblical, and allowing of evil-attitudes.

Jesus set the example my friends on the cross. He died there not just to die but he did so as a loving sacrifice and example of what real men and women do when satan gets busy and tries to destroy a nation and a people. It's time for sacrifice. I don't mean throwing a few extra dollars in the church collection plate on Sunday. Keep your money ! God is looking for true hearts who will stand irregardless of the cost to to self. I believe God is (and I) looking for like minded Christians who will not only call for repentance, but grab onto the collars of those who refuse to repent and are trying to sow their evil deeds in our land. There need not be any Social Web Site Groups, names, insignias, official doctrines, and so on. When God called little David to go after Goliath, there was the king's army who was terrified, then there was David with a heart hard after God. That is what God (and I) are looking for, people with not only sacrifice but guts to say “NO !” when wrong is wrong and to take immediate and unhesitant action against evil doers. People with a heart after God must be ready also to set a Godly example in their lives, as Christ, to lay down their very lives for their children, spouses, family and friends. This is no game. Sacrifice is serious business. Are you not only willing, but are you able ?

I am a clergyman, it is true. But I am also a patriot—and my liberty is as dear to me as to any man. Shall I hide behind my robes, sitting still at home, while others spill their blood to protect my freedom? Heaven forbid it! “~ Rev. Peter Muhlenberg

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