Friday, July 5, 2013

Hey America, How Much Evil Are You Willing To Tolerate ?

Hey America, How Much Evil Are You Willing To Tolerate ?

According to the Christian Bible, a nation's survival is totally dependent on how much the people in that nation and or society will follow the precepts and Commandments of God. History has shown quite true, that nations that follow God and His ways become blessed and quite successful. This realization was quite noted in the American's Founding Father's writings and thus the great deal of blessings many Americans have come to reap in the past. Yes, as I just highlighted and shared here... I used the word “past” because by and large, America has lost many blessings it once enjoyed for abandoning God's ways. It's not that there has not been some hardships or trials in our nation's history even when most followed God's Word, but it was often the heart and resolve of the American people to repent and then then on externally towards removing unrepentant evil and rely on God's strength, courage and success during those hardships and trials that kept the American people in continuing in God's favor.

Looking at recent events in Egypt as well as not so long ago historically also in Thailand and the Philippines, it would appear that those people in those nations have learned the lessons that most America's have forgotten, including that of having little to no tolerance for evil. En mass, the people in those foreign nations previously mentioned, have largely gathered to remove the wrongs and evils their government leaders engaged and refused to repent from. They took to the streets in mostly peaceful protest demanding the ouster of Presidents and their tyrannous government leaders. With their successful campaigns to free their societies from tyrannous evil, they had at some point obviously decided they had enough of their personal liberties and human rights being trampled on. In fact, history records that there rose among themselves common persons who took great chances of harm towards themselves including arrest and or being killed by the government for organizing, leading and actually going out to demand the ousting of corrupted and tyrannical government leaders. Unlike the majority of Americans today, one could simply say those that arose against evil government and government leaders had the moral fortitude and actual “grapes” to do something about it's removal.

With so many effeminate men now living in and ruling America, it is really no surprise to me that many men have no stomach to remove evil and even have the audacity to hide behind strong women like former Alaska State Governor Sarah Palin and current Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann. To the absolute delight of tyrannous evil here and around the world, there are very few men here that will actually take a (physical)stand against evil. Men of America are so much different and unlike America's historical past when also the Lord was still blessing America. It was often the Godly men such as Rev. Peter Muhlenberg, Rev. Abiel Foster, Rev. John Foster and many others who led not only their church congregations to remove evil but also outside their church walls as well. They often set to demand repentance from wrong doing, of course starting within themselves and then pleading and demanding of others. They did not hesitate to state and stand in their words with action and in the absolute need to take up arms against those who would force tyranny down the throats of honest men. We rarely see men like that in the pulpit today. More often then not, instead of Godly and brave men, we see “hirelings” and “wolves” propagate the idea of false gospel teachings including that of “prosperity”, “feel good”, “prayer only” and all too many other false gospel teachings that frequent the pulpits in “churches” today.
American's by and large have no fear of God and evil. This growing open “love affair” with evil has even brought us the very recent event that even Satanists have chosen to distance themselves from pro-abortionists who outside the Texas State Legislature protested with chants of “hail Satan” Tell me, how is it no man was outside chasing these evilists who proudly shouted over and over “hail Satan “ ??? Are there no more men in Texas who fear God more then mere men ? The State of Texas with it's proud Governor Rick Perry recently signing into a law allowing “Christmas” and the multitude of mega churches there contains not even one true Godly man who who will go toe to toe with these quite evil people ? This incident in Texas tells a much larger story about the hearts(especially) of most American men. It is a sad day and time in America where evil runs free to do what it wants, where it wants and how it wants, without direct challenge from people who claim to be “God's very own.” What kind of sick and cowardly society allows people to openly and unashamedly shout out in public “hail Satan” ?

As many of you already know, our Federal, State and County Government's are a facade. As I have mentioned in a number of my past articles already, I have been to Washington DC and have witnessed who really runs our Government. So that the remaining ignorant may no longer claim their folly, let the truth be told that it is the endless army of lawyers, special interest groups and lobbyists that control our Government, not your so called “elected government officials.” As the many of your American Government elected an non-elected Leaders and Officials plead ignorance or flat out lie about their knowledge of wrong doing(laughing at the hypocrisy of our tyrannical Govt. as I think of the many Congressmen and Congresswomen who demand from Obama appointed Agency Department Leaders in hearings their knowledge of illegal activities, yet those same Congressman also use “'gatekeepers” like the Obama appointee's who keep knowledge of illegal activity from Congressman/women), it's not that American's don't pay attention to the vast amount of God Given and Natural Freedoms that are being taken away by our own Government on a daily basis, no not at all. In fact like me, you probably hear fellow American's “pissing and moaning” all the time about all the corruption and tyranny occurring in government all the time. Yes indeed, American's are well aware of what is occurring but largely unwilling to do anything about their own evil in cleaning up their own mess, no less participate in dragging evil out of the White House, Halls of Congress or even the Supreme Court. To the delight of Obama, the Clinton's, Holder, Cuomo, Judges Robert Noonan, Tracey Bannister, Lawyers like Julie Falvey, Donna Haslinger, Larry Friedman, Lisa Robinson, CPS, Domestic Violence Programs, illegal aliens like Jennie Basal and many other evilists in our land , the majority of men of our nation that desire their freedom and liberty back from tyranny only keep their focus of their “war on tyranny” by making more social media groups. There are very few men in the USA that have the real courage to leave their (false sense of security) home and challenge those who willfully violate our US Constitution by the minute.

Consider this last and final comment on this article a personal challenge of every America male's “manhood.” Whether you are employed in “Law Enforcement, or a “stay at home dad, or whatever your vocation may be, I'm challenging your “manhood”...God is not looking for evil hearted men, nor men who compromise with evil, not even at what some may consider the smallest percentage. God is looking for real men who will clean up their own lives, their marriage, their families and then go out to challenge other men to do the same. Additionally, God of the Bible is also looking for more than men who know how to call out orders, shoot straight or post “American history trivia challenges”on Facebook to somehow encourage other men to “fight against tyranny and evil.” God instead is looking for real men like King David, that is... a heart hard after God and wanting to rid their lives and their land of evil so that all around them in the end may live in peace by displacing evil with Godly good. Take this now as personal challenge to you.....Will you be like most men and keep hiding behind your mama's skirt and just piss and moan some more with other like minded men ? Or will you take up your Godly place and rid the evil within yourselves then on to remove unrepentant evil in our Government other places ? Let's see what you will do... I'm ready any time you are. In fact, I've already taken steps to challenge evil to it's face and have no plan in ever stopping my actions(even alone if necessary)until all evil and tyranny are completely eradicated. How about you ?(Women, this your chance to also challenge the men in your life as well). Surely if men in third-world nations(like Egypt) who know not God of the Bible can do it, why can't you ???

Psalm 27:1-3 “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear ? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid ? When the wicked came against me to eat up my flesh, my enemies and foes, they stumbled and fell. Though an army may encamp against me, my heart shall not fear; in this I will be confident.”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. Who says women are necessarily automatically good-hearted people?? Why don't you implore us like you do the men to "fight against tyranny and evil?? By the way, I am a woman with a son who is currently fighting with a narcissist for custody of his child! Why don't you implore HER to do what is right and stop fighting to take my son out of his son's life? Just a little on the sexist side, if you ask me!

  2. answer I agree that we need to get the plank out of our eye before worry about the spec in our neighbors I but how do you deal with people who call themselves Christians and could very well be thanks quote from the Bible Word says God put the officials in office and we need to respect them and not question there sorry I'm I find that very hard passage to come to grips withwhen you see evil when the government still children from loving family members of you can't turn a blind eye that that's pure evil