Friday, September 7, 2012

“ Don't Stand Within 500 Ft. Of Any Democrat- Zap ! “

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“ Don't Stand Within 500 Ft. Of Any Democrat- Zap ! “

The Democratic Political Party is in big trouble, they've exposed themselves who they really are an oh, how transparent they've become. No more can any Democratic Party politicians and their supporters get away with flowery lies to cover up who and what they by their very own words and actions. In case you missed it, this week at the Democratic Party Convention, not just Americans, but also the whole world got a chance to see what the Democrats believe in and they proved themselves that they are nothing less than God of the Bible haters. Yep, the whole bunch of them are haters...there is not only no room in their political party for God, there is no room in their hearts for God either.

It's not that Democrats are the only ones who have an ownership of hating God, no... there are certainly Republicans also who make money their god, are Atheists, or just plain “old fashion” God haters as well and we know that Mitt Romney believes in a different god than God of the Bible. Republican Party members though mentioned “God”/“god” on a few occasions during their convention, but the Democrats... Oh the Democrats … They purposely left God out of their platform and when there was public knowledge by the Democratic Party leaders that this issue might cause loss of votes for Obama, they then tried to quickly shove God back into their political platform, and that did not go over to well with the majority of the Democratic delegates. I watched in horror as despite repeated shout downs from the Democratic Party delegates to prevent “God/god”, being eventually forced back in the party language..all with a loud and obviously hateful boo's amongst those attending.

I cannot help but see the blackness of the hearts of those Democrats who hate God. Their ugliness really shows itself and more than I, God see's their wicked hearts also and that's what causes me alarm. The brazenness of the God hating Democrats is not going to go unanswered by God Himself-guaranteed. God is going to continue to bring judgment upon our nation and He has certainly allowed the Democrats to be viewed by many so that the whole world will say after disaster comes upon us, those people around the world watching will say “America was once a great nation, but the people there not only forgot God in their arrogance, but they cursed Him also. Truly God lives and he keeps His promises to bless those who love Him and curse them that hate Him. The Americans deserve their disaster.”

Indeed there will be judgment against the Democrats for such an idiotic belief as removing God from their political platform but before you might get comfortable or even take delight with the idea that there will be judgment against the Democrats, know this---God will also judge those who do not take Biblical righteous action in removing that same evil as well. Right now, as you are reading this blog article, there are men and woman politicians, judges, lawyers, cops, those who get our hard earned tax dollars like CPS workers, Domestic Violence Program workers, and others who know not God nor fear Him or His righteousness... and are also this very minute-engaged in purposeful evil activities without any fear of God or His people. Until recently, there has been little in the way of Consequences upon our land from those who have their hand in evil and those who turned their head away from confronting that evil which includes over 70 million aborted babies, the allowing and promotion of homosexuality, Islam, Feminism, divorce, “legal” child human trafficking by our government, and as well a whole host of other evils and now the consequences have started against the God haters and those who ignore that evil.

Certainly “the Church” will be judged first.... so that means that all the “itchy ear” preachers such as the Osteen's, Warren's, Hinn's, as well as church denominations such as the Presbyterians, Episcopalians and others will be zapped right along side the Democrats. That's right, I said “zapped.” It's not just the Democrats we should all not stand near within 500 feet of, for there will be others who will be struck by “lightning” who in their own arrogance will be visited by God's judgment. Folks, there isn't much time left before the anti-christ makes his debut and all hell breaks lose(you ain't seen nothing yet !). People better get their “house in order” because what is coming according to the Book of Revelation will make the strongest of hearts-faint. This very minute is a time to put your gear in reverse if you are engaged in evil doing or in the habit of looking the other way when evil occurs. Indeed, repentance is the call of the hour.

Democrats and others who hate God and His ways beware ! God loves you but He hates your evil and His judgment is at your door. His patience is wearing thin as obviously seen by all the problems our nation suffers and in fact, the Judgment upon our land and people is here and about to get much, much worse without true heart repentance to God. My advice to you is that the fear of God is a good thing. You may hate me, but hating God is a matter that can only bring disaster and a curse now, and equally dire consequences later when you die.

Word to the wise... “Abstain from all appearance of evil” 1 Thessalonians 5:22

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

**** Reminder, be sure to get your Voting Poll Guardian Groups together very soon !



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  3. I'm in complete agreement about Gods call to this country for repentance and the Democratic Convention showing their true colors. Just like when Jesus said" This night you will deny me three times before the rooster crows" -- they also betrayed Christ. I am a very active, vocal Republican but I have to take exception with the statement calling you to loose your democratic friends. You can't stereotype an entire group like that. There are different levels of democrats and there are some very devout Christians that are democrats because I know a few personally. I know their heart. God will have to straighten them out on some issues but they love, honor and serve God and their brothers in the Lord regardless of political affiliation. We should be loving one another , not throwing people overboard.~~~ Hopefully you meant that figuratively and not literally.

    National Headquarters: Hilo, Hawaii

    Islam Muslim General Barack Hussein Obama II officially changed the Democratic Party into the Islamic Communist Party.

    Islam and Communists now control the platform of the extinct Democratic Party.

    Any person voting for Kenyan born Muslim Barack Hussein Obama II is voting for the antichrist.

    The Kenyan Muslim needs to be removed from the White House, arrested, and charged in Federal Court for being a fake president and a foreign born terrorist against America.

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