Saturday, October 8, 2011

“Amanda Knox, Italian Justice; American Style”

“Amanda Knox, Italian Justice; American Style”

I am sure many of you caught the recent headlines of the appeals trial of Amanda Knox in Italy. If not, a quick “quip”; Amanda Knox, her Italian boyfriend; Raffaelle Sollecito and an African born drifter named Rudy Guede were all convicted of murdering a British student. It was a senseless murder and the Italian courts initially were quick to convict all three for the crime. Four years later however, an appeals trial overturned Ms. Knox and Mr. Sollecito's murder conviction thankfully, setting them free. Again this was an Italian court and you may be asking why I am mention “American Style” coupled with “Italian Justice” in my initial title above, but believe me, by the end of what I am about to share here, you will most likely agree and understand...

As an American Citizen who has worked and traveled abroad as a Christian Missionary since 1998, I can tell you from first hand experience there are many American Citizens “in trouble” with “the law” outside the national boundaries of the USA. I have personally met some really great and noble Americans, that for reasons beyond their control, they have been arrested, jailed and or are “on the run” in foreign nations. Of course we all know unfortunately from time to time, that this sort of thing occurs, but to the degree that so many American's here(in the USA) are unaware of this fact, coupled with an additional fact regarding the large percentage of American Citizens that are being taken advantage of by foreign citizens(abroad and here in the USA), is truly astronomical in number. Yes, granted some Americans do some really stupid things and they deserve to be treated as criminals when they are involved in criminal illegal activity, but by and large the fact remains that there is a large percentage of Americans, who out of sheer ignorance or being naive, find themselves in hot water while overseas. This is what seems, and appears to what had occurred to Amanda Knox. Some call this sort of occurrence “being in the wrong place, at the wrong time” but I call it; “being set-up” by illicit foreign nationals.”

Of course many of us who have been taken advantage or having been “set-up” by foreign nationals are also fully aware that it is not only Americans who are hauled into a “law violation” on foreign soil, no... Those same type of foreigners also travel and migrate here to the USA. They do this so that they can “pull” similar “stunts” as what they did in their own home countries. I want to make something quite clear, In all my heart I believe that many immigrants do come to the USA with the best of intentions but there are also others who do not. These deviants come to our nation with one intention, and one intention only; to scam Americans and use our laws against us to make money or gain financially by using fraudulent and illegal tactics. By the way, can you say “FILIPINA MIGRATION SCAM.” or “MARRIAGE FRAUD” ?

Anyway, I am so thankful that Amanda Knox had been chosen by the US media to pick up and broadcast her “story.” I can tell you however, that for every “Amanda Knox” that is helped by the American media, there are thousands of other Americans around the world(and in the USA !)suffering in jail, hiding, or wrongfully in trouble with “the law”, all because of some scamming foreign national or corrupt government official. What Amanda Knox was given by way of media attention, was truly a gift from God. The vast majority of the American Media however, ignores injustice for our citizens inside the USA, no less for US Citizens outside our nations boarders.

Although The United States Department of State will emphatically deny putting pressure on the Italian Government to dismiss legal charges against Amanda Knox, we who have lived abroad, know better. Even though “officially” the Untied States Government “stays out of” the vast majority of legal matters regarding American Citizens arrested abroad, We also are aware that If the “right” US official advocates for an American Citizen by contacting a foreign national leader or applying pressure to a high level US State Department employee, proper justice on behalf of the arrested US Citizen is more likely. Someday perhaps e-mail messages, or telephone conversations recorded will be found regarding the American Government's communique with Italian Government officials asking or even demanding Ms. Knox's release from arrest and jail. Sadly, he bottom line again here, is that the American Government, especially the US State Department, never would have been intervened on Ms. Knox's behalf were it not for the American media's attention on this case.

It is equally very sad that so many Americans visiting or living/working abroad or even living here in the USA(for that matter), cannot get justice for any reason unless there is media attention. Amanda Knox was indeed blessed to have that media coverage. In the end, the American media attention probably saved her life. Right now however, I am thinking of all the American men and women I have met and spoken with around the world and also those Americans here in the USA that have yet to receive their justice as well. I myself have an upcoming court date of October 11th, 2011 against a Filipina Migration Scammer, corrupt court officials(judges/lawyers who have hid and buried my most recent legal motion) and also a cop in Batavia, NY who threatened my life. No media attention(thus far) for me and no media attention for the thousands of Americans who suffer injustice around the world. May God intervene and and show us the fact we are all about to suffer great injustice, unless we wake up as a people and nation unless we expose injustice- “American Style.”

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