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When Christians Destroy Marriages And Families

When Christians Destroy Marriages And Families

Not everyone who call's him or herself is a real Christian. This couldn't be more clear and evident than what we see in how people who call themselves by the name of Christ in relation to one-another in terms of marital relationships and family matters these days. As a former Chemical Dependency Counselor and Family Counselor/Mediator, I have seen more than I wish to remember, the number of Christians and so called “Christian Pastors” aiding in destroying, and not helping marriages or families in crisis. Unfortunately, many so called Christians and Pastors these days have left the wisdom of the Bible and now propagate such man-made ideas such as psychology or relying on “feelings.” Rather than the Word of God being the instrument of wisdom on such matters, sadly many are instead running to read and learn from James Dobson or Mark Driscoll books instead.

With the rise of Feminism over the last 40 years, the Spirit of Jezebel has sadly not only worked it's way into the hierarchy of our Government and courts, it has also wormed it's way into our educational institutions, schools and even into many American churches as well. I remember some years ago meeting a man who was a radio program and television host who proudly touted to me and a few others how his wife was a “Pro-Life Feminist.” My reply to him directly, (while editing his program) was that what he was sharing with myself and everyone else in the room regarding his wife's beliefs could be compared to “jumbo-shrimp, an oxymoron.” As you can quite imagine, he was not too pleased with what I told him but he was not a Christian, but he was to some degree, very religious. I went on to explain to him the facts surrounding rebellious attitudes of Feminism, Machoism and gave him some Bible Scriptures to back it all up. What occurred after that, was he became so incensed about what the Bible declared, I never seen him again. He chose like so many involved in “religion” and “feelings” to become irate over Biblical truth rather than accept it's wisdom. Feminism and Machosim(“love 'em and leave 'em) attitudes and ideologies belong to the devil and have no place in a Christian's heart nor a church.

That's the main problem with many so called “Christians”, they are not abiding by the Bible but instead, are following some sort of religion which may have a claim to Christianity or appearance on the surface of Christianity, but in reality is far from what the Bible plainly teaches. Specifically in regards to marriage and family, as I shared earlier, most Christians destroy God's design for marriages and families much more than help them. I believe some of the largest and visible evidence of what I am sharing here is that of divorce. What does Jesus plainly say in the Bible regarding divorce ? Well, Jesus spoke of only one reason to divorce(if the offended chooses to do so), and that is for adultery(Matt 19:9). I have heard so many so called Christians and Pastors advocate for divorce for a multitude of reasons over the years calling it “a form of adultery”(marital infidelity) justifying a divorce, but these Christians and Pastors are doing great harm and doing the devils work instead. There is no “out” of a marriage in the Christian Bible for domestic violence, arguing, rebelliousness and so on. I know some of you are saying “Oh ! pastor you are sooooooo wrong, you have no idea what she/he did to me !!!! ” I can tell you that I have been greatly abused, both physically and verbally. I could have divorced and could have found plenty of so called “Christians” and “Pastors” to enable me to do so, but I didn't. I can tell you also that in the Bible, it does mention regarding “separating for a season” but most have no real Biblical venue to get their marriages repaired while “separated” for the purpose of healing. Real Pastors with Biblical authority know exactly how to stop a man/woman engaged in terrorizing their spouse but sadly, they love their IRS 501c3 tax Exempt Status more. Often times, so called Pastors these days only end-up choosing sides or give up and let the marriage get destroyed. Thus, even if one party in a marriage wishes not to be divorced, they get dragged before the corrupted Government and attorneys anyway, thus the devil wins again and the marriage and family destroyed.

Pastors these days do not hold folks that attend their churches accountable for their actions. Sadly, most Pastors in churches these days are more concerned about their pay, their parking spot or getting their Starbucks Coffee then they are about following the Word of God. Marriages and families suffer greatly and teachings such as what is written in Titus Chapter 2 regarding teaching/following family values/roles are totally ignored. The void of good Biblical Pastors in our nation has led to more Mark Driscoll's out there who put beds next to pulpits and teach openly and inappropriately about sexual matters to their congregations. The lack of sound Biblical teaching in most churches in America has allowed men and women to divorce and remarry over and over again with little to no real accountability at the local church level. I hardly know anyone alive in America who has been married just one time in their life time(I'm not speaking of a spouse dying and remarriage). The vast majority of American adults these days are either divorced, divorced/remarried or cohabitating. None of these fore mentioned interpersonal type relationships are Biblical. Divorce and or Biblical separation should be rare. But they are not. This is not only a problem, the negative consequences of such is playing it's self out in the nightly news everyday. 

So, the churches, Pastors and Christians are involved in unbiblical actions regarding marriages and families. The best you can get and hope from many of them to “help” is either a “Divorce Recovery Workshop” or a “Men's or Women's Bible Study Group.” Neither of these are very helpful other than possibly being a good place to vent. Other than that, they are useless. The fruit of Pastors and Christians involving themselves in wicked things such as divorce for unbiblical matters, has allowed an increasing amount of children alienated from their parents and an increasing amount of men(who have little to no social support) who are killing themselves and or others The blame for all this is squarely blamed on Christians and their Pastors who ignore the Bible and marriages as well as families in crisis. As Child protective Services, corrupted family courts, lawyers, domestic violence programs and cops increase their illegal activities in stealing children from good parents all to make cash(Federal Title IV Funding). It is only Christians and their pastors that can be blamed for ignoring these same marriages and families being purposely destroyed. Equally sharing in the evil, I have been finding more and more so called Christian “Attorneys” who are just as much to blame for the failure of these same marriages and families. Perhaps there is a special place in hell for those so called “Christian lawyers” who screw people out of a lot of money, refuse to help and in the end, the troubled marriage end up divorced, lose their children or in end-up in the “poor house” anyway. Someone must call “foul”, and I'm calling out so called “Christians”, “Christian Pastors” and “Christian Lawyers.”

The bottom line here is this; if you dare, yes...that is dare to call yourself a “Christian” or even more so, a “Christian Pastor”, your job, your command, your Biblical responsibility is to help heal, help teach, help enforce Biblical teachings, not to do as you “feel.” Stop feeding the devil and go help a marriage and or family in need today !

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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