Saturday, October 22, 2011

“Don't Forget The Importance Of American Foreign Policy !”

“Don't Forget The Importance Of American Foreign Policy !”

While viewing some of the Republican Presidential debates recently, I could not help but notice something was missing from all the verbal exchanges and attacks amongst those Presidential hopeful candidates. That “something” missing was the importance of and discussion regarding the need of change from Obama's current atrocious foreign policies to the return of a foreign policy that focuses on what is truly best for the United States as well as our seemingly forgotten foreign allies. Looking back on some of those Presidential debates and in all honesty, I did hear a few references to foreign policy from Republican Presidential hopeful Ron Paul, but his view is of a blanket Isolationist and I did not hear much argument that Isolationism for America is wrong from the other candidates. It seemed sadly, that the main focus of these debates was held solely to and focused primarily on jobs, the economy and domestic related issues only and that should not be.

Without the candidates addressing their plans regarding foreign policy, we are missing out on perhaps the number two of reasons how America's economic and social instability will recover. Failing to question candidates about foreign policy lacks bringing full attention to America's suffering at the hands of the current American Presidential administration. Of course our current erroneous foreign policy is something that many Americans are not primarily thinking about because of many economic woes, but I do believe we should all be hearing from the Republican Presidential challengers on this subject matter. We need to hear from them now regarding how they plan to straighten out and eradicate the current treacherous foreign policy of President Obama and that also of Secretary Of State Hilary Clinton. In fact, It is necessary to ask of every Republican Presidential Candidate; what kind of “wheeling and dealing” has the Secretary Of State been making while on her trips to visit foreign heads of state ? As well, it would be great to know if the candidates themselves are aware or privy to what secretive things she has been up to? Also, what would the candidates do to repair the damage already done to our friends abroad due to the current administrations failed relational tactics towards long time foreign allies ? There are important matters of national and international interest to all Americans that have become way to secretive, even much too secret apparently for the ears of the US Congress. Bottom line so to speak; is that some of these current Presidential candidates must raise similar questions such as what I mentioned here in the up-coming debates if we are ever to know what America will look like in the future.

I believe, to not address the need in changing our current foreign policy, would only allow our friendships with other nations to further deteriorate. Ron Paul, who I mentioned earlier in this article seems to be the only one interested in addressing foreign policy during these debates. However, I also mentioned he is wrong to state we need to have an Isolationist view, also cutting off all foreign aide to foreign nations(including our long time friend and ally-Israel). Of course the US Government, nor the American People can no longer afford to blindly hand out our hard earned taxpayer dollars to any nation it feels is in want, but on the other hand we cannot simply abandon our foreign allies while other super powers such as China and Russia are using their wealth and resources for further subversive tactics in bringing America to her knees politically, economically and socially. We, with our Western mindset must change to realize we can not allow nor believe that if we blindly close our eyes that the world will not harm us. Problems do not, I repeat-problems do not disappear on their own. Past history reveals that we as a nation attempted to isolate ourselves during two world wars in the last century. Evil came knocking at our door step anyway(remember the Imperial Japanese attack on Pearl harbor ?). Those seeking world domination occurred despite many American's wanting to avoid interaction and aggression taken by other nations. Should I remind you what happened between England's Chamberlain and Nazi Germany's Hitler ? Take a look historically at other nations as Japan, Italy, and Russia during that time period and ask yourself has the world become a safer place ? History can and will repeat itself if we forget the lessons already learned just a few generations ago.

No, the world cannot get along without us and we need their help as much as we need theirs to eradicate evil. There are new enemies of the USA in addition to old ones that never left us, namely those of the Islamic nations whose religious leaders refer to America as the “great satan.” Some of our closest allies have been also been attacked by those who profess the Muslim religion. In fact, many Islamists around the world are taking aim at our nation and our (thanks to Obama) former allies. This unfortunately was successfully achieved all with the help and blessings of our current President and his administrative aides. We are in a foreign policy crisis mode and it has been purposely created to cripple us as a nation, offend our long-time world partners and ultimately enable negatively(in every way possible) our nation by the hands of President Obama and his administration. This man has single handedly changed for the worse, many areas of our foreign policy by embracing Islamic Fundamentalism, thus taken us as a nation to a harmful position in aiding and encouraging Islamic world domination. This current American foreign policy will destroy the America as we once knew it. For our foreign friends, It means it is not just the USA that suffers, it is as well our foreign allies that have indeed and will continue to suffer because of the current administrations friendship with these Islamists and foes of the American people and Christian way of life.

With a little credit to Obama I suppose, It is wonderful that we are seeing political dictators(including Qaddafi) fall one by one but the question goes back to; at who's expense ? Those of us who are keen to Obama's evil ploy to destroy America know that it is Obama's goal to sweep Islam into America and unto the world. It is ultimately his goal to usher out Christianity, to destroy America, and to aide current Islamic “revolutions” in the Middle East. I know Obama is in hope that these Islamic revolutions(dubbed “Arab Spring”) will spread to Europe and finally to America. My friends, please be aware that these are no ordinary “revolutions.” No, they are the making of something just as evil and just as sinister as the dictators who are being ousted. Islamic religious beliefs, Sharia Law will bring no relief to America and surely the Republican Presidential Candidates are already aware of this, right ?

Ultimately, it is our closest allies such as the Europeans, and others who are now suffering because of our current foreign policy failure to stay vigilant against those who hate America and Judeo-Christianity. We are being destroyed at the hands of a man and his foreign policies which is helping tilt the world towards political and religious wickedness. We need a President who realizes the current presidential administration's plot to bring mass destruction to America via evil religionists.

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So, my message to all Republican Presidential Candidates is; to know your enemy, restore friendships to old allies and help bring the world back to God and common sense. We as a nation will never recover until we repair and restore what was lost because of the current foreign policy in place.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~"Black Robe Regiment Pastor"

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