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Let's Make English The Official Language Of The USA

"Let's Make English The Official Language Of The USA"

Call it the "English Language", "American Language", whatever term you choose to label what most Americans speak. Bottom line, we need an official language here. I'm sure that Illegal Aliens and their criminal enablers will disagree, but our nation is becoming increasingly divided and language barriers are definitely part of the problem.

To help aide the United States to become more unified as "We The People" were designed by our Founding Father's to be, we need a national language where most Americans have already been publicly speaking since this country's existence. The vast majority of us are either legal immigrants or ancestors of legal immigrants to America. Unless, you were from the United Kingdom or some other nation where English was spoken in your native land, you, or your ancestors needed to learn to speak the English Language here once they arrived.Thus, the vast majority of us today speak the "English" or American version of English language.

To speak English here in the United States, and up until recently, was a national norm. Everyone needed to have one language so that we could all communicate with one another. As the world's "melting pot", that is many people immigrating to the United States from many other nations from around the world, one common language helped us not only in trade and commerce with one-another, it also helped us understand each other when we tried to learn about cultures and custom that we were unfamiliar with. It is after all important that as a nation largely made of (legal) immigrants that we all get along and understand what are our needs, wants and desires.

As most of my own family's ancestors were from Germany(the largest immigrant group in the USA), they all needed  to learn to speak the American Language to get along with others here and adjust to their new homeland. I'm not sure how my Great, Great Grandfather Peter handled learning English. I'm sure he had some struggles as most(non English speaking) immigrants coming to the U.S also have. The bottom line though, is that he accepted the change and adjusted to learning to speak "English" here because he wanted to get along and be effective as a farmer and a neighbor. His livelihood after all, depended on communicating with others in a common language, even if whom he was selling his produce to also needed to learn to speak American so they also could buy the products from one-another. Common language helped my Great, Great Grandfather not only become fruitful in selling what he grew on his farm, it also helped him become accepted by others as an American.

Having one common language for any nation is important. I'm sure that I don't need to tell you as an American just how difficult it is to try to speak with someone who doesn't speak the American Language. You get frustrated and sometimes get very upset when you want to say something to someone but they cannot, or will not understand you when speaking to them. And I believe, that there is a big difference between someone "wanting" to, and someone who "will not", or refuses to understand(speak) to you in a common language. As a nation of immigrants, I do not believe most Americans here get so upset if someone is new to this nation but at least tries to speak in the American Language. Trying however is different than refusing to learn and or speak the American Language, and unfortunately, that is where an increasing amount of "immigrants" to the US are at. More and more immigrants here are refusing to learn and or speak the American language. What we are finding today is that Americans are being forced to kowtow to Liberals and Communists here to "Press one for English, and two for Spanish." Equally, we are being forced to listen to, and read Spanish, Chinese and other languages along with our own American Language, thus plaguing us with more chaos and confusion as well as wasting our time, finances(tax money)and resources just so that we can make our nation full of more politically correct "subjects" to the Federal Government and for the immigrants who come here, but hate the United States.

Learning to speak and write a second language can definitely a plus. But forcing upon any American to speak and or learn a language to another American is simply a stupid idea. It must be said that forcing Americans to listen to, speak languages that are unfamiliar to them is a waste of time and resources, especially with regards to commerce. Here in the United States, we at one point in our nation's history had become a great nation economically because we believed we all lived under one nation, as one people. By speaking one common language helped that process immensely. That one language of American is how we were able to streamline services and production to make America the former economic powerhouse it once was. Today however, introducing multiple languages in these fore mentioned processes interferes with those things that had made America great in the past. Loss of revenue due to the confusion of multiple layers of communication does, and only leads to loss of productivity and revenue is the result. Why do we need to hire American translators to speak to other American (immigrant)workers so as to get maximum productivity ?

I know Democrats and their Communist allies won't agree, but I believe to force Americans to have to learn and or speak multiple languages so we can all communicate here, is also an arrogant proposition. To think that most immigrants coming to the United States today do not have the inability to learn the American Language and then amalgamate here is a ridiculous notion. Since the inception of our nation, and for well over 200 years now, it only has been until recently that some immigrants, and mostly illegal immigrants, have and are demanding that we learn their foreign language so they do not have to learn and speak the American language. They just don't want to have any part in assimilating here, so why are we allowing them here?

I have spent many years living in, and ministering in the Republic Of The Philippines. Their number one National Language is Tagalog. I have lived/ministered in areas where they also have and speak  local dialects as well. While I was there, I learned, and spoke their language. I never, ever demanded any Filipinos speak in American, and or learn the English Language so that we could communicate(better). What kind of foolish and arrogant idiot would I be to demand such a thing from people whom I was living among? I was a guest of the Filipino People and as well as the Filipino Government. I was expected to speak and act according to their customs and language. Unlike an increasing amount of immigrants(both legal and illegal) here in the USA, I did all I could to learn the Filipino Languages and culture, because I wanted to be a blessing to them, not a burden. I wanted to be the best communicator I could, so I learned to speak several Filipino Dialects.

As I, and nearly all foreigners living in countries outside their homeland believe, it is vitally important as well as respectful to learn to speak in the hosting-nations native language. We believe as well that those who immigrate here to America should also consider it a blessing and a privilege that they are allowed live/immigrate here. They should be doing everything to be a blessing to this nation, rather than being a burden, including any immigrants(legal, or illegal) coming here to enter legally and learn our language. There is no excuse not to learn our American language. There are many U.S. Government programs that support free, and or low cost "English As A Second Language" classes for immigrants. If immigrants here want to speak in their old native language to someone who can also speak their language, that is no problem. To demand however that an American speak any other language but American-English, is just plain wrong, and as well, an arrogant belief on their part.

Let's bring America together under one common language that the vast majority of us already speak here. The American Language is our language, learn it, speak it, make it our Official National Language through an Amendment to the United States Constitution so that we are all unified as one people. Let's stop dividing America through use of "press one for English..." and or tolerating those people who come to America and refuse to assimilate to our common language. Make America strong, speak American.

"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty."- Thomas Jefferson

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor
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