Friday, February 8, 2013

“ Pastor Paul Waldmiller Goes To Washington – Yikes !”

“ Pastor Paul Waldmiller Goes To Washington – Yikes !”

This trip was not how I wanted to visit our nations capital-nope, sure wasn't but my purpose of going was far from being something enjoyable-believe me. In fact, I really could have used a vacation instead. I was there just many others like myself. We needed to head to a place to demand justice for ourselves, our children and others. Yep, you read correctly... the words I used in DC most prevalently were; “demand justice.” I, like approximately one hundred-fifty others under the leadership of Bill Windsor and the “Lawless America-Meet Me In DC Event” assented on Washington DC for one major purpose; that was to let Both Democratic and Republican Party elected legislators know that millions of Americans(maybe like you also), have been wrongly and violently ripped apart by corrupt courts, government officials, judges, lawyers, Child Protective Services, Domestic Violence Programs, cops, Filipina Migration Marriage Scammers and many others evil doers just like them.

What a time we had though while we were there... you may be waiting in anxious anticipation of news regarding just what kind of impact we had.... but please hang on... I'll get there in a bit... I want first to tell you about some of the people I met and heard speak not only in private hotel rooms but also in the halls and other places throughout Congress. Mommy's were represented as well as daddy's. Grandparents as well as adult-children and and other family members as well in those meetings. Folks who were homeless, some with big houses and many who lost everything at one time were also well represented there also. Each had an equal chance to declare how evil our America, State's governments and in many ways others associated with governments were terrorizing all us citizens. One such person who perhaps made the strongest impact on me personally was a mommy who's name is Sandy Fonzo. Perhaps you have heard of her in the news regarding the “Cash for kids scandal” in Pennsylvania.” This poor mom is still suffering injustice as her son was stolen from her by being wrongly arrested and put in a private jail where judges received financial kickbacks for putting children in that privately run prison. It is a terrible and sad story where Sandy's son committed suicide in that particular jail while these judges collected millions of dollars in illegal kickbacks for incarcerating many innocent children just like Sandy's.

Sandy's story is just one of many of course that I heard at the DC Event. Their stories were equally horrendous and tragic. Often times, the folks I personally spoke with were understandably angry and emotionally either numb or agitated. I want to ensure all my readers that this meeting and event was by no means simply a “I feel sorry for me fest.” Sure, many got to share their heart breaking stories-yes... however we all gathered on February 5th, 2013 in one purpose and that was to demand for justice, not just for us but for all wrongly abused Americans. We secured a shuttle bus and met with as many members of the Congress members and or their staff as possible. Even I myself met with some Congressional staff. I cannot say at this point how much of an impact we made but many members received a special packet about the “Lawless America Movie, web page” and our purpose in being their in Washington DC. If those we spoke with payed the least little bit of attention, they heard that Mr. Windsor now has accumulated over 100,000 wrongly convicted, hurt, destroyed or other wronged people in his data base. This is no small number of accumulated people for just one man in having been contacted regarding people suffering from injustice. Much of Congress is now well aware... whether they like it or not.

When we were there in the halls of Congress, many of us had private meetings with either Congress members, Senators and or their staff. With so many of us, I am sure as well as confident that there has been communication between those in Congress that there is something brewing, something is coming and eyes are being opened. If citizens were willing to travel from all across our great land to make their voices heard in one accord about wide spread government and other corruption, believe me, these people know it. After all, it's no secret that Bill Windsor is organizing for Federal Grand Juries all across America for any member of government or others who do not take appropriate action on behalf of inncoent citizens. Yep, people are pissed off(can I say that ?). People in this nation have every right to be angry at injustice. Indeed, God demands justice and even the Bible also declares to be “angry but sin not”(Ephesians 4:26). Godly and Natural law demands that corruption be identified then removed. I would imagine the only people that would argue against that Biblical truth here would be those who either work for “daddy government”, lawyers, judges, cops, those who get cold hard cash from government and or maybe the jesus butterfly believers as well.

There is action being organized more and more and being implemented against corrupted individuals and others. As I have shared in previous blog articles, we in America are a nation of laws. This means that we have a Constitution and writings of our American Fore Fathers to guide us. Godly and Natural law absolutely dictates that there must be justice. Justice we seek, and justice we will get. All people have options, they can either continue to sit on the sidelines and inadvertently or through ignorant means get caught in the “cross fire”, or they can choose a side. This all about good vs. evil. All evil doers should from here on-out be getting used to feeling uncomfortable, being afraid, having their illegal and evil activities not only exposed, but that they and their assets seized by and through Godly-lawful means. What was illegally gained will all be taken away. No... this is no joke... no empty words with no action behind it.

While in Washington DC, I seen with my own eyes, the thousands of lobbyists flowing in the Capital to influence votes of Congress. Not only did I notice the attitude of many of the Congressional staff I spoke with... That attitude was of arrogance and also that of apathy as well. It's all good, In fact I warned one congressman's senior staff member what would may very well occur if this country and government doesn't straighten out what it currently deems as it's priorities. I specifically told him; “This nation is going to tip over if corruption and what has occurred to people like I and others get justice. Because when it tips, it's gonna get real uncomfortable for a lot of people here. I do hope you and the Congressman have your plane tickets to move to China when hell breaks lose.” Understandably, he was not amused nor did I give any indication I was joking... I wasn't. It's that time.

Speaking of “hell breaking lose”.... I don't believe it is any mistake the night I flew home from the Lawless America Meet Me in DC Event, a police officer with military experience went on a shooting rampage after losing his job. The news to me looks like he is a whistle blower and I can tell you as I am also deemed a whistle blower as well, that our lives do not normally go well when we expose evil. Of course I don't know all the details about this cop, there may very well be more to his “story” as we learn more about him but I can tell you one thing after what I have experienced being destroyed by a Filipina Migration Marriage Scammer, corrupt judges and a City of Batavia, NY cop who threatened to murder me(, Don't believe anything the media or the government tells you, in the very least... you're not getting the whole truth and in fact, probably not any truth at all.

Finally, I will tell you how I know justice is coming for some--- I had the honor and privilege in being asked at the Lawless America Meet Me In DC Event to pray for everyone in our group, even for those watching the event live via internet link. I did in fact pray for everyone and I made good and sure that during my prayer, I reminded God(of the Bible) of His promise of His love of and promises for justice. The prayer was not long, but I know it was powerful. Most importantly, I believe and the Bible holds this true--- that the entire prayer was said and finalized in “Jesus name.” Those who are atheists, secular humanists, Jesus haters and the like might laugh at what I just wrote, but it's OK. God of the Bible knows all this and there is already an answer being made and a move of the Lord Himself being manifested for people like myself who put our faith and action in Jesus Christ. I realized it in reality already, even today, some two days after my prayer when I spoke with my friend also today who helped get a mommy her children back from corrupt CPS. In fact, at the court where my friend intervened, a lawyer ran out of the court room catching up with him, and told my friend how angry the judge was(I won't use my friend's expletive's) and how very ticked-off the lawyers were in that court room at my friend(a non-lawyer)as well.

Therefore, my suggestion for you evil doers reading this article and those beyond who are made mention as evilists in this article--- you may cast aside what I have especially written about my prayer and, our actions; however the worst thing you could do is laugh or mock God or even myself right now. You're about to see what no “man” in his own strength could ever do--- If you don't repent right now, if you don't immediately change from your evil ways, I guarantee that you will see all of what you gained in your life time throughout your wicked actions; everything will all be taken away. Count on it for sure.
Galatians 6:7 . “Don't be deceived. God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. Congratulations on your DC trip, it was a success..
    Great showing of support and a lot of hard work .
    Great job to Bill and all the Lawless America supporters

  2. "For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad." (Luke 8:17 [KJV])

    “‘If a person sins because he does not speak up when he hears a public charge to testify regarding something he has seen or learned about, he will be held responsible.’” (Leviticus 5:1 [NIV])