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“Who/What Is Occupy Wall Street ? “

“Who/What Is Occupy Wall Street ? “

All the attention regarding “Occupy Wall Street” as well as “Occupy” other cities around the USA(and around the world now for that matter) has caused me to do a little investigating and researching on my own to see just who is protesting and what are their concerns. It appears from the onset and continues to hold true, that many of protesters are college students, members of labor unions, and those who also hold to beliefs contrary to Capitalism as a political ideology. When looking at photos and or pictures taken of the protesters, one cannot help but see the old hippies(living in the past and have nothing else better to do ?), labor union “local” t-shirts that people are wearing and the numerous signs for what beliefs they belong. In gathering all this information, I think who they are is pretty obvious. The college students at the protests are fairly easy to identify also...not many in our society are easily employable in most jobs wearing “dreadlocks” or spray painted green hair. Then again we are talking about the main protest being in New York City so just about anything is acceptable there. Bottom line though I think is that I've gotten a real good “glimpse” of who the majority of these protesters are, and I don't like what I see.

Most of my information regarding the “Occupy Wall Street” protests have come from, like many of you you-from the “main stream” media and alternative news sources. It would seem many of the news people at first ignored the occupiers on Wall Street but when the protesters did not go away, the news agencies started to check things out, making local and national reports of virtually every source, giving their own description as to what this “ protest” was all about. Depending on where you have gotten your news reports however, you might have received a different point of view as to the protester's points of demands. Some reports showed protesters demanding “the public” to pay for their college education while other news agencies showed pictures of protesters wanting “Bankers to pay their fair share.” The real agenda of the “occupiers” though has been seeping out in pieces to us  of “John Q. Public” as of late, and as these protesters hold their newest placards and signs, they are identifying their true beliefs and or agendas. That the reality is they on the most part hold to Socialist or Communist ideologies. I could eaily identify who they truly were because I could hear and see even from the earliest news reports that some involved in the protests were demanding that “The rich pay their fair share", “1% of the population owns most of the wealth.” or “Share the wealth.” Believe me, I know exactly where those ideas come from.

It is good that it has been only a very small minority of the protesters who are just “average middle class” folks out there with their complaint that they lost their jobs, homes and most of their personal belongings due to “greedy corporations.” To me, If anyone does have a legitimate “beef” about “Wall Street, bankers or corporations” it would be these average middle class Americans. They have probably have more legitimate reason to be protesting than any one else out there with the the rest of the protesters but let it be known, these “average middle class Americans” want nothing to do with the Socialist agenda, drug use or any of the other non-sense going on out there at these “occupy” protests Thats why you don't see many good Americans out there with the protesters to begin with. The more “news” that I read, the more I am learning, the less I like of this protest.

No matter what this whole “occupy wall street” protests are truly about, it is gaining ground and attention in many other nations around the world, not just in America. Greece has been on fire(as a reference to social upheaval) for several years now and if you want to see what what America and other nations will soon become if these protests continue, just look at what Greece's economy, protests and people have become today. I can tell you from what I see, is that what is happening in Greece and other nations with these types of protests is not good for the USA. I don't like this protest for the reason that many ungodly people are involved, the same as in other nations including Greece. These ungodly type of people are the same kind that also are involved in the protests on Wall Street(and across the nation). I am amazed but probably shouldn't be that some of the protesters are actually calling themselves “Christians.” They are stating ridiculous things like;“Jesus would approve” of their protests. Their statements border on sacrilege and nothing they state could be further from Biblical truth. Reality check can anyone who identifies themselves or collaborates with a Socialist and or Communist, also identify with Jesus or the Bible ? If anything, history proves over and over again that Communists and Socialists hate Christianity. Heck, the Soviet Union's Stalin and Mao of China( and other Communists nations) have (and still are) murdered millions of Christians during their reigns of terror. If people would only read their Bibles and learn from history. I Admit, Jesus and the Bible do have some very tough things to say about the rich and rich oppressors but Jesus never forced anyone to give up their wealth. People have the right to be greedy, stingy or selfish or sinful in America or where ever they are. Sinful actions are not right, but we don't force people to do what is right before God. If people need to be removed for continued sinful and or horrible acts, we better be right before God ourselves ! If people sin all the time but refuse to look at their own faults before judging others; it's called hypocrisy. So is anyone telling a rich man to give up his wealth while the person asking, is he or her also involved in sinful acts towards God ? Get right with God first, then go “take the twig” outta the rich man's eye. Better yet, teach the rich man how to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour so he can be guided by God himself to give his money freely to others without manipulation or new laws.

We must learn our Biblical lesson that we cannot make up laws to force rich people to give up their money(ever hear the phrase you cannot legislate a heart ?) without changing and taking responsibility to who we are both individually and as a nation first. Looking at facts here, and In comparison; many of the “Wall Street Occupiers” do not wish to be told to stop defecating on the street(or on police cars), end their illegal drug use, end their lude behavior and cover their nude body parts in public, etc. Do they all listen ? Oh no ! These protesters just want to do what they want to do. Isn't that the same thing the “rich” are also accused of doing ? Doing what they want without regards to others ? In retrospect, my father taught me a valuable saying a long time ago; he said to me “Two wrongs don't make a right.” I think what my father taught me also applies here to the protesters.
One last point that I want to make regarding“who” these protesters are and I hope this “hits home” for many of you... it is what I have suspected all along, it looks like it is very true that it is George Soros is the mastermind behind these protests in the USA. There are new media reports he is actually paying some of the “ Occupy Wall Street” protesters to bring chaos to the streets of America, and I believe those reports. If you are not familiar with George Soros, I highly suggest you get acquainted and educated as to what and who he is. Personally, I think Soros may actually be the anti-christ. His actions are very evil and I pray that people will get educated and realize that this man is purposely bringing chaos, anarchy and confusion to our nation all to the end for his personal benefit and financial gain.

I want to give everyone here a Biblical warning as I have on other occasions and that is; to be very careful to what and who you lend to and or align yourself with. There are so called “movements” and ideologies out there that on the outside may appear or “ look good” but like an onion, when you peel back the layers, you may find something very different then what you expected and in the end, you may be sorry you got yourself involved in and opened in the first place.

If you want to see what's going on yourself with the “Occupy Wall Street” protests, check out this video from SNL Actress Victoria Jackson, I found it to be quite enlightening ;

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~ "Black Robe Regiment Pastor"

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