Friday, July 12, 2013

Black On Black Crimes, Who Cares ?

Black On Black Crimes, Who Cares ?

I Care !...

While many Americans have apparently drawn up sides on the Zimmerman trial case and are not only awaiting the jury's decision(at the time of the original time of posting of the article) but also to many are also awaiting to see if there will be rioting done by those who would be unsatisfied with the jury verdict. While we are awaiting, I want to take time to explore an issue that much of the media, in fact, much of America plainly ignored and continued to purposely ignore; that being the outrageously high percentage and high number of African-American's who commit crimes against those of their own skin color and culture. I am in no way attempting to draw anyone away from the Trayvon Martin issue where George Zimmerman is accused of murdering Trayvon Martin, no not at all. I am however in all honesty sharing in this article matters that are much, much deeper than the death of Tayvon Martin and the guilt or innocence of George Zimmerman. I would like as many Americans, that is...Black, White, Latino, Asian, etc... to take a real hard look and “picture”of, so to speak and realize, that in all honesty not only the bulk of the American Press does not report on when it comes to 'Black on Black crimes”, but also how our Government, and of those whom I term as “agitators”, “provocateurs” and “profiteers” not only purposely create an atmosphere for Blacks to commit crimes against other Blacks, they most often do so for financial and personal gain, control and or power.

As if racism is not enough, we have had for quite a number of years now here in America a segment of society that has chosen not only to live in a sort of unreality, or as I refer to as a “bubble” of willful ignorance when it comes to the growing problems of an ever increasing “Black” prison population in our nation. Most American's want a lawful and orderly society, that is a good thing I think we can all agree on. However, it is the disproportionate number of African-American men, women and youth incarcerated in out US jail and prisons compared to Caucasians, Latinos, Asians and other sub-cultures represented in the US that should concern us all. The greatest concern of course should be strongest among all Biblical Christians of every “race” as we as believer's in Christ Jesus are not only concerned for justice, but even more so, for salvation through Christ to “'every culture and every nation” as prescribed in the Christian Bible by Christ Jesus Himself. Looking specifically at those high percentage of African American's incarcerated(, it is very obvious that there is something very wrong, and increasingly getting worse within inside the culture as well as pushing from outside the “Black Community” that is negatively impacting many Black's to become involved with crimes, thus incarcerated. We as American's, especially the “Church” have no more real excuses to give when we ignore the number of Black's committing crimes. No longer can anyone as a matter of fact, give any excuse for ignoring the crisis that we see within the African-American Community when we read and now have seen all across our land, the 200 Blacks recently killed by Blacks just in Chicago alone.

We all know(or should have knowledge) for years now, that elements(mostly from outside Black perpetuated) commercial billboards within African-American Communities heavily target especially the poor there with Tobacco and Alcohol ads. Of course we know this targeting is purposeful and actually ads “fuel to the fire”, that is helping to perpetrate feelings of desperation then on to criminal acts. When it comes to the stress of being poor, feelings of oppression and overall feelings of hopelessness, that will eventually translate into criminal acts. If you want to keep someone in negative behaviour, just give them the tools to do it by breaking them down spiritually, morally and economically, and chemicals such as alcohol and tobacco. It is not only that businesses target poor Black's in their own neighborhoods but also there are other obvious profiteers, such as local, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies that make millions and millions of dollars through “criminal activity”, “crime victim”, “gang activity” and other so called “criminal justice revenues” as well. In fact the most very, very recent evidence of this example is our very own US Justice Department that in 2012, had sent millions of tax dollars and also US Justice Department Personnel to the Sanford, Florida area establishing and shoring up “Trayvon Martin Support Rally's” and other “activities( future riots ???) This all being said and shared as obvious fact, there is however a question regarding the matter of personal responsibility that comes into play. Nobody likes “being played the fool” and this brings me to the next obvious question's here... when does one's knowledge and partaking of harmful behaviour become personal responsibility ? I mean, when is it time for the African-American Community as a whole take a real and honest look at how they have been manipulated to respond in a negative way so that not they, but others gain financial and in other ways ? It is the basis of these important questions that we should all as a society be interested in. It is that each of us holds personal responsibility for our actions. One can only claim “ignorance” of wrong doing, and take it just so far.

It is the claim of the Liberals and of some so called “Black Leaders” and Black profiteers of this nation that have not only used “ignorance” of African-American's participation in wrongful and illegal acts, it is the excuse of “culture” for illegal acts that has also been used as well. I can tell you that both “ignorance” as well as “culture” are very poor and very ill gotten excuses that “don't fly” with me, most American's nor with God Himself. The African-American culture so to speak has gone through quite a sociological change since the late 1960's, early “70;s”, not for the better so much but for the worse. Although many Black's have made great strides both sociologically as well as economically since that time, there is a large segment of the African-African culture where by there has not been gain, but rather regression in terms ( up-word social status movement. There are those within movements in the Black Community themselves that keep Black's purposely poor so that money can be gained through government sourcing. An excellent example of this is Family Courts, where you will see mostly minority men jailed for “child support issues.” For those unaware, county and state government's gain billions of Federal taxpayer paid dollars by locking up men delinquent on child support payments. There is a built in system for many judges to illegally order child support far above the lawful minimum child support standard's. Not only that, but the sociological changes that we see in the Black Community since the late 1960's(where community and family was much stronger) has now brought about a much higher percentage of co-habitation(not being married). We today see an outrageous number of Black teenage mothers, unwed mothers, fatherless children, and gang violence( and thus detains Black's largely in a cycle of spiritual and economic chaos and regression as well as oppression. As the Bible calls it, It is “the love of money” that is at it's root cause of keeping many Blacks in a state of having the inability to move socially upward. This is being done from both outside, as well as inside the African-American Community.

No longer do we see as I did in the 1960's, the extended African-American Family caring for one another. When “Aunt” Shelly was not really your aunt, nor was she your blood relation, but you treated her like your own mother. You respected her though, and didn't dare “mouth off” to her because your mama or father would give you “a beating” if you did. There was a great deal of love and community as well as support in the African-American Community in the “60's”, but sadly, not any longer. True love and pride of being “Black” is gone and today means something entirely different and today especially with youth, it means to be “bad.” Racial epithet’s degrading other Blacks or other races is common place and used as freely and also as common place as drinking alcohol and drugging. So now we've reached in our society a sort of pinnacle with Black on Black crimes. It is obvious by lack of news reports and vocal outrage from especially the “Church”, few care about it because it is a “Black problem” and taboo for the Liberal media and even other African-Americans or anyone else to speak about. So called “Black Hip-Hop” and “Black Rap Music” glorifies this culture of Black on Black crimes and it is often accepted as the “norm” in most homes. Often in their so called “music” it is profanity laden, they talk proudly “rap” about, “capping”(murdering) another Black man. Often in this music you can also hear the “rapper” referring to Black and other women as “ho's”(whores). There is actually a glorification of Black on Black violence including belonging to that of gangs and participating in gang related violence in their music. Truly, the days of “Whitey keeping the Black man down” are largely over. It is now the Black man keeping himself “down” by hating on himself through words and action.

It is long past due for real Black Pastors and Ministers to take hold of the African-American Community. Oh how I wish Dr. King were yet alive today. Perhaps he would model after Jesus Himself and go into some of these mega Black(and Caucasian) Churches and turn over tables and make a whip and chase some people around in them. There's all to much hanky-panky and false teaching going on in the African-American (many, not just Black)Church's today. Enough with all the titles of “Reverend”-this, “Evangelist- that, “Prophetess”-this and “Deacon- that, all those self serving titles don't amount to a hill of beans with God nor me without Jesus and true Biblical motives in a heart. It's time that the Black Community Leaders, especially the so called “Pastors” and “Preachers” get into the homes of Black families and folks to start teaching them right from wrong according to the Bible. That's right, get rid of that “BET Channel” attitude on Sunday Mornings and get back to the Bible and teach folks to stop listening to that devil's music about Blacks killing one another and start treating one-another with respect and love. Hey there Mr. Preacher, don't forget to tell parents to take all their children's so called “Rap Music” glorifying violence, lust, hate and unbiblical values and just dump it all in the garbage. Realize that it's not just Caucasian private prison owners, Government, and “Law Enforcement” keeping Black folks down but it's also, the majority of the American Media/Press, and Black provocateurs and profiteers that have their hands in the pockets of your “sheep”, keeping them “down” as well. The African-American Community has plenty to celebrate in the Bible and in life. We in the Body of Christ need to love one another and hold to Biblical Truth in all areas. Let's work together in exposing those who would make dishonest gain through hurting one-another, that includes like I shared previously...the “White” media elites and the “Black” provocateurs and profiteers who use us all to make a tidy sum and personal empire's from “Black on Black” crimes and from the false allegations of “'Racism” from the 'Government” as well as the pulpit. Let's rid all that evil now.

Finally, just a quick note. I am well aware there will be those who are ignorant, race haters and anti-christian bigots who will attack me for writing this article. It's all good... I know my family's history and know whom I belong to. I am speaking as Bible believing Christian here, speaking not only with concern, but also in Biblical truth and in Biblical love. Receive the article in that way.

Ephesians 5:29 “ For no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as the Lord does the church.”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor