Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Congressional Testimony Proves Many Americans Approve Of Liars

Hillary Clinton's Congressional Testimony Proves Many Americans Approve Of Liars

She got away with it, and again, she's laughing about it. Hillary Clinton should have been awarded the Jezebel Of The year Award for every of the past thirty-plus years for her barrage of lying and all the covering up that she has done. But instead, and as usual, just when when you thought that Hillary Clinton might finally feel the consequences of all the many years of her lying, manipulating and murders that she has caused, she walked out of latest Benghazi Congressional Investigation Hearing unscathed, and laughing once again at all her critics and naysayers.

How did she do it? How does she do it?!? Getting away all these years of her and "Bubba" having people murdered,  embezzling money and covering up of their criminal acts? Has the American Judicial System simply been corrupted? Are those involved in politics just as dirty as the Clinton's? Has America been duped into believing that there are no longer consequences for wrong doing and that there is a privileged class of Americans who are immune from all laws and these people can get away with murder? Yes...yes is the answer to all the previous questions, yes! Let's face it, America has a major character problem and lying is part of that problem and Hillary Clinton along with many in our Government are much of the same.

It would seem that here in the USA, this nation is pretty well divided on most matters of life. Most are at heart either Communists, or on the opposite end of the social and political spectrum, are the Conservatives. It is just a smaller minority of Americans that float in-between the opposite political ends of the spectrum. But for argument sake, and the sake of the title of this article, we in reality(as well for honesty sake)need to put all the Communists, as well as all of the politically "in-between" folks on the same side. In fact, for complete honesty sake, we better also put a portion of our "Conservative" Americans in this group as well. What kind of group are we creating with now what we might call as a "political super majority"? Let's call them the "Liars", the "Propagandists", the "Creators of illusion." These are any of your Government Representatives, Judges, Governors, President and others that yes, that you(the "super majority") put into power and are are ruining our country.

Continuing with our theme of being honest here, let's take a look closer at the members of this "super majority" of Americans. They too are much like Hillary Clinton, as they also lie and condone lying. In fact sticking with the theme of "honesty" some more,("can you handle the truth?") those in the super majority(of Americans)are responsible in the end for Hillary Clinton walking out of her last Congressional Hearing Scot free. There will likely never be any negative consequences for Hillary's lying the other day in Congress. In fact, there will likely never be any earthly negative consequence for any of Hillary's evil and illegal actions from over the years. Indeed, the responsibility for Hillary's lack of consequences for her actions lay directly at the feet of "We The People." That is, all Americans who have condoned her behavior by having taken no right action to end that behavior.

Had good and Godly Americans taken Hilary Clinton and her husband to task 20 years ago when there were so many scandals while they were in the White House, Hillary would have never, ever been allowed to run as a viable candidate for President as she did in 2008 and is doing again today. In fact, had righteous and morally upstanding American Citizens had done their job twenty yeas ago, she would have been incarcerated for her lies, cover-ups, murders and other crimes. So where were those "morally upstanding U.S. Citizens" at that time? Well, it is sad to say that back then, much of America was well on it's way to becoming morally corrupt. Back in the 1990's, the U.S. was already well on it's way to moral decay. The good moral values of the past here in America today are all but gone, and we have only grown increasingly immoral as a people in 2015. Thus, Hilary Clinton continues on her wide path of getting away with crimes, even literally with crimes such as murder.

At this point in our culture, I don't see how Hillary is unstoppable. Just as Former IRS Official Lois Lerner was recently found to not have broken any laws and was released from any legal liability and prosecution. Hillary most likely will experience the same result, on to which she most likely will become the President of the United States unless another Presidential Candidate who could be, either Democrat or Republican, have close to Hillary's same level of scheming, lying, cheating ,stealing, manipulating and murdering. Again, most Americans just don't care about Hillary's lying to Congress because most Americans do the same in their own lives and have elected those who reflect their values. What I'm saying is this, Hilary Clinton is only a refection of most Americans and a byproduct of what America accepts as the "norm." Of course most Americas would never willingly and publicly admit to being as corrupted as Hillary Clinton because, who the heck likes to be called a "hypocrite" and or, "evil minded", right?

So don't blame the media or the "press" for being part of the Hilary Clinton propaganda machine. Don't blame the Democrats in Congress who scream, shout, and make all sorts of ugly contortions of their face when speaking of ill of Republicans and a the same time are defending evil Mrs. Clinton. Nope, don't do it because obviously there are Americans viewing the "propagandist" media, because that's how they get their commercial airtime paid for. Many Americans are also buying or going on newspaper websites to read all those lies, as well. And finally, somebody has elected all those "damn Democrats" and "RINO's" that had in the past, and yet again the other day, allowed the Clinton's to walk away unscathed from more of their criminal activities. Obviously Americans voted in all those "lying, cheating, murdering, no good" Democrats and "useless" RINO's. When does it end? Apparently, never because Americans...well, they must approve of the Clinton's lying. I must be correct in my logic here because I don't see any Americans in the streets protesting with pitchforks, screaming for jail time for Ms.Clinton, do you?

Seems to me the Church and most Americans are just to ashamed to admit it, they're just like Hillary Clinton. Sure, some Americans may whine, piss and moan a little, but hey ! Instead of getting our country back, "let's go smoke a joint: and ask, "who's playing in the World Series?"  Sadly here we are. I've often said in the past, and still say today, "You are what you allow." So America, Hilary Clinton is a liar among many other evil things, she's not in jail, she may very well become President. So what does that make you? and more importantly, how do we apologize to God and get our nation back?

Ephesians 5:11 "Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them"

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor
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  1. How in the world have the basic ideals for life become this ? This old drunk woman should be in prison , not running for any office.