Friday, November 20, 2015

We'll Need To Build A Wall On The Canadian Border As Well

"We'll Need To Build A Wall On The Canadian Border As Well"

God help our friends and family to the North. I love Canada, been to Toronto many times as I have lived most of my life in Western New York and have traveled up there to visit so very many times. Part of loving Canada, meant loving the attitude of people there during those past visits. When you go to Canada, you will find that many of the Caucasian Canadians tend to be very polite people. That is probably due to Canada being a former a British Colony and their polite attitude too. But I can tell you also from experience, Canada has changed over time. Not only demographically, but culturally as well. These days, the Canada of today is very different.

For those that have not visited Canada lately, or ever visited at all, Canada is largely a nation of recent immigrants. When I state "recent", I mean in the last 25-30 years or so. Canada has welcomed in most of their population that you see there today during this time period. When you go to cities like Montreal, Toronto, Alberta, Winnipeg, you will see the kind of immigrants that I am inferring. In fact, it is not unusual to see many of the newer Canadians originally from nations where today, we see much political and religious turmoil such as from within the Continents of Asia and the Middle East.

It was the Canadian Government that opened their doors to bring in these new immigrants. For many years, the Canadian Government has wanted new immigrants so that their economy would improve while at the same time, also pursue their Democratic-Socialist political agenda. That type of political agenda coupled with economic growth meant that screening and scrutiny of individuals for possible ties with radical Islamic beliefs never took a high priority, not even after the 911 Event occurred here in the US. Because of Canada's very open policy for allowing immigrants from nearly any nation, Canada is now filled with millions of Muslims. Not only does Canada have a very high percentage/number of a Muslim population, the Canadian Government holds by and large a hostile attitude towards Christianity. Canadian Christians are often scrutinized for their beliefs, but Muslims are rarely, if ever scrutinized. For example, under Canadian Law, it is unlawful to publicly condemn homosexuality. For a Christian to state publicly or even preach openly about Jesus of the Bible, it may very well get you arrested for a "hate crime." If a Muslim publicly states that he/she hates Christians or homosexuality, rarely, if ever will a Muslim be arrested or even confronted by a Canadian Government official.

All religions are tolerated in Canada except Christianity. Islam is praised and often encouraged in Canada. This is not to say that all Muslims are necessarily bad, but the Canadian Government does very little to discourage Islamic and or Jihadist Rhetoric there. Imam's are often left to preach hate(publicly) and call for Jihad(Islamic holy war) against those nations like America without being removed by the Canadian Government. There is a high degree of tolerance by the Canadian Government for anti-western and Christianity sentiment/statements by Muslims and other extremists as well.

The United States Government knows of some of these Canadian Imam's and Muslims which the Canadian Government by and large ignores. I want to make it very clear, we are not talking about a few hundred dangerous Canadian Muslims, I am talking about thousands of Muslims who have in the past, and or are currently making public, very dangerous threats/rhetoric about waging war against the West including us here in the United States of America. Make no mistake about it, the fact is that the Canadian Government even now is opening it's borders to increase the number of Syrian "Refugee's" which we know after the recent attack by ISIS in France, Canada is receiving more and already full of dangerous Islamists. Now the Canadian Government is purposely engaging in policy to purposely welcome even more in their country. Yes, as an American Citizen, this should concern you and this is why, the Canadian Border along the United States is 99.9% porous. This means that a person could easily walk across the Canadian border into the United States without ever seeing a US Border Agent or checkpoint. We have absolutely no protection from an invasion from the North. We have no protection from any terrorist organization that could simply walk across the border, get into a vehicle and use that vehicle ignite a dirty bomb in a major U.S. metropolitan city somewhere such as New York City, Los Angeles, and or any other American City.

As if the influx of Syrian "Refugee's" entering into Canada wasn't bad enough, with the very recent election of the new Canadian Socialist Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau the threat against the United States via Islamic Terrorism just grew one-thousand percent worse. I say this because Mr. Trudeau is well known enemy of Christianity and hater of Jesus of the Bible. He loves aborting babies, loves homosexuals, transgenders and Muslims alike. He had made it very well known when running for election for Prime Minister earlier this year that he was in favor of allowing many more Muslims into Canada and had little concern for importing likes of ISIS agents and other Muslim terrorists

If you have any doubts about Prim Minister Trudeau's true alliances to everything evil, including his self-loathing for the West, you only need to see him praying at an Islamic Mosque wearing traditional Middle Eastern garb. Truly, Trudeau has chosen his friends, and the good people of the United States are not among them.The United States is in grave danger from our neighbors to the North.

Canada has become a very dangerous place, a harboring nation for terrorists such as those of Al Qaeda and ISIS. I still love some of our Canadian friends who have had no part of bringing in these Muslims or electing Trudeau. But the sad reality is, America must protect itself from people and nations that do stupid things such as what the majority of Canadians have recently done by electing Trudeau and allowing more Islamist's into their nation. For those reasons, we need tighter security on the border with Canada, not just Mexico.  It's going to cost us some money, but what price for our freedom and safety? We cannot control the behavior of stupid people, but we can certainly keep them out.

Ephesians 6:11 "Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil"

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor
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