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“ Will The CIA Try To Kill Terry Jones ? “

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“ Will The CIA Try To Kill Terry Jones ? “

Scarey title of the article isn't it ? It's meant to be, and yes.... I believe this article is not only appropriate and timely but a very serious concern for not only myself but should be considered a wake up call to all Americans living both here in America and abroad as well-our nation is being attacked from within. Exposing how deep the level of evil is in Washington DC, and what has recently transpired in Libya and the Arab World, I really do have a concern for Pastor Jones of Florida and his life, and I ask that you let me explain further throughout this article. Please let me start by sharing that ever since the terrorist attack(which is what it was) on our US Embassy property in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012, We hear of the blaming of that terrorist attack from the mouth of Barak Huessein Obama, as well as others including up to recently; including that of Secretary Of State Hilary Clinton, all being blamed on a “movie” made about Islam's Muhammad. The US Government's story however continues to change as what, and or whom to blame for the blood shed in Libya and the riots in the Islamist nations but In all honesty, with our government leaders all changing their stories, I do not know who to distrust more in what Obama and Hilary Clinton are doing to our nation...although it is rather a book, not an article that should be written in identifying what is really transpiring with our nation's leaders and involvement in the Middle East, I will lay out as much evidence as possible for you throughout this article so as to consider just who is telling the truth, and what is occurring to those who side with that truth.

If only some of you really knew what was taking place to our nation “behind the scenes” due to the evil actions of these two people-Obama and Clinton. In fact most Americans have no true idea what is really occurring to our nation and how you, I and others are being purposely led down a road in seeing our nation being purposely annihilated from people who are supposed to be not only our own fellow citizens, but as our elected and non-elected government leaders as well. Now I know some of you may wish to label me a “conspiracy theorist”right-away here, but please, hear me out to the end of this article. Let me tell you I have been employed in the area of criminal justice for many years in the past including that of being a Forensic Specialist where by it was my job to know how the criminal mind operated and functioned so as to apply various treatment modalities. Not only do I have a wealth and expertise and knowledge of investigating and profiling those who engaged in criminal activities, but I have also meet some extraordinary people throughout the world who have knowledge of what criminal activities take place in our nation, especially meeting individuals in the nation of the Philippines where some of those individuals have given me quite some tid-bits of information about just what kinds of things our US Government is involved in. So in the remainder of this article, as I have previously shared, I will be laying out some relevance of evidence as leading to fact so that I can prove my case of what is really transpiring currently with our government in relation to the Middle East and that including of those who are engaged in treason in it's highest form against the American Citizens as well as siding with foreign governments who wish to destroy the USA.

Yes indeed, I can “read between the lines” on much of what is happening to our nation and although many Americans believe it's only the “Islamists” who are to blame, I'm telling you what you are seeing on your nightly news is only the fruit of the labor of some of who I am labeling in this article as “Benedict Arnold's.” They are the type who are in our government working hard to purposely bring disaster and ruin to our nation. So what I am saying specifically is this; the Muslims are being manipulated by a small powerful group of American government officials and other skilled government “patriots”(who are not on the US Government payroll but those in Congress and others either know or know of them) to ruin our nation so that a certain elite group of individuals can control the world(George Soros involvement here also ?). Call these people the “NWO”, followers of the anti-christ, what ever you like... the bottom line is that there are indeed people in high positions of authority in America performing acts of treason against We The People, they are Obama and the Clinton's included on that list.

For these very reasons, I can tell you that I believe that the death of Ambassador Stevens in Libya along with three other Americans on that dreadful September 11th day was purposeful, and done in conjunction with the knowledge and help of some very powerful American government leaders. In fact, I firmly believe that Ambassador Stevens along with those 3 other Americans killed, along with the Islamists who already hate the USA, were all “patsies”, that is used as pawns to create chaos and destruction to create an atmosphere of animosity towards America and as well to create a furtherance of a diabolical plan by those in power, chiefly Obama and the Clinton’s, as well as some others to force America into further turmoil and chaos towards the end of destruction. Yes, “patsies”, and so that is why I fear for Pastor Terry Jones' life... he too is being used as a “patsy”, the whole matter of a film that he allegedly was propagating and that he initially became the fall guy and thus blamed for all murders of Ambassador Stevens and the other Americans killed in Benghazi. Even Fox News (aka The Catholic Lawyer Channel) fell for the whole bogus “ Terry Jones fault for a movie mocking Muhammad” scenario started by Obama and Hilary Clinton and making Terry Jones at fault, yep, they fell for it... line hook line and sinker. Fox News' Brian Kilmeade in his usual condescending attitude refereed to Pastor Jones repeatedly as an 'idiot” when the story first broke-Obama and Hilary Clinton couldn't have been happier, they knew how Fox News and other news outlets would react towards Terry Jones, and they obviously calculated correctly. But, guess who looks like and idiot now Mr. Kilmeade of Fox News? No apology to Pastor Terry Jones from Mr. Kilmeade that I am aware of and I know that MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and the others gladly followed suit in trashing Dr Jones. Oh, let's not also forget about Fox News' Shepard Smith who also had unkind things to say about Terry Jones that day as well. Bottom line here is that Obama and the Clinton's know just how to manipulate those around them and use the media outlets to their advantage every chance they get, even so called “conservative” Fox News.

Some people may not like Terry Jones and his actions in bringing light to the evils of Islam, including burning the Qu'ran, but I say at least he is doing something. Most Americans including our very own US Government officials do little to nothing to secure our nation from Islamic terrorists. If anything, our nations leaders have taken advantage of the Islamic terrorists attacks and instead of focusing on ridding our world of such evilits, the US and it's State' have placed more restrictions on our personal liberties and in violating our US Constitutional rights..but then again, that's the point isn't it ? Our personal liberties are being fundamentally taken away and violated on a daily basis by those person's in power so that as I shared earlier in this article, a group of relatively small number of people can control our nation, our world and everyone living in it. Those like Obama, the Clinton's and others like them know just which buttons to push to get their evil plans accomplished even in blaming an innocent man like Dr. Jones.

Regarding “plans”...It wouldn't surprise me at all to see China come to world dominance in the next few years. Hilary Clinton travels there a lot. I'd say traveling to China way to often for my liking. Don't think for one minute that woman and the Chinese Government officials are only talking about “world trade” when they get together. I am quite sure the Clinton’s have already secured for themselves some land and a nice house in China somewhere and there is most likely also a house for Obama(if he gets re-elected) where by he will happily(read Obama's own book, he's open about destroying America !) fly to-to officially surrender the USA to the Chinese when we are attacked by the Chinese during an EMP or some other type of attack by whomever.... If Obama is some how not re-elected in 2012, you better believe Hilary Clinton is already in President election mode and the Clinton Political machine is already geared up and ready to go, so don't plan on her to quit her evil plan and carry out the rest of the plan for America's destruction or stop anything at all from what she has already planned out. From “Travelgate” all the way up to Benghazi, that women is in the thick of an evil plan to destroy America as we can see from the work of her very own hands. Count my words, her and “Bubba” have no plans in quitting their diabolical plans and unless you are their close personal friends, don't plan on being on the “survivor list”as their plans in destroying America continues to take place.

It's not just the Clinton's, Obama and about China you know, On the outside some of our government leaders pretend to be concerned about Iran's nuclear ambitions while at the same time doing minimal work to protect our nation and our ally's from Iran's purposeful evil plan to develop nuclear weapons. Do you think that there are not within our American Government there are not those who are working hard to help Iran in getting nuclear weapons and wiping out America and our ally's like Israel ? If not let me ask you this.... remember that America military drone some months ago that mysteriously “drifted off on it's own” into Iran ? You probably do, well... did not Iran just develop and implement it's own version of a military drone and is capable to delivering powerful bombs just like ours as well ? Those of us with some military know-how are fully aware that it matters not what a weapon is shaped or looks like that ultimately counts, what does count, is on the inside- that is the weapon's delivery system... that's what really counts, where did that technology come from? You know... What is my point you may once again ask ? My point here is that I believe that the American military drone that allegedly “drifted off on it's own” did no such thing. Again, “Benedict Arnold” was once again hard at work in helping to destroy America and we can see from the “fruit” just who has their hands dirty with deceit and evil here again in the purposeful destruction of America.

Know your enemies I often say... Obama, the Clinton’s and those with guns and badges that follow their illegal orders are the enemies of We The People and must be brought to justice for treason. Don't wait for Congress to do their job... Charges of treason against Obama and the Clinton's will never happen with spineless wimps and political hay makers like we have here in the USA. For to long now, the Clinton’s have surrounded themselves with “mysterious deaths” of those that have sought to expose the them. I ask you to watch this videos along with others like it as yet more evidence of what I am offering as evidence to all... I am sure that if Mr.Vince Foster were alive today, he also would ask you to do the same as what I ask of you here.... watch that video !. Speaking of friend Dan Gonzalez, a few years back having his own television program, started doing some investigative reporting of the Clinton’s. After a few episodes of his program airing about the Clinton's and and calling into question the illegal activities of the Clinton's and deaths surrounding them, Dan was called into the Station Manager's office one day and told (not asked)not to speak of the Clinton's any longer. You see, that manager received a call from “someone” with obvious high influence and power to tell a television station manager not to air material about the Clinton's. Yes, it does make you say “hmmmmm” doesn't it ? There are obviously people in high positions protecting “Benedict Arnold's” in our nation. Their job is to protect evil and even if that means threatening people or even in taking the life of the one's life who is exposing that evil. Again, I think of the life of Terry Jones.

So as for more evidence of what I am laying out as fact that I have concern for Terry Jones and that truth tellers get killed by our own American and State's governments...I must also mention here the murder of former Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer who also exposed nation wide corrupted Family Court, CPS workers, Domestic Violence Programs, attorneys, judges, cops and others involved in destruction of families for cash and involvement in human trafficking as well for cash. In her murder, it was also attempted in being covered up by government agents.... Indeed, know your enemies for as Senator Schaefer was murdered for truth telling, I believe there were people hired in my opinion to tell lies about who murdered her and her husband. She was indeed and in fact warned by her State Republican Party Chairman to stop engaging in exposing the illegal activities of the Family Courts, CPS, Domestic Violence Programs and others like them( Please view video... She did not buckle in to the Republican Party Establishment so she became yet another one of many who have been maliciously murdered for exposing our evil government and plan to destroy our people... so again, I am concerned for Dr. Jones. I know myself what the shadow of death feels like by the hands of corrupted government officials and agents....that feeling of the threat of murder...In my own situation, a City of Batavia, NY cop threatened to murder me after I exposed a Filipina Migration Marriage Scammer and corrupted judges, lawyers and others. There are those who are in power who are actively taking part in a plan to demolish the very fabric of our society... just so a handful of elitists may rule

The world has become a very sick and dangerous place for people who love the truth, especially Biblical truth. Sadly, It seems people would rather be naive to all the evil going on around them rather than what the Bible in Ephesians 5:11 tell us in doing by exposing it. Those of us who love the Biblical God must be like a modern day Nehemiah. We must be prepared for battle and be ready to sound the alarm when we see the enemy. I do hope and pray that all that have read this article take heart to all I have written so that eyes and ears are wide open to see what we all are facing as a nation and who is for us and who is against us. “As for me and my household, we shall serve the Lord.”

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

**** REMINDER !!!, TIME IS VERY SHORT ! Be sure to get your Voting Poll Guardian Groups together very soon !


  1. Executive Order 13602 passed without a single judge or congressman looking at it. Obama can now seize full control of any part of the country he pleases at his leisure. He has ordered the FBI and CIA to hand over control of its operations to homosexual militants. And they've complied. He has handed over control of our Department of Defense to the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Yes, Terry Jones' life is VERY much in danger!

  2. Interesting. You make a compelling case. Thank you.

  3. Dear brother in Jesus,
    I have God's heart of PITY for you! Fear brings torment!
    I used to FEAR MUCH! But I learned it is not from the circumstances, but rather, the DEVIL! (Ephesians 6:10-18)A weapon of torment! A weapon of control!
    But God's Word says 365 times "FEAR NOT!"
    Memorizing & meditating (Joshua 1:8) on scriptures about God's LOVE and care got rid of ALL fear in my life! Hallelujah!
    One that helped me the most was the 23rd Psalm. "The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want(including for peace, protection, etc.)...Yea, tough I walk through the valley of the shadow of DEATH (even fatwa's and 400 death threats, as with Pastors Terry & Sylvia Jones & their family & church! Yea!!)"God's perfect love cast out all fear" the Word says. With Jesus' Compassion, Your sis in Jesus, Soteria (& JESUS!!)

  4. Soteria did he state he was scared or fearful? In my opinion he is simply pointing out some of the players at work in the plot/agenda/conspiracy to overthrow our nations sovereignty and others to bring about their NWO. These puppet masters through secret societies have been at this for over 100 years in America. They are Luciferians.
    I took it as Paul is more sad about how our nation has been used to bring in the NWO BEAST system and has already been responsible for millions of deaths through planned economic collapses, wars based on lies, tainted vaccines with trojan back doors, chemicals in the food and water, gmo's that sterilize and cause cancer.

    It is our duty as servants of God and followers of Christ to expose these Luciferians for who they are.