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The Growing Business Of Human And Sex Trafficking

The Growing Business Of Human And Sex Trafficking

My wife and I recently attended a Human and Sex Trafficking Conference here in the USA. We really didn't learn much more than what we already were aware and sadly have seen with our own eyes while rescuing children from the criminals who partakes in using children, women and men how Human and Sex Trafficking destroys lives. That said, when we completed the conference where we met some wonderful men and women in the fight against Human and Sex Trafficking and also victims and or victims family members, I felt a real need to write a bit about these sort of crimes and share with you what you can do to help stop the growing business of Human and sex Trafficking.

As I have written in this blog in the past, indeed as we have seen recently with the Justina Pelletier case and the millions of other cases much like her's unfortunately not in the news, or families not having a voice for help, The United States and the State's Governments are the number one leader in the Human and Sex Trafficking industry(see That said, It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Federal Title IV, Violence Against Women Act funding and the Feminist/Communist Agenda to destroy families all contributes greqtly to the approximately 1 million children being wrongly placed in the hands of non-family members each year and thus, the high rate of children sold for cash, sexually abused, doped up for “experimental purposes” via the Pharmaceutical Industry and also as slaves, prostituted or worse, murdered.

We should all be keenly aware and know that there are many predators out there willing to steal and kidnap children, women and men. They are not only of the Government, Foster-Care and Adoption Agencies, foster “parents”, Family Courts, police, lawyers. CPS Workers, Domestic Violence Program workers but there are also as well, many of those who you may not suspect at all involved. It could be that your neighbor, your priest, your co-worker or just about anyone could be involved in Human and Sex Trafficking. The sick and twisted world of Human and Sex Trafficking seems to be everywhere and saturated our world. If we really care about others around us, each of us has the responsibility of helping those who are being violated, get victims to safety and as far away from those who harm the victim as possible.

Be especially aware of folks who are involved in Pornography. Many falsely believe that pornography is harmless and that only men view pornography. Since the early days of the Feminist Movement here in the USA and around the world, women are also a large consumer of pornography as well. As we see by a large number(and growing) of female teachers(and other women) being arrested for peadophilia in the past 10 years here in the United States, we know that pornography negatively impacts both men and women. Pornography indeed harms men and women. Many studies show that pornography is addictive and indeed many who view pornography are negatively impacted. Their desire once addicted to pornography is not for less, but more realistic forms of pornography. It is not unusual to see men and women view “soft” porn then on to “hard” porn where violence is often portrayed in photos, movies, in “strip joints” and or on the internet. Many rapists readily admit that they started out with “soft” porn and eventually acted out their sick fantasies of what they visualized in media outlets. Don't be fooled, viewing any form of pornography is a dangerous venture and definitely a leading contribution to harming children, women and men including molestation, kidnapping, rape and assault.

Many children are Kidnapped by Governments and or Government Agents as I shared earlier but there are many sick individuals also who also kidnap children so as to have sex with the children then pimp those children on to other “buyers.” Many folks including here in the USA are unaware that there is a huge international network of child kidnappers/peadophiles who sell and trade children all around the world. There are children who are kidnapped here in the USA(and around the world), who are smuggled overseas. Child pornography on the internet is a multi-billion dollar industry. It is not just little girls who are targeted either. Many boys are also kidnapped and sold into the sex trade as well. The North American Man/Boy Love Association is largely involved in crimes against children including the promotion of kidnapping of boys and selling them abroad in the sex trade also.

Although not all, but many who are(were) Prostitutes or “Strip Joint” Dancers(women and men) were Sexually Abused as children. Sexual abuse is a huge problem all around the world. Men and women acting out their sexual pleasure upon harmless children is a very sick matter and those especially in Bible based churches bare the responsibility to protect and help child and adult victims. It is the responsibility of true Christians to protect children and widely expose those who sexually, physically or mentally abuse children. Children are a precious gift to God and those who harm children will have much to answer for both in
Heaven as well here on Earth. All need to avoid “strip joints” and from engaging in business with prostitutes.

Sex and Human Trafficking is a sick, twisted business. There is much all of us can do to stop it. Here in the USA, there is a telephone number that one can call if someone wants help including being rescued from being trafficked. That telephone number is 1-888-373-7888. This telephone number will also help those who also want to get more information on how to identify victims of Human and Sex Trafficking also. “If you see something, say something”.... whether you are on a plane flight, walking on a street, anywhere, and you see children alone, or with adults who do not look like the parents of those children, ask the flight attendant or those whom you can trust to investigate. Again, children, women and men are trafficked here and abroad, we must be aware and help these children and adults trapped in this horrible industry.

I do hope that this information is helpful to many and that you will share this article with many as well.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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  1. Yesterday FBI: 168 kids rescued, 281 pimps nabbed in sex-trafficking arrested