Monday, November 30, 2015

Trump's Success Also Largely Due To American's Hatred Of U.S. Media

Trump's Success Also Largely Due To American's Hatred Of U.S. Media

As the media largely rants on with their negative attacks against Donald Trump, Mr. Trump's poll numbers only continue to rise. Conventional wisdom so to speak-from the so called News Media Elites such as Chuck Todd from NBC, nearly every "journalist" from Fox News, the New York Times and among all the other of the thousands within the American Media will all tell you, Trump should not be popular as he is today.

As I watch day after day, night after night the television news ripping apart Donald Trump at nearly every turn, Mr. Trump's approval numbers go up, not down. Now, on top of the news media trashing "The Donald", a recent report has been brought forth that the Republican Party Elitists are spending up to One Billion U.S Dollars to bring Mr. Trump down so that he is not nominated as the Republican Party Nominee for President. Clearly, many within The Republican Party and U.S. Media are working very hard to ensure that Donald Trump will never-ever become President of the United States.

To me, all this hard work to spin hate towards someone is just nut's! I mean, I am not supporting Donald Trump for President, but love him, or hate him, attacking Mr. Trump should be about truth, not purposeful slandering the man as we so often see from Republican Elitists and their Media allies. Between all the money the RINO's are spending and all the purposeful media attacks against Donald Trump, you would think by now Donald Trump should be in last place among the Republican Candidates, but he's not.

Indeed, it would appear that Donald Trump is more popular than ever. After attending a Trump For President Rally this past weekend in Sarasota, Florida. I seen Mr. Trump's popularity for myself. Just a bit of disclosure, I did not attend as a supporter, but I went in hope that I would receive press coverage for my own issues, plus I had earnestly hoped to have had a chance to speak with Mr. Trump regarding those justice issues( , that I and the over One Million other American's are suffering from ( ), that being being victimized by Foreign Immigration Marriage Fraud.

While at the Trump rally, I was fortunate to receive some local television coverage as well as from some local Florida newspaper coverage also on my issue. I was also blessed to be interviewed for a French magazine as well. Thank the Lord, my home made sign drew a lot of attention. The press most noticed the sign that I made and were largely fair to me. I however did not like the smirk from the female reporter from the Tampa Bay Fox Channel 13 when reading my sign and interviewing me. Other than that reporter, I was treated nicely and fairly. However, what I witnessed from the many reporters in their TV reporting and articles during and after the Trump Rally, were largely unfair to Mr. Trump. In fact, Donald Trump called out the media for their unfair attacks. Everything from purposeful low reporting of numbers of folks attending the rally, focusing only on a few protesters rather than what Mr Trump was sharing, were just a few of the media's attempt to block out the truth of Mr. Trump's message and the people who attended his rally.

As the American Press plays their games, many American's are angry. I've written about this fact in some of my past blog articles. Up until lately though, the focus of that anger has been largely focused on Obama, Congress and the corruption in Washington DC as well as our State Capitol's. Now, with so much focus of negativity against not only Donald Trump, but the U.S Media pushing pro-destruction of America-attitude coming from much of the U.S Media, Many Americans are also very angry and fed-up with the American Media as well. Polling shows what I am sharing here to be absolutely true and correct

As the media(including RINO/Carl Rove loving Fox News)continues to churn out their propaganda against Donald Trump, Americans in turn are digging in their heels and ignoring the news media. Americans are refusing to listen to those media pundits who trash Donald Trump. So very many are not turning to anyone else as an alternative to Donald Trump no matter how much stuff, true or false the media states about him. Even Ted Cruz lag's far behind in the poll numbers behind Donald Trump. To me this is funny because for the past few years, much of the U.S Media has spent an enormous amount of on-air and or in newspaper print space-hating on Senator Ted Cruz. How I laugh as I see many of those same Cruz haters of the past like Charles Krauthammer, today pushing Ted Cruz as the better alternative to Donald Trump. The hypocrisy of the Republican Party Elitists plus their co-conspirator-American Media friends is almost too much to bear.

Many of the American Media will never "get it." Most Americans actually hate and do not trust them. Every time Meygan Kelly, Chuck Todd, George Stephanopoulous and the others open their mouths or express in writing their disdain for Donald Trump, they only help Trump in his popularity. If they were intelligent, they would just shut up if they wanted to see Trump's number go down. But they are not intelligent, instead, they will just do what elitists do, be full of themselves with their own "wisdom" and in the end of it all, die a slow and painful death looking like fools as they do what they do.

Whoever the eventual Republican Party Nominee becomes, whether Donald Trump or anyone else, they had better be ready, because in all appearances, the American electorate is fighting mad and accountability is the name of the game for whomever gets the nomination.

Isaiah 30:1 "Woe to the obstinate children, declares the LORD, 'to those who carry out plans that are not mine, forming an alliance, but not by my Spirit, heaping sin upon sin'"

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor
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  1. As much as I like Ted Cruz, I have no problem saying I support Donald Trump as well. The 2 are not mutually exclusive. One can support both and still be an intelligent, God fearing Christian. Both candidates have great things about them, both have not so great. I love what they both say. Trump is the least Christian on it's face but it doesn't mean he won't be a great President for Christians. I am Paul supporter through and through because of his stance against the Central bank. This is the central issue in our nation. The money control grid starts with the Banksters. Paul is the man who understands this. Cruz? His wife works or worked for the very institution destroying our nation like a cancer. Trump? IN my book is a bit better than another Ronald Reagan. Cruz is better then Ronald Reagan as well. In the end either of these 2 would be so much better then any Democrat. Trump says things no one else will, so he needs to be in the race and end up on the final ticket. Cruz is amazing in other ways. I think both should be in the White house for different reasons. Evangelicals will not get the perfect born again Christian in the White House. Trump may end up being better in the long run. Remember the White house is controlled by a shadow government. They only have so much power anyway so the more domineering and unyielding a President is to their agenda the better it will be for the country.

  2. One can’t suppor both and be intelligent , you’ve proven that.