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“Ex-Cop And Cop Killer Christopher Dorner, Good Or Bad Guy ?”

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“Ex-Cop And Cop Killer Christopher Dorner, Good Or Bad Guy ?”

Now that the “dust has settled” a bit on this horrific news worthy story, I very much want to address the question that seems to be lingering everywhere about Christopher Dorner and his killing spree in California. This is what we now believe to now know; Mr. Dorner killed an attorney, his daughter, some cops and appeared to put some public in the states of California, Arizona and Nevada on edge for about a week's time. Looking at all the carnage that was reported by the police and press regarding ex-cop Dorner allegedly had caused, one would need to take a good hard look at many factors as a possibility in seeing just what caused this man to going on a killing spree. I believe it is absolutely essential to explore some underlying issues that perhaps all of America is experiencing and yes... even suffer that should well--- help all of us decide if Christopher Dorner was as some call; a “good guy” or if he was as others claim; a “bad guy.”

Beginning by first examining Mr. Dorner's supposed publicly made manifesto appears on the surface anyway; in many ways very schizophrenic in it's writing. His ramblings makes him look very much like a “mad man gone wild.” In all honesty however, with all the deceptiveness that our Federal and state governments are constantly engaged in, I'm not so sure that all of Christopher Dorner's alleged writings on that manifesto were actually his. There is no need to be paranoid about such actions that this cop killer's manifesto were not all his and that others either added or took away from Mr. Dorner's supposed manifesto. Reality however proves that all one needs to do is look at all the propaganda and lies that are produced nearly on the hour of each day by our government leaders and one should at the very least take a good long-hard look at the manifesto Mr. Dorner wrote and begin asking a lot of questions before believing anything any government official or employee tells us or the public. So with knowledge of our Federal and State Governments engaging in so much purposeful deception to the US Public, a reasonable person would naturally have doubts about any credibility of that supposed manifesto fed to us via mostly the liberal media press and question at the very least if Dorner's claims were not tampered with in some way.

Speaking of “deception in government”, even if the manifesto was all one-hundred percent written by ex cop Dorner, how many of his allegations against the police, government and others were in fact true ? Was he really a “whistle blower” as he claimed to be ? Was he a man who tried to alert his employer(the LAPD) to wrong doing of others but was fired and abused rather than promoted for exposing alleged wrong doings ? These are some more legitimate questions that I and others have. We as the US public are aware that there are millions of whistle blowers all across America that have been like Dorner's claim, are abused by employers/governments and others. Although there are alleged laws to protect so called “whistle blowers”, many who engage in exposing wrong doing or unethical behavior of others, often end-up rejected and illegally abused or even killed. I think of former Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer who was murdered for her partaking in exposing corrupt US and State Governments who steal children and tear families apart for profit. She exposed corrupted CPS, judges, lawyers, Domestic Violence programs, cops and others who are fed billions of dollars via the Federal Government in partaking in illegal activities. Again, it is not unusual for whistle blowers to end-up destitute, unable to be gainfully employed and in many instances dead(murdered) like former State Senator Schaefer. Perhaps Dorner already knew that before his alleged cop killing spree.

If we can establish Mr. Doner was indeed a whistle blower as he and others claim, does that give him the right to murder others ? Let me answer that question right away so that there is no confusion about that question; the answer is- no! No one has the right to kill anyone in cold blooded murder. Answering that question quickly and correctly; I however wish to alert everyone to the dangers of purposely and maliciously as some call it;“screwing with someone's life.” In fact, I have met an increasing amount of people that are suffering mental health related issues in many cases due to being “screwed with” via government agencies, government employees, courts, judges, lawyers and others who have unlimited access to corrupted actions and power. This information being shared with you should bring an immediate alert to everyone's attention. I say this because one of the person's that Christopher Dorner's killed was an attorney and the attorney's daughter. With the recent rash of court house shootings in or nation lately, everyone including the media should be asking why attorneys, judges and cops are increasingly being shot at and or killed, sadly though few are investigating the root cause of these attacks and instead many are only burying the truth and go on to enable evil thus bringing forth more actions such as what ex-police officer Christopher Dorner took. Clearly, this is what happens when evil is “swept under the rug” as wrong as that action is, people who are unjustly 'screwed with” and receive no justice will eventually explode or implode. It's all a “no-brainer.”

Clearly, there is something rotten going on in our court rooms and legislative rooms as well as executive government offices and few who have power are addressing this issue and Doner indicated that in his writings. For sure, we can clearly see that people like Dorner are “losing their minds” in record numbers. It seems that even supposed “fair and balanced” Fox News Channel(aka the Catholic lawyer channel) is only interested in protecting the status quo of those many who wrongly suffer including the possibility of Doner himself. Those who suffer at the hands of abusive lawyers, judges and cops are growing in numbers. I listened in horror as some “news reporter” went on “Fox and Friends”, ramble on about how “good attorneys are”and how “people lose their cases in court all the time” and as well in justifying and in protective mode of all lawyers; “we should be protective of attorney's.” Protecting the evil status quo is exactly something that Mr. Dorner was complaining about in his manifesto and Fox News Channel chose instead of addressing some of his complaints as possibly being real not only for him and others like him, went on to protect the very evil system that was being exposed. So much for “fair and balanced.” I was equally horrified during the news reported on Fox regarding Mr. Dorner's rampage, I viewed several obviously narcissistic Fox News “guest mental health professionals” go on air and made a mental health diagnosis of Christopher Dorner, all without any diagnostic tools, only sensational speculation. Personally, I am increasingly finding it very difficult to locate truthful media outlets anymore-including on Fox. Is it something that the “news media” was another one of Dorner's complaints written about in his manifesto.

The bottom line and conclusion for me in this whole matter is that I cannot speculate if ex-cop Christopher Dorner was a “good guy” or a “bad guy.” I say this because of the reasons I gave written above in this article---I have more questions than answers. Surely, I believe most of us will agree however that killing people in cold blooded murder is wrong and immoral no matter who does it--- a rogue cop, the government, anyone. The reality and issue however of so many wrongs before, during and after the fact by Mr. Dorner as well as others involved, and who yet have not been exposed leaves the question and title of this article, sadly unanswered. What I'm afraid of, is that matters that are related to what Mr. Dorner's alleged actions were, will never be really known---after all the police killed Dorner and burnt him up, leaving us only with speculations that we are fed via corrupted governments and media outlets.

Until we as a nation start to demand honesty and integrity at every level(starting with ourselves) from our government, media, everyone... we will definitively see nothing but an increase in horrible actions including murders due to an increase in unresolved mental health issues, lies and deceptions. As in all cases where evil strikes, the innocent and good are often the first casualties were evil goes unchecked. If you are “good” but not suffering, you soon will be. There are more Dorner's out there and at some point, we can choose to either legitimately investigate their claims or we can go on in ignoring their claims and do things “as usual” and take a chance in continuing to utilize our corrupted judicial system, governments, courts, judges, lawyers and cops that are in place now. The risk is entirely yours---If you don't want to be victimized by a future type such as Dorner or corrupted evilists that I just mentioned in this article, you better be motivated in Jesus name to make major.... I mean REAL major changes now.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller-Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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  1. I've read about half of what you've wrote and I read, oh, about two and a half pages of Mr. Dorner's account of the events which happened to him; and what I got from it he was a man who surely had enough education and intellgence to coherently and competently express what he was trying to get across to the reader. As far as I read I didn't read any ranting.

    I want to ask you this, because you wrote this very well Black Robe Regiment Pastor: but are you the one who an many occasions months back was screaming saying that the Government was coming after you and your Family I think you too said and was wanting to kill you? I'm sure it was an individual whose name Identified himself connected with a religious & Clergy Profession.