Friday, September 21, 2012

“ Women Are Precious To God”

 “ Women Are Precious To God”

With the world seemingly falling apart all around us you may be asking why in the world I have chosen in taking the time to share about “women” in my latest blog article here ? The only thing I can share with you, as I have also in the past, is that about that very question; I asked God the same question of Him when His Spirit informed me that this was His desire for me on the subject of women being precious to Him with all of you. You see, if you did not already know, I don't write about matters and news items that I alone feel appropriate for readers digestion, or what perhaps people might like to read about, no... I believe I write as the Spirit of the Lord leads me. I do hope and pray that as in all my other past articles written, that whomever the Lord has designed this article for, will be afforded not only the opportunity to read it, but also to be blessed in it-as whatever way the Good Lord has designed it to be. I do though wish to dedicate this article to my beautiful wife Jorlyn, my mom, my sisters, all four of my daughters, my 4 granddaughters, all my female friends, and all women everywhere around the world. I pray God's love touches your hearts this very hour....

I remember many years ago how I was raised by-to treat women. There were many object lessons from my father on how to do this for me from him from as far back as I can remember. Looking back at my childhood, some of the greatest lessons learned by me for that purpose was how my father treated my mother. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not going to try tell you my parents didn't argue or get angry at one other or have other problems, because that would simply be a lie, but I will tell you something my father taught me at an early age... and that was to love and respect my mom as well as my sisters. In fact my father had specific ways of respecting my mom and knew when it was time to let my mom have her way sometimes despite how he may have personally felt about a particular matter. One of the amazing things about my parents, although neither knew Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour at the time(my dad still doesn't-yet), My father always showed respect for my mom no matter how “heated” things got. After all the bickering, yelling and back and forth between them, if my mom and him had to go out somewhere, my father would still open the door for her no matter how much he disagreed with her. You see, I earnestly believe that my father, even up to this day, still loves my mother and although he still does not agree with her on some major issues in life, he still believes my mom is precious and that God designed her to be treated in a precious way no matter what.

I also personally believe as my father continues this day, even after many years; that God designed women to be precious...not just some women, but all women and that also although some women may get very much off track in regards to how God designed them, deep within them, my dad and I firmly believe there is a princess in each woman who is always worthy of respect. God knows women aren't perfect but neither are men for that matter. In fact, neither gender has found it's way to perfection, and let's face it, never will. You know, it's funny... I am sitting here writing this article while thinking of how I have been personally attacked by men who said I am a “man hater” and also some women who have also called me a “women hater.” I guess I just can't win.... I always strive to be honest and am being completely frank here when I say, I hate neither men nor women at all but there is something I have noticed in my many years as a secular counselor and in addition in being an ordained Christian minister--- and that is that women are not like men, they are human-yes but there is a preciousness, a specialness about women that God has designed within each one of them and men are special and precious also, but in a different way than men. Something else I noticed is that no one can force nor manipulate that preciousness or specialness to “come out” of women, but I can tell you that it is very easy to damper and dissuade women from exhibiting their preciousness and special and uniqueness that God gave them towards others if a women feels abused or disrespected in some sort of way. What I am about to say may sound like an old cliché but it really is true; many women are like roses, they are easily bruised.

Some people unfortunately have learned the “art” of dampening the innate specialness that all women have. At a young age, girls as young as newborns are treated as less than human in some cultures or with malice, or in these times, less than who they really can be in Christ Jesus. I will be honest yet more here and tell you that I get more than just a little upset when I see any child abused or manipulated whether a little boy or a little girl, but there is something about girls who hold something dear to my heart and that out of respect and as the “weaker” sex(1Peter 3:7) I feel they should all be given extra care, protection and respect. I have helped and fed thousands of little boys and girls in the Philippines throughout the years. I have seen how a little girls heart and spirit can be easily broken(including my own daughter's hearts at the hands of others) as compared to most boys. I walk around with many scars on my own heart from witnessing tragedy's like this in my lifetime(perhaps you do also). I wish, oh how I wish I could do more to rescue and help more children from evil doers, that is those who manipulate little girls and women in unhealthy and believing horrible lies about themselves. Exposing and rescuing children, including little girls is part of my ministry... but as I said, Oh how I wish I could do much, much more.

So, I hope I have offended no one here, my aim is certainly not to do so but inevitably I am sure someone is offended. Sadly, sharing truth these days always seems to get someone angry. It has just become part of everyday life for me. I have count the cost and as what I have shared today and will be sure to repeat... every woman and every little girl is precious and also very worthy or respect. We could all do a better job... agreed ?

May the Lord give all women and little girls everywhere a way to see just how precious they really are to Him.

1Sammuel 2:1 “And Hannah prayed and said, “My heart exults in the Lord; my strength is exalted in the Lord. My mouth derides my enemies, because I rejoice in your salvation.”

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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