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Donald Trump, A Victim Of Foreign Immigration Marriage Fraud ?

 Donald Trump, A Victim Of Foreign Immigration Marriage Fraud ?

When sitting down to write this week's article, I was very much expecting to write another article relating to an entirely different subject, but last night while flipping through the "news" channels, I came across Megyan Kelly broadcasting from her program on FOX NEWS. She had a guest on talking about Donald Trump running as a Republican Candidate for President, when all of a sudden she gave a "news alert" that Donald Trump's ex-wife, Ivana had just released a statement that she "felt raped while married"(to Donald Trump). So for that reason, I just had tow do some research about this allegation on the part of Ivana Trump and get my findings published. What I found interesting while looking for the video clip of Megyn Kelly's interview, it appears that it went missing. I mean, I cannot find the video of Megyn Kelly's news report, or video feed making the announcement on the FOX News Web Site and it has been pulled down off of YouTube. I was however able to find this link,

So from what I seen, heard with my own eyes and ears while watching Megyn Kelly's program last night, I began feeling bad for Donald Trump. I mean, unfortunately for Donald, to the heart of the "normal", everyday American, hearing Megyn Kelly treating as a legitimate "news story" Ivana Trump's misleading and certainly unmerited allegation of "feeling raped", only does irreversible harm and also irreparable damage to not only Mr. Trump's character, but also aides those within the RINO Republican Party elites who hate Mr. Trump and who often use FOX NEWS to spread their political propaganda( Black Robe Regiment Pastor: Why Fox News Channel's Love Affair With RINO's ?). But that's the point isn't it ?, to do as much political damage through character assassination as possible to those whom you hate. And who better to help the media an the RINO Republicans in destroying a political foe through false allegations of abuse, than a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer who was not only successful in marrying an American, but also even more successful in using our own corrupted American Judicial and Family Court system against in getting fat and rich through the divorce process as well. To be the enemy of  the Elitist Republicans and their FOX NEWS is dangerous business for all those whom they hate

And enemies Mr Trump has made many. Megyn Kelly and her best buddy, Bret Hume are certainly no friend to Donald Trump. In fact, It is well known within the political world of FOX NEWS(Oh! if people only knew the politics that goes on there, just ask Lou Dobbs)that Bret Hume and others at FOX NEWS hate Donald Trump(Ted Cruz is equally hated there as well). For sure, FOX NEWS' Megyn Kelly knows, If you want to play the political game of getting a pay rise and a better on-air time-slot, always side on the side of your bosses and of those of influence(Bret Hume), and that's what Megyn Kelly has done by lending her Feminist voice to the dirty politics of spreading rumors and fruitless claims of Ivana Trump. I doubt if Ms. Kelly has any remorse for her airing of such yellow journalistic non-sense, but if there is any shame, it should be on her part. Truthfully, If there is anyone who has a rightful claim to feel raped, It certainly isn't Ivana Trump, but in reality, are the regular viewers of FOX NEWS who were maltreated to Megyn Kelly's over the top "special report" announcement of Ivana Trump's false allegations.

FOX NEWS' internal politics aside, FOX NEWS did a great disservice to the FOX NEWS subscribers by treating Ivana Trump's statement as something as legitimate news item. I will say this about Ivana's statement, it does open up new opportunity to ask questions about who she was and is, as well lends credibility to doing a full investigation to see if Ivana Trump married Mr. Trump through marriage fraud. We should all look at some facts and you can decide for yourself. We can start here by knowing Ivana Trump was not born a United States Citizen. She was born in Czechoslovakia while under Communist rule. She was able to leave her nation but went to Canada and while in New York City, only on a business trip, not as a immigrant, she met Mr. Donald Trump. What better way to gain entrance to the United States(Canada is not known to be a rich nation, and certainly does not have many wealthy people living there either)than to marry a wealthy, and well to do American Citizen. In I977 Donald and Ivana were married, in 1992, they were divorced allegedly after Donald had an "affair." This alleged "affair"was never proven in a court of law.  Also never proven, but obviously unlike Ivana's current false allegation and fruitless claims that she "felt raped" while married to Donald Trump, the facts show, hat Ivana made out very well financially after the divorce. Reportedly, "Although the settlement remains sealed by the courts it is rumored that Ivana received $20 million, the $14 million family estate in Connecticut, a $5 million housing allowance, $350,000 annual alimony, all of her jewelry and 49% of Mar-A-Lago, the family home in Palm Beach which also serves as a private club for the Palm Beach elite. Not long after her divorce from Trump, Ivana married Riccardo Mazzucchelli. The marriage did not make it to its second anniversary. Trump filed a $15 million breach of contract suit against Mazzucchelli for violating the confidentiality clause in their prenuptial agreement. The suit was settled out of court." Although the court records from their divorce is sealed, Ivana's lifestyle and obvious wealth from her divorce settlement from Mr. Trump is what has granted her the ability to live a filthy rich lifestyle today

Through researching on the Internet, there is no definite proof of Ivana Trump being a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer, It should be noted however that just as many Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers have taken much of the same course of marriage, sueing for divorce and utilizing  false allegations of abuse to financially profit from those false allegations just as Ivana had done. Also take notice that false allegations of abuse was, and still is today's weapon of choice when gaining a successful divorce and financial package from any former American husband. And Ivana's relatively short marriage, coupled with the divorce and demand for a continued extravagantly wealthy lifestyle certainly does give one the suspicion that she engaged in Foreign Immigration Marriage Fraud. In fact, the credibility of looking at Ivana as a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer carries much more weight than her stating that somehow, she "felt raped" while married to Mr. Trump.

One should also take careful note to ask an important questions while researching to see if Ivana Trump married Donald through a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scheme. That question being, "what's in a name?" Well Ivana certainly is aware that the "Trump" family name carries with it a lot of weight and world-wide recognition. She has taken advantage of the Trump name at every turn since divorcing Mr. Trump. She obviously knows how to manage and manipulate the Trump name as well as the Trump cash. After all, she had the right to change her last name back to her maiden name after her divorce with Donald, but she never did.  In fact, after divorcing Mr. Trump, she has been married three additional times and never took any of her new husbands last names either. One has only to wonder who Ivana Trump is, before very long asking themselves what kind of person marries another for wealth. An even further question arises though ll these questions asked thus far, Is Ivana Trump out on the hunt. scamming American men through marriage, or as she coined the past, the phrase, "Don't get mad, get everything", just her way of showing the world that marrying a rich and or younger handsome man, then divorcing them, that makes her "feel raped" but also wealthy ?

Especially in light of Mr. Trump's high profile stand on the huge issue of Illegal Immigration in this country, there may be something to what I am sharing here regarding Mr. Trump possibly being victimized by a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer and I believe the questions that I have raised throughout this article warrants a deeper investigation into the problem of Foreign Immigration Marriage Fraud in this country including Mr. Trump possibly being a victim of that kind of criminal act. Indeed, with the over one million Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers in The United States and our corrupted U.S as well as it's corrupted State's enabling these Scammers because they generate cash in the pockets of judges, lawyers, cops, politicians, CPS agents, Domestic Violence Program terrorists and others, this nation has a problem, and Mr. Trump's exposing of these criminals(Government officials, courts and scammers alike), is indeed, making him enemies. Not just enemies throughout our Government, but within the media like FOX NEWS as well. 

 I want to make it very clear that I am in no way endorsing Mr. Donald Trump for President. I do want all my readers through to be aware that Illegal Aliens are the enemy of the Constitution of this nation and every Constitution abiding freeman as well. I am grateful for Mr. Trump bringing to the forefront the issue of Illegal Aliens, including Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers. May the Lord continue to use him to bring justice for all of us who are real and legitimate victims of Illegal Immigration and if he, Mr. Trump is a victim of a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scam at the hands of Ivana Trump, may he also get justice as well.

 Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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