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Bill O'Reilly, America Needs Much More Than 'Kate's Law'

Bill O'Reilly, America Needs Much More Than 'Kate's Law'

I'm not a fan, nor do I make it a habit of saying "I told you!" But as we have just witnessed yet another death of a beautiful American murdered by an Illegal Alien, I need to say it, "I told you." For the past seven years now, I have been warning Americans in many different ways and communicating through many different venues that we here in the United States have an Illegal Alien problem. I know that empathy is not a character trait that most Americans choose to carry these days, but I absolutely do empathize with every single victim of a criminal act carried out by an Illegal Alien here. And I sincerely wish more Americans cared as much as I did regarding this issue. Perhaps if they did, we wouldn't see so many Americans plagued and harmed from these dastardly Illegal Aliens.

As those of us who have suffered at the hands of Illegal Aliens, we immediately took pity for the Steinle Family after we learned of Kate Steinle being murdered in San Fransisco(, we ourselves, through yet another tragedy at the hands of an Illegal Alien, relived the horrors and the tragedy of our own losses due to our own experience of being victimized by an Illegal Alien here. For other Americans who not suffered at the hands of these criminals, they simply became outraged. To those of you who did so, I say this... it's not enough to become outraged. We have a very serious Illegal Alien problem here in the United States, and it needs to be addressed immediately, if not sooner if that were possible. That said, I acknowledge that some of my most loyal readers are probably going to get upset with me by what I'm about to state and share now. I know also some of you are absolutely up to your neck about hearing about it, but it must be shared anyway. That is, I am a victim of an criminal act of an Illegal Alien. To be more specific, a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer( Most Americans are familiar with what kind of Illegal Alien criminal this is. In fact, I dare state that these type of Illegal Aliens who are Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers are the most dangerous type of Illegal Alien Criminals that live among us. I say this because, when a Foreigner fraudulently marries an American, not only is the American man or woman who marries a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer hurt, whole American families and extended families are also hurt. In fact many of our U.S.Military Veterans have been hurt by these Illegal Immigrants as well. Beyond the American and his family hurt, damaged are United States Tax Payers, Clergy is hurt, our judicial system is over run and even whole American communities are damaged. It seems that the only "winners" are when a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer commits their crime, are the divorce attorneys(who often use the what they term the "silver bullet" of false allegations to win divorce cases), the police and the judges along with the strong possibility of also local Domestic Violence Program Terrorists and Child Protection Services Agents also getting a chunk of money from the criminal act of the Illegal Alien as well.

Every American, including Mr. O'Reilly should become well acquainted with the fact that If you pay taxes here in the United States, any kind of taxes, that a portion of your tax money is gong to support the over one million of these Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers to remain here illegally in the USA. Unlike Illegal Aliens who kill, rob, rape or steal from Americans, Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers make a greater negative impact upon our nation as a whole. They make false allegations of Domestic Abuse towards their American spouse, sue for divorce and end up living off the income of their ex American spouse and US Tax payers. You as the tax payer have the honor and privilege(a little sarcasm here) to pay for their doctor bills, their food bills, their housing bills, educational bills, child care bills, and much, much more. In fact, many of these Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers get very low interest rate "first time home owner mortgage loans" because they are "victims"of (falsely claimed)abuse.

Oh yes, you get to foot the bill to the tune of Billions and Billions of US Dollars to these Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers. Not only that, but many of these Scammers go on to get their US Citizenship where they petition their family members to come here on visa's and live off of your hard earned tax dollars as well. Food Stamps, Welfare, my friend get to pay for them as well! Perhaps you are saying where is ICE ? Where is Homeland Security ? Why isn't my United States and or State Government doing something about this and arrest and deport these Illegal Aliens? Why isn't the media reporting on this ?? Fairly simple answer to you, indeed there are limited laws that help Americans expose these Illegal Aliens but few are ever arrested and or deported. There is a reason for this. When you are arrested for Domestic Abuse here in the USA, the burden of proof falls upon you, the person who is accused of such a crime to show that you are innocent. Now, you say that, that is Unconstitutional, and that we are "innocent until proven guilty." True, absolutely true, but not so in Domestic Abuse criminal cases. If it comes down(as it does in the majority of times)to a "he said, she said" court situation, and you are a man accused of Domestic Violence, more than likely you will be found guilty, even if there are no evidence to prove you guilty such as bruises, marks, physician reports, psychologist's reports, photos, etc.

Why ? Why on God's green earth would this occur ? Why would a victim of a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scam become victimized also by his very own US and State Governments? It's the money, it's all about the money. Judges, lawyers, cops, CPS Agencies, Domestic Violence Programs all get a piece of the US Tax payer funded money tree. Yep, cold hard cash. Federal Title IV Monies, CAPTA Monies. Violence Against Women Act Funds, and a whole laundry list of other Federal and State funds available to many State and local Governments and of course, "victims" of Domestic Abuse such as the lying Illegal Aliens who make the false allegations of abuse. So yes, like I shared early on in my article, these Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers are the most heinous and evil perpetrators out there are far as Illegal Aliens go. All Illegal Aliens are criminals simply because they are here illegally, but there are Illegal Aliens that specifically target Americans to commit a criminal act. 

I have been to the hall's of the United States Congress several times regarding demanding the arrests and deportations of Illegal Aliens,  and even how I was victimized by a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer. Congress doesn't give a crap. They don't care about you, and they don't care about me. None of them. The only thing these politicians and our law enforcement care about, are themselves and their paychecks. The media that I mentioned earlier? They don't care either. Now if the City of Batavia, NY Cop who was ordered by the judges and lawyers in Genesee County, NY who were also receiving your hard earned tax dollars in helping Jennie Basal(Waldmiller-the Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer) had actually followed through with killing me as he said he was going to do, that might have made some news headlines, but I doubt the truth would have been told  what really occurred, despite me having a letter from a lawyer acknowledging the phone call from the cop to me, threatening my life). The vast majority of the media is complicit in helping all Illegal Aliens to stay here in the US, "Conservative", "Independent", or not.

America is under siege by Illegal Aliens. It's up to American Citizen's to do the job the United States and State and Local Governments will not do. I once again call upon every real Christian, good American to join a militia and start enforcing our immigration laws that our very own Government(s) will not. If you will not join a militia, don't complain or become suddenly "outraged" when you and or your family becomes yet another victim of a criminal act by an Illegal Alien. You will get no sympathy nor help from me.

Psalm 106:3 "Blessed are they who observe justice, who do righteousness at all times!"

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor
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